24 Hours of ZZT Summer 2001 [Invention]

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Table of Contents
  • 1.zzt - Life of a Cave Man by EvilMario
  • 203.zzt - The Invention of the FLESH-EATING MONSTEr/ROBUTT by Zechs
  • 204.zzt - Kraziu by Smiley15
  • 216KNIGH.ZZT - The Revived Are Still Alive by Knightt
  • 24fish.zzt - Doorways by Fishfood
  • 24hogod.zzt - Re-Creation by God
  • 24HOURS.ZZT - the search for kurt cobain II by teenspirit
  • 24hoz.zzt - Titty Twister Resistors by Dsone
  • 253.zzt - The Invention and History of Flight by ZZTReaper
  • 261DARK.ZZT - Rhubarb Pie: Strikes Back by Tony Clifton
  • antivent.zzt - Anti-Invention by TBot
  • drsam.zzt - Dr. Sam's Big Failure by Mark Lu
  • GM1INVNT.ZZT - Sim-Mad Scientist by GameMstr1
  • inventor.zzt - Trapped in The land of forgotten inventors by Unknown
  • ivgltcnh.zzt - Robots of Death!!!! by Flimsy Parkins
  • KK226.ZZT - Escape by KKairos
  • LEA247.ZZT - O-What a day! by Leamas
  • Lm-ent.zzt - Element by Iiesashima/La Roche
  • Nmz24hz.zzt - Untitled by NMZMaster
  • Oofsum01.zzt - Foinshwaig U R Game by Oof
  • s01id237.zzt - Claude Zee Invento' by Kosh
  • Scientis.zzt - Untitled by Inmate2994
  • SELF-ROT.ZZT - Self-rot by Hercules/Bob Pragt
  • snorb.zzt - Inventive Mind by Snorb
  • tdzap248.zzt - Technical Difficulty by ZaPRing
  • ttm248.zzt - The Time Machine by Datsun1958
  • Zam24zzt.zzt - Enigma by Zamboni

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