Corn: Save the Cornfields

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16 years, 10 months ago (Jan 30, 2007)

Warning, the following review may post spoilers:

The game is fairly interesting. But there are many things that seem rather... lacking.

The things I liked best:

-Theres no music. At least no music is better than bad music. -Ammo and health are in good supply -The platform games where you have to guide cubby are done nicely.

The things I felt are lacking:

-The car is poorly done. All it is, is a pusher that is stopped by a slider. Very poor use of a slider. -The animals you have to, or feel like shooting only take one shot to kill. You have plenty of places to get ammo in the game. Make use of it! -The mall was all kinds of colors. Normally this dosn't sound to bad, but the way you arranged them was poor. If it is supposed to be cheap paint then maybe you should have only 1 or 2 colors from the origonal set. Not all 7. -There are many bugs such as things not changing properly, and you left in the object that gives you 20,000 health, gems, ammo, torches, and score. Making the game kind of pointless... -The game feels so closed. Especially since you start outside, theres yellow walls all around you. Tell me... What is the point of all these walls? If your not supposed to go in a certain direction then just don't link boards in that direction. -The games area, was pointless too. All you have to do is cheat by buying one game then go back through the door, and you could just jump to the next game. -You also ripped off an entire board from the tour of zzt. If your going to rip off boards, at make a point of telling the player where you got the boards from, and why your not going out of your way to make a half decent puzzle yourself. -The courthouse is horribly incomplete. A malfunction with the elevator? Pfft. -I hate the colors that flash over and over again really fast. At best it hurts my eyes, and the worst you could is possibly give my elipsy. -The ending is lacking. All the farmer does is congratulate you for a job well done. And thats it. Why not go into detail about how everything turns out? What happenes to crokerville? Does the mall ever get better painting? (They should, I payed 100g's for a saphire necklace! They could easily get some better paint for the place.)

-And the last thing that I dislike about the game is the way you explain what gems, ammo, torches, and your definition of score as if you programmed ZZT yourself.

But then again thats just me.

Still, I can see you tried, so therefor I'll give you 4 out of 10. (2/5)

2.00 / 5.00

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