Dexture Dweeb

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Agent Orange
3 years, 7 months ago (Sep 06, 2020)

Dexture Dweeb, an unappreciated genius freshman, has to save the school from armed-to-the-teeth terrorists. And before his six o'clock nap! In doing so, he must explore the bowels of the school to rescue the students from...bunches of ruffians and bears ('terrorists'). The game good-naturedly calls the player a dweeb throughout, but there is a sense of naked wish fulfilment in the protagonist's prowess and heroism. All within half an hour's gameplay, tops.

Despite religious adherence to yellow borders, there are some nicely drawn boards, with the author trying to create a realistic and graphically consistent school setting. The title screen is attractively abstract. There is a sort of 'theme' at the start of the game, a more successful attempt at creating music in ZZT by ear than others, with a slight air of melancholy to it. Scrolls provide descriptive text inside the school, with the author attempting to create a sense of dread and adventure

The action is perhaps underwhelming but never cheap. The shortness and the lack of challenge balance each other out, but leave you with a mediocre experience.

2.00 / 5.00

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