A Smiley's Life : Christmas Expansion Pack (fix)

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Max Gene
20 years, 11 months ago (Jul 16, 2003)

For those who don't know how this game works, it goes like this: You have comfort, fun, food, and health levels, and all but health go down constantly. If any hit the bottom, health goes down. The game is still on 2 screens, but there are a few new items, including Super Shower, candy, and so on. There is snow everywhere also, And a Christmas tree that serves no purpose (it appears an item is supposed to give it one, but I have found no such purpose). There is still only one job, but this expansion will give you about 5-10 minutes more play time. I was hoping for something more out of an expansion pack, as is this is a minor update. You don't need the original, thankfully, and for a 2 second download what do you have to lose? not much, unless you fiddle with this past it's time. You can get everything in it and stay alive indefinitely quite easily, but don't waste your time. I recommend you kill Smiley mercilessly after you get everything, then cackle at destroying his worthless life.

1.50 / 5.00

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