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By: Dr. Dos
Date: Feb. 19, 2017

Files uploaded to the Museum of ZZT are categorized by certain details about the content within them. This page serves as an overview of each detail.

ZZT Worlds - Uploaded files which contain one or more .ZZT files. These files are ZZT worlds which can be played with ZZT or a compatible remake. ZZT Worlds make up the bulk of uploaded files available. They can be browsed by letter with the links in the left navigation sidebar.
Super ZZT Worlds - Uploaded files which contain one or more .SZT files. These files are Super ZZT worlds which can be played with Super ZZT. Super ZZT's positive changes such as larger worlds and support for all colors by default were overshadowed by its hidden and buggy editor, and drastically reduced board limit.
Utilities - Uploaded files which contain ZZT worlds or external programs intended to aid authors in creating their own ZZT worlds. These can include files such as tutorials for ZZT-OOP, toolkits for additional colors, external editors for easier development, or programs to convert music to #play commands to name a few examples. This detail also covers ZZT and its clones as they are required to actually play various worlds.
ZZM Audio - Uploaded files which contain ZZM audio files, a fan created format to share music created in ZZT. These files can then be played in ZZM Players. This category typically contains soundtracks for various ZZT worlds.
Featured Games - ZZT (and Super ZZT) worlds which stand out among the rest. These worlds showcase the best ZZT has to offer. Featured games are those which have received the Feature Game status on z2, or winners of (Classic) Game of the Month awards. If you're new to ZZT, this section is an excellent place to find notable worlds.
ZIG Worlds - Uploaded files which contain one or more .ZIG files. These files are ZIG (ZZT Inspired GCS) worlds which can be played in the ZZT clone, ZIG. ZIG was short lived, and had a very limited number of titles released for the platform, but ZIG games were acceptable uploads on z2, and have thus been grandfathered in to the Museum.
Lost - Uploaded files with corrupt or missing zips. These worlds are currently unplayable! If you have a copy of any of these, please upload them!
Modified GFX - Uploaded files which use tools to alter ZZT's graphics. These worlds mostly consist of games which rely on custom fonts to edit ASCII characters, with a few using tools to prevent blinking backgrounds and allow ZZT to use bright background colors instead.
Modified EXE - Uploaded files which include hacked ZZT executables. By editing ZZT itself, worlds can be played with different text in ZZT's hud, increased memory allocation per board, or with messages about fake walls and water being stubbed out.
MS-DOS, OSX, Linux, Windows 16-Bit, Windows 32-Bit, Windows 64-Bit - Operating systems that are required for running certain programs natively. These are typically used with utilities to indicate what operating system they expect.
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