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Bug Report

If you talk to the Gatekeeper and try to bribe him without actually having 50 Gems, congrats! You're never getting out of that castle (he #locks as soon as you choose the bribe option, and doesn't #unlock when the game branches to the :poor label.)

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7 months, 3 weeks ago (Sep 28, 2023)
Bug Report
  • Part 1, Headhunter Village: Touching the bone hand will attempt to #GIVE GEM, which is not a valid command and will show an error message.
  • Part 1, Inside Pyramid: Touching a blue cane-shaped Object at the library will attempt to #GIVE POINTS, which is not a valid command and will show an error message.
  • Part 1, Pirates' Cavern: The pirates in the cavern are scripted to take health in units of 10 in an infinite loop to damage the player, but never check for failure. As such, if health is lower than 10, but higher than 0 - that is, not a multiple of 10 initially - the player cannot be killed by the pirates.

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