24 Hours of ZZT Spring 2000 [Food]

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Table of Contents
  • 19MYTH.ZZT - szechuan chicken (or, shrubbius obligatorius) by myth
  • 24h6samy.zzt - pacifying fall and life by functionlessart and viovis
  • 24hozf00.zzt - Foo' by WiL
  • 24ZZBLUE.ZZT - Taste of flesh by ZZBlue
  • 64738200.zzt - Gay Denny's by Nny
  • 9516203.ZZT - Final Fantays XLII by blazer
  • AWON.ZZT - EL TACO!! by Aaron Bowton
  • BALLZ.ZZT - Dragon Ballz by Agent Orange
  • Bluegoo.zzt - Fatso In 3D by Bluegoo26
  • BOCCO243.ZZT - Hershey Attacks by Bocco11
  • Caowl.zzt - C.A. Poop by C_A
  • CHOC3.ZZT - Choc. Milk by Unknown
  • DINNERT.ZZT - Dinnertime by Julie-chan
  • FASTFOOD.ZZT - FAST by Zamros
  • FATMAN.ZZT - In The Land of the FOOD The Fatman ...is king by DPLobster
  • FOOD16.ZZT - Very Strict Mid-Weight Boxer by SPAZM0016
  • Food3622.zzt - FUN IN THE KITCHEN! by Misteroo
  • FOODSOUL.ZZT - Food For The Soul by Smiley14
  • h1383890.zzt - Hallucina 1.37024 by Lord Igsel and Fishfood
  • Hercdogg.zzt - Fat Ghetto Bastard by Hercules and DoggyShop
  • IRON.ZZT - Iron Chef ZZT by LordE'lrond III
  • JHS24HOZ.ZZT - the Sandwich Quest by Jacob Hammond
  • KILLERFD.ZZT - Attack of the Killer Food by BenWetherbee, Theta14, and KKairos
  • Notishy.zzt - Feed Me! by Dunkinbean
  • Oofspr00.zzt - Comida Dudes by Oof
  • Rampage.zzt - Fruity Rampage by PAUL9LYN and Benco
  • TTANIUM2.ZZT - Foodman by Raichu
  • VERT24HO.ZZT - Freezer-burned by FreeZerBurn

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