ZZT Versions

By: Dr. Dos
Date: May 27, 2015

Several versions of ZZT were released throughout the game's early years. The definitive release being ZZT version 3.2. Nearly every game is designed to be played in this version which was released freely by Epic in 1997. Older versions, shareware variants, and fan hacks are also available for completion's sake.

Take note that ZZT is an MS-DOS game, and will not run on modern systems without running in an emulator such as Dosbox. If you're new to Dosbox and ZZT, you may wish to check out the Getting Started With ZZT article.

It is not known if there are any other versions of ZZT that exist, but in the event you happen to find one, be sure to contact Dr. Dos so it may be preserved here.

Official Releases

Release: ZZT v3.2 (Registered)
Creator: Tim Sweeney
Information: ZZT version 3.2 is the last official ZZT release and the ideal version for playing ZZT games. The registered version of the game was released freely to the public and includes all four of the original ZZT Worlds; Town of ZZT, Dungeons of ZZT, City of ZZT, and Caves of ZZT.

Release: ZZT v3.2 (Shareware)
Creator: Tim Sweeney
Information: The shareware release of ZZT version 3.2 is essentially the same, other than some additional files such as a catalog of upcoming (in 1992) releases. A hint document for Town of ZZT written by David Fernau is also included.

Release: ZZT 3.1 (Shareware)
Creator: Tim Sweeney
Information: Between 3.0 and 3.2.

Release: ZZT 3.0 (Shareware)
Creator: Tim Sweeney
Information: Between 2.0 and 3.2.

Release: ZZT 2.0 (Shareware)
Creator: Tim Sweeney
Information: ZZT 2.0 is the oldest preserved version of ZZT. Graphics are displayed at a 640x400 resolution rather than 640x350. Holding keys to move is a bit off. In order to use cheats, you need to use ?+debug first. The setup screen is bland. The included version of Town of ZZT has a different title screen. There's a different exit screen. In the world list having a file named PHYSICS.ZZT will display "The Physics Behind ZZT", a world which was never released.

Unofficial Releases

Release: ZZT 4.0
Creator: WiL
Information: ZZT v4.0 is an unofficial hacked version of ZZT which makes several useful changes to ZZT. The following is taken from its text file:
“ZZT's notorious 20k board limit has now been increased to a healthier 32k. ZZT's equally notorious bottom-row placement bug has been fixed. ZZT's annoying water-glink sound effect is now removed. ZZT is now 39k, smaller than the original executable. Textual changes - also, UNTITLED.ZZT, TEMP.BRD, and SAVED.SAV will no longer be the default. Now by default you must put in a name of your own. This means no more angst over accidentally saving over your last board, saved game, or ZZT project.”
Note that while this version increases the maximum memory a board can use, it does not increase the maximum memory a world can use. Be careful if you are designing a large ZZT world which also requires large board sizes.
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