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18 years, 4 months ago (Feb 23, 2006)

I found this game to be more enjoyable than Lucidity. The story is less promising, but, it gives what it promises. The graphics leave much, much to be desired, and there's very, very, very little innovation in terms of gameplay.

I said I'd concentrate on his humour for this review, though, so I will. FYNDR incorporates tried-and-true ZZT humour and cliches into this game. It gives it a very, very generic feel. Where I sense a difference, though, is in a few key moments of pure hilarity. The ones I can remember the most, since I haven't finished the game, are of the first level on the Cuban superjet. After breaking out of a jailcell (get used to this) your partner in jailbreaking gets mowed down by a million guys with guns. Then, simaltaniously, they all run out of ammo and retreat before seeing you. Your partner's staggered back with blood dripping on the floor. It's really, really, really funny. Then there's the plumbing system placed right where you need it, where you can overhear the enemy giving you a secret to be found in there. It's just funny.

The reason I gave this a higher score than I normally would is because of that promise of humour which I don't tend to see in ZZT games. Then again, I don't tend to play too many newbie games, so, it might not be all that original. In any case, I think FYNDR shows incredible promise. If he can drop generic humor and clicheic gameplay and focus in on his own particular brand of funny and model his gameplay after it - with good graphics - I can see myself really, really enjoying one of his creations.

2.50 / 5.00

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