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Closer Looks: Six Games With Six Boards

All cop-outs are bastards as we explore Police Quest plus five other extremely short worlds of dubious quality

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Feb 15, 2020
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Wayne's World Hockey was a lighthearted sports game, but now it's time to put away such childish things and play something far darker. Death Basketball 2020 paints us a picture of what the sport of basketball will look like by year's end, and it's pretty intense.


Honestly all of this tracks.

I love this game's story. I'm glad to see Smash TV/The Running Man being applied to traditional sports. This could absolutely be a comedically over the top sports game. This is an extremely short ZZT world though so don't get excited and expect the ZZT equivalent to Mutant League Football.


Basketball in 2020 will be played on a very long court. The game begins with the player right next to the ball and picking it up gives them possession of it, represented by having one ammo.

If you try to pass the ball nothing will happen other than the game becoming unwinnable due to no longer having any ammo.


As you'd expect, the Destroyers will simply make a direct as possible path towards the player. Thankfully they're running at a slower cycle so it's no challenge to run around them even with your teammates wandering randomly instead of offering any support. It's a bit like playing [popular online multiplayer game] .


Still, if you don't maneuver around them, they will take back possession of the ball resulting in an immediate game over.


Using the skills I learned in Wayne's World Hockey I went for a very long shot (although there's no three point line) and then moved up to make the defense get out of the way of the ball.


This is gonna get me inducted into the hall of fame for sure.


Without a doubt, the best part of Death Basketball 2020 is that you can in fact pick up the ball and run in the opposite direction with it towards your team's basket. Here two more confused teammates wander in an up and down pattern, giving the player a pretty clear shot at the basket.

Also there are some ruffians in the stands. There weren't any spectators on he other side of the court. Ticket sales must be down.


The author gets kind of upset if you do this though. The punishment of death isn't exactly a sticking point when the rules of death basketball state that the losing team is killed anyway.

You can also shoot the backboards of either basket which automatically has you catch the rebound and get your bullet back. Doing this with your own basket warns the player how lucky they are that it didn't go in and to run to the other basket instead.

Final Thoughts

This one is definitely the funniest game. Everything will kill you if you make the mistake of interacting with it, but it's so easy to not do that that Death Basketball 2020 feels like it was maybe meant as a joke in a way that the other games feel like sincere efforts.

I don't think it's actually supposed to be a joke. I think it's supposed to be America's deadliest new blood sport.

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