Bob 2: Abducted!

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Wildcard Stream Vol. 59 - The Name Games

Crazy worlds, yellow borders, dog rescues, and a promising yet incomplete Zelda fan game

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Oct 17, 2023
Part of Series: Wildcard Streams
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♦ Livestream of 4 ZZT worlds. ♦

• (2:12) "Bob 2: Abducted!" by BoothWare (1997) []
A zany sequel to a game currently unpreserved. So zany in fact, that it wasn't until the end credits were reached that I realized it had started on the wrong board, more than halfway through the game.

On the car ride home from a party, you and Kobe wind up being abducted by aliens and taken prisoner, only to escape and make it right back to Earth.

There's a brief glance at a unique enemy idea in the door room where enemies (doors) defend themselves by placing ZZT doors while a duplicator produces keys to open them. The audience and I agreed there could be something interesting there.

You spend some time exploring "Crazyland", its arcade, torture ride, and watching a group of ZZTers fight in an arena to determine the best programmer. Eventually take on the manager in the same arena, and then save the world from a great looking "New Deluxe Mega Alien". Weird stuff!

• (27:50) "Jack Knack" by Danny Goodman []
A yellow bordered action game that somehow got a 2002 remake by ry0suke in the style of the Evan Darrow Catalog: SE. Just a few boards with creatures to shoot, bombs to blow up, and keys to collect. Pretty playable despite the simplicity, though far from exciting.

• (34:36) "Tim's Game" by DRENKEN []
Something a bit more refined than a yellow bordered game. Your dog Bob has gotten loose, and now the dog catcher is after him! Explore your neighborhood in search of clues. A surprisingly challenging game where players struggle to find initial ammo, and are often rather limited in where they can go despite the open layout of the boards. Again, kind of fun to check out. It does appear to suffer from a key not being given out that prevents you from actually reaching the end without cheats unfortunately.

• (54:27) "The Legend of Zelda: Mystery of the Triforce" by Unknown (1994) []
Another CrystaLens Productions Nintendo fan game that is sadly incomplete. This one is a pleasant mashup with bits of the original Legend of Zelda and A Link to the Past where Link must find pieces of the Triforce to keep the world safe from future evil. Features a sizable (if a tad empty) overworld to explore, some cool single-board dungeons shaped like skulls and snakes, and oversized boss battles. Good stuff here with a bit more inaccessible content hidden away by default.

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♦ Originally streamed on October 15th, 2023 ♦

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