Super ZZT Worlds

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Title Author Genre Size Rating Play
The Adventures of Batman & Robin Unknown Adventure 7.2 KB None Play
Alien Adoption Agency 2 Creative Simulation 10.7 KB None Play
AOL Compilation Various Compilation 9.0 MB None Play
The Attack (SZT) Kevin Clancy, John Fred Pope, Jordan Pomeranz, Andy Melius Action 9.3 KB None Play
Avarice Viovis Acropolis Trippy 30.5 KB 4.00 / 5.00 Play
AX Quest 1 AHMorrow Adventure 5.8 KB None Play
Defence Station Theta14 Shooter 29.6 KB None Play
The Dragon GAMEBOYJBF Puzzle 44.3 KB None Play
Dutch Collection 2 Various Compilation, Non-English 54.6 KB None Play
Evil-vs-Good Demo Bigge Adventure 36.3 KB None Play
Fantasy of Freedom Hydra Adventure, Comedy 30.1 KB None Play
Funland Morgen Germyn, Karl Germyn Adventure 15.2 KB None Play
The Genesis Matrix Eli Tremblay Adventure 23.1 KB None Play
Het Grote Vakantieman Avontuur Tom, Pieter, Niels Adventure, Non-English 7.2 KB None Play
House of Horrors [Corrupt] Alexis Janson Adventure, Incomplete 29.9 KB 3.50 / 5.00 Play
House of Horrors Alexis Janson Adventure 31.5 KB None Play
The Incredible Building Hydra Puzzle 9.5 KB None Play
Life, don't talk to me about life! Joe McManis Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 58.6 KB None Play
The Long Voyage Chris Jong Adventure 80.3 KB None Play
The Long Voyage 2: Outerspace Chris Jong Adventure 53.4 KB None Play
The Long Voyage 3: Underwater War (Demo) Chris Jong Adventure 10.8 KB None Play
Magic Warrior! Unknown Adventure 7.1 KB None Play
The Search For The Lost Dog Hercules Adventure 83.1 KB None Play
Software Visions ZZT Pack Alexis Janson, Matt Williams Adventure, Compilation 547.5 KB None Play
Space Station Colorus Brian Schweitzer Adventure 27.8 KB None Play
Space Trek James Holub Action, Adventure 31.4 KB None Play
Spider Man Capdoorag Adventure 7.2 KB None Play
Super ZZT v2.0 (Registered) Tim Sweeney Adventure, Official, Registered, Utility 158.4 KB 3.08 / 5.00 Play
Super ZZT 1.1 (Shareware) Tim Sweeney Adventure, Official, Shareware, Utility 106.4 KB None Play
Super ZZT 1.1 (Shareware, U.K. Version) Tim Sweeney Adventure, Official, Shareware, Utility 100.4 KB None Play
Super ZZT 2.0 (Shareware) Tim Sweeney Adventure, Official, Shareware, Utility 101.1 KB None Play
Super ZZT Color Mania David Pinkston Utility 43.0 KB None Play
Super ZZT v4.0 (Unofficial) WiL, Tim Sweeney Utility 87.0 KB None Play
SuperZZT Encyclopedia 1A Gentoo Utility 26.6 KB 3.50 / 5.00 Play
SuperZZT Tools HM Utility 70.1 KB None Play
Tyrobain 8x14 Adventure, Cinema, Dungeon, Fantasy, Font, Maze, Platformer, RPG 409.6 KB None Play
War of ZZT Chris Jong Adventure 19.5 KB None Play
Weird World, The: Improved (SZZT) Chris Jong Adventure 11.1 KB None Play
Worm Eli Tremblay Demo 2.9 KB None Play
zzo38: A Fond Remembrance zzo38 Adventure, Puzzle 460.9 KB None Play
ZZT : The Next Generation Leonard Richardson, Andy Schile Adventure 116.5 KB None Play
ZZT Pak Morgen Germyn, Karl Germyn Adventure, Compilation 91.5 KB None Play
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