Bonus Stream - Shareware With Geight

Playing and Competing with Geight at various shareware games

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Jun 17, 2024
Part of Series: Bonus Livestreams
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♦ Livestream of various shareware games with Geight! ♦

Twitch subscriber bonus stream! Freed from his corner of solitude, Geight joins us on stream for the first time and we explore some shareware togethere, looking for games to play together.

(2:44) Captain Comic [Geight] - Classic of my childhood as played by Geight. He gets surprisingly far for a first time player, but I guess he's got like 20+ years more experience than me or my brother had playing it as kids.
(21:08) Guzzle [Geight/Dos] - A drinking trivia game that warns us not to drink and drive. I don't think we saw any questions, but we did get told to drink a lot.
(26:48) Tess - Beyond the Tesseract [G/D] - The most barebones text adventure we've ever seen. "You are in a researcher's office. You see around you: a CRT. Exits: north. west." how descriptive.
(32:14) Ford Simulator [G] - Geight drives some cars, veering off-road only sometimes. We then decide to finance a Mustang and splurge on a cassette deck and air conditioner.
(50:42) Dragon [D] - Breakout but incredibly slow and your paddle can move in 4-directions.
(54:12) Jewel Thief [G] - Another childhood classic Geight was subjected to. Our old eyes couldn't see the jewels on one of the underwater levels, or maybe the level broke.
(57:42) Oil Baron [G/D] - A complex strategy game we had no time to learn. Instead we just looked at oil company logos.
(1:09:35) Castle of the Winds [G] - Shareware I registered when I was younger. Serious Jeff attempts to discover the truth of his past, until he's attacked by a skeleton.
(1:19:27) Shooting Gallery [G/D] - Geight Vs. Dos in a handful of shooting games!
(1:32:51) Mah Jongg (Solitaire) [G] - In which Geight talks about the Sega Saturn for five minutes.
(1:38:12) Construction Bob [G] - This is all OSHA approved!
(1:43:22) Balloonz! [G/D] - First Puff-Gunners, where the two of us are mashing keys to push balloons to the other player's side and score points. Then Midnight Journeys, which is just straight up Balloon Trip, sprite and all.
(1:52:49) Maze [G] - Geight learns firsthand why I don't like mazes. Especially yellow bordered ones.
(1:56:19) Battle Ground [G/D] - In which we're quickly reminded of what kind of flag we'd broadcasting on Twitch.
(1:57:19) Jumpjet [G/D] - Geight struggles to fly the world's fanciest jet. Dos reveals the head of doom.
(2:05:29) Econoland 2000 [G/D] - An attempt at creating some sound economic policy goes awry due to a write of writeable space on a CD-ROM.
(2:08:02) The Solar Hockey League [G/D] - We hoped for some competitive hockey, and then could not figure out how to move 90% of the things on screen.
(2:10:35) Invent [G/D] - Tricked into writing a list of 40 nouns, but not foolish enough to write 40 verbs and adjectives and adverbs as well.
(2:16:54) VGA Demo I [G/D] - The Jolt didn't work but the Torus did.
(2:18:37) Superscape Virtual Reality [D] - Zoomin around until I get disoriented by moving the camera wrong.
(2:20:39) VGA Demo II [D] - Symmetrical rectangles in your face as we say farewell

♦ Originally streamed on June 13th, 2024 ♦

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