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20 years, 8 months ago (Jan 02, 2003)

Dead Moon was the last release from starbux. Starbux wasn't one to release much; searching by his nickname on z2 comes up with four matches. One is his first game, a breakout hit, Erectile Dysfunction. While this game was short, he was only getting started.

Another was the 24hozzt we made together, titled 'The Prophecy'. He redid a bit from the one we sent in and that was our release. Again, this does nothing to show the skill of starbux.

The final is a greatest hits collection, which would probably contain the above two games, maybe some other unreleased stuff, and I believe an incomplete but updated from the demo version of Dead Moon.

This is a good demo. The visuals are great. This came out in times when games this good weren't released often. This is starbux's greatest visual effort to date. 9/10 on graphics.

The plot is good, from what I understand. Although slow at the beginning, after a while alot is happening. I think... Dave Grohl makes a cameo, too. 7/10 on plot.

The game's music, although not programmed by starbux himself, seemingly fits into whatever situation it is in in the game. We hear some good Final Fantasy music from Blazer, and some original music from myself and Viovis. 7/10 on music.

I've got to commend this game for having alot of cool engines, and the like. Although bux's 3D Interactive Battle engine isn't near perfect (it's actually rather flawed), it was a grand idea. He also has a regular good old RPG engine (where's an RPG game without one?) and a cool engine where you kill trolls.

The one problem I have with the troll engine is that the timing goes by way too fast. It works just dandy, but you're timed and you aren't given enough time, in my opinion. 7/10 on programming.

9/10, 7/10, 7/10, 7/10 -- 30/40

Definitely a game to play if you haven't already. It's got great graphics, plot, programming and music and if you like RPG-style games, you should love it.


3.50 / 5.00

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