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Wildcard Stream Vol. 39 - Battle of the Bands

Some uneasy listening with a lot of ZZT music, and a great look at teenage life in the 90s as you sneak off to go see a Live concert

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Mar 29, 2023
Part of Series: Wildcard Streams
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"Themes from famous ZZT Games" is a compilation of songs lifted from various ZZT titles of the era, with some rather incredible original compositions by the author that simply type words and call it a song. This hints at the existence of a "Doom Castle" game by the same author, but who knows if it was actually released. There are some remixes made with ZZT's sound effects, with the Terrain Song being noted as a jam.

"DeadLand" isn't actually all that music-y. A very chaotic looking series of boards where you have to find items to open exits. For the purposes of this stream, this includes finding a missing lyric sheet for "Curt Cobain" [sic].

"ZZT Music Room" is a single board with a few objects that produce little songs. It's over in a matter of minutes as there's so little to it.

Lastly, and most impressively, was "Live Throwing Copper Tour", a game about a teenager sneaking off to a Live concert when Sue invites him to join her. He hates Sue though, and is very much a jerk to her. Sue, meanwhile is quite reckless sometimes in fun ways (wanting to buy weed from some dude at the venue), other times in "desperately needs adult supervision" (wanting to then flirt with the dude selling weed at the venue). The characters seem to be real classmates of the author, and the whole game feels very authentic, for better or for worse.

It does indeed end with seeing Live perform, with bits of two of their songs lovingly converted to ZZT's #play format!

It's not a great game, but it is a great look at teenage life in the mid-90s.

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