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Weave ZZT Livestream - ZOZ (Part 1) - Feat. WiL

Anteing up for a new card game. Featuring author commentary!

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Dec 26, 2022
Part of Series: ZOZ - Featuring WiL
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Livestream of the Weave ZZT world "ZOZ" by WiL (2022). Originally streamed on December 23rd, 2022

WiL's latest and greatest creation for Weave turns ZZT into a robust deckbuilding game with a triple digit number of cards available, and a tremendous amount of thought put into its design to ensure a good player experience in the world of single player card game adventures.

Contact with other villages has been lost with all radio signals being drowned out by a mysterious droning ZOZ sound. It is your job to explore an open world and figure out what's happened to the others, and what must be done.

The card game itself is, by (Weave) ZZT standards quite impressive, really showing off what Weave authors devs in terms of additional power while permitting maintainable code. It's no surprise that it's more engaging and strategic than the old "Card Prime" series that was heavily restricted by ZZT 3.2's limitations. ZOZ creates a fun world to explore unified around the card system for combat. A gentle introduction lets players get their bearings before upping the stakes. Loads of documentation is included, but with a goal that players should never need to read it in order to understand the game, and from what I've played here, WiL has been quite successful with that!

WiL joins me on a voice call providing tips, game history, lore, and guides me to showing off a few Easter eggs as I explore the opening town and deal with some robots at the behest of the squirrels. (Though several of them seem to have guns so maybe my help isn't all that necessary.)

We'll be continuing through the game with WiL on board as well, so expect more deep cuts as thing progress!

ZOZ is available on itch at: https://stale-meme-emporium.itch.io/zoz with pay-what-you-want-pricing. A donation of $5.02 is recommended with all proceeds going to those that contributed to the game's creation.

You can also view the complete gallery of avatars for the player character as created by The Green Herring at: https://thegreenherring.neocities.org/art/2022/ZOZ-AV.html

♦ Join us for future livestreams at https://twitch.tv/worldsofzzt

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