Big Rigs ZZT

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20 years, 3 months ago (Apr 12, 2004)

Judging by the title, I though this game would be interesting, and maybe even fun. It wasn't.

I load it up, and I see a black title screen decorated with white text. Title screens usually show how good the game is. Guess how I thought this game would be? Anyway, the game went straight downhill from this point.

The menu system. Oh boy, more white text. With scrolls, and doors. The best thing about this menu was the use of board edges.

The game system. This is where the game drove itself off a 100 foot cliffed and exploded on impact. The other truck did nothing but sit there, so what am I racing? It was basically the same thing each level.

Bloopers. They weren't funny. It sadly reminded me of my previous attemps at humor in my old zzt games.

So in conclusion, I present the all time low score of...

0.00 / 5.00

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