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Livestream - Code Red (Ending 7 - Krazy Kamera) and More!

Wake up Tim Gallagher, and save the world!

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Nov 12, 2023
Part of Series: Code Red Livestreams
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♦ Livestream of 3 ZZT worlds. ♦

♦ Stream Contents ♦
• (2:10) "Software Visions ZZT Pack (Registered)" by Alexis Janson, Matt Williams (1996) []
• (40:08) "ZZTClub Issue #2" by Jeremy Boecker (1995) []
• (59:11) "ZZTClub Issue #3" by Jeremy Boecker (1997) []

Nearly wrapping up Code Red, where author Alexis Janson seems to be getting as tired as we are. In this more nonsensical path through the game than usual, Kyle wakes up, does not unplug the Super Nintendo, goes to bed, and then heads off to the amusement park as seen in Ending #2.

This time though, we stumble through the slow puzzle of how to use a jackhammer to get through a construction site, which leads to a river and a boat that sails to an island. On that island: Centipedes and rocks mostly. But also a cave that leads directly to a television studio filming The Krazy Kamera Show, where Jay Lemonhead is today's lucky guest. Jay wants REVENGE on Kyle for unplugging the Super Nintendo and everyone reveals themselves to be aliens while Kyle makes a mad dash to the next transporter to be beamed aboard another space station.

ZZTer and secret alien Tim Gallagher is there waiting for Kyle so they can sabotage the base (entirely handled by Tim) and the 16-year old who recently crashed his parents car can pilot the spaceship back to Earth where Tim lives disguised as Jay Lemonhead for the rest of eternity, but hey, at least it's a happy ending for Kyle and humanity.

It was also pretty dang short though, really lacking in the space station sequence compared to some of the others, so we returned to the ZZTClub magazine with issues 2 and 3. These were cute little magazines that included some preview boards from ZaZoomDa, showing off the power of the fairly recently released STK (or S-TOOL-K as the author keeps calling it), and teaching players how to use ZZT's cheats.

Issue #2 is particularly notable for its hidden room which explains how to use the Escape key to bypass Super Locks that normally crash ZZT when changing boards. How and when this information proliferated isn't really known, making this world from 1995 the earliest readily available example of just how long Super Locks could be assumed to be effective!

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♦ Originally streamed on November 10th, 2023 ♦

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