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Title Author Genre Size Rating Play
The Adventures of Batman & Robin Unknown Adventure 7.2 KB None Play
Animation Power Unknown Cinema 4.8 KB None Play
ASCII Chart Unknown Utility 1.2 KB None Play
Beez Unknown Action 3.9 KB 0.00 / 5.00 Play
Big Brother Unknown Adventure 6.7 KB None Play
Bob The Builder ZZT Unknown Adventure, Trippy 31.7 KB 0.25 / 5.00 Play
Challenge Course v1.1 Unknown Action 3.6 KB None Play
Demon Attack Unknown Action 4.6 KB None Play
Die Hard: Killing The Beast Unknown Action 2.0 KB 0.00 / 5.00 Play
Don't Do This! Unknown Help 3.1 KB None Play
EditZap Unknown Trivia, Utility 8.9 KB None Play
Elians Unknown Parody 10.1 KB None Play
Engines Unknown Engine 13.6 KB None Play
EP + ARP World Unknown Action 5.2 KB None Play
Far Trek Unknown Adventure, Sci-Fi 31.0 KB None Play
Forest of ZZT (2) Unknown Adventure 29.2 KB None Play
Get Psyched Unknown Action, Adventure 16.2 KB None Play
Harry the Magic Sloth Unknown Comedy 14.0 KB None Play
Here's Some Good Advice Unknown, Viovis Comedy 5.7 KB None Play
House Party Unknown Adventure 4.1 KB None Play
Invasion Unknown Adventure 3.9 KB None Play
Jeremyville Unknown Action 9.1 KB None Play
Joel Unknown Adventure, Incomplete 14.5 KB None Play
Jordan's Quest, Matt's Dream Unknown Adventure 8.0 KB None Play
Klide's Adventures In The Amazon Fire City TheUnknown Action, Adventure, RPG 33.9 KB None Play
Klide's Adventures in The Amazon Fire City Demo TheUnknown Demo 25.2 KB None Play
Labyrinth Unknown Action 2.8 KB 2.50 / 5.00 Play
LEADsoft Magazine #2 Unknown Magazine 4.9 KB None Play
Magic Warrior! Unknown Adventure 7.1 KB None Play
Mario Bros Unknown Action 13.5 KB None Play
The Maze Unknown Maze 1.7 KB None Play
MGM World Unknown Action 13.4 KB None Play
Migjoke Unknown 3.5 KB None Play
Mini Unknown Action 1.7 KB None Play
Misclany Unknown Toolkit, Utility 786 bytes None Play
Mystery Science ZZTheater 3000 Unknown Action, Parody 29.7 KB 4.50 / 5.00 Play
Omega Wars: Alien Invasion Unknown Adventure 16.9 KB None Play
Paradise Island Unknown Adventure 22.7 KB 0.50 / 5.00 Play
Pepe + Dogo: The Search For Pepe Unknown Adventure 3.5 KB None Play
Phil's Town Part 1 Unknown Action 9.2 KB None Play
Pirate's Story Unknown Adventure 3.1 KB None Play
Pirates of ZZT Unknown Adventure 2.6 KB None Play
Pong Ball 2001 Unknown Arcade 3.4 KB None Play
Power ZZT Unknown Catalog, Magazine 14.2 KB None Play
The Pyrosoft Magazine Unknown Magazine 35.6 KB None Play
The Quest of Cesteron Unknown Adventure 16.6 KB None Play
Red Dwarf Unknown Action 2.8 KB None Play
Republic Unknown Action 3.4 KB None Play
Runtime Errors Unknown Help 5.5 KB None Play
The Simpsons Unknown Adventure 4.2 KB 0.00 / 5.00 Play
Sled Chickens of the North Unknown Adventure 9.2 KB None Play
Slick Willy Unknown 5.1 KB None Play
Slime Editor Unknown Tool 1.0 KB None Play
Space Unknown Adventure 19.5 KB None Play
Spion (series) Unknown 8.3 KB None Play
Star Wars Unknown Action 16.7 KB None Play
Super Colors Unknown Help 2.8 KB None Play
Timescape Unknown Adventure, Demo 8.6 KB None Play
The Trix Unknown Parody 13.3 KB None Play
Tumbleweed Magazine #1 Unknown Magazine 4.3 KB None Play
TV Unknown Adventure 6.8 KB None Play
Vomit Unknown Adventure 29.7 KB None Play
VR Adventure Unknown Demo 7.2 KB None Play
Water World Unknown Action 3.3 KB 0.00 / 5.00 Play
Wizard Demo Unknown Action 9.2 KB None Play
WWF King of the Ring Unknown Action 3.9 KB 0.00 / 5.00 Play
X-Men Unknown Action 9.1 KB 1.50 / 5.00 Play
ZZT Characters Unknown Utility 3.7 KB None Play
ZZT Gamer Issue #2 Unknown Magazine 12.1 KB None Play
ZZT Icons Unknown Utility 3.3 KB None Play
ZZT Wallpaper Unknown Other, Utility 54.7 KB None Play
ZZTYPE Unknown Utility 3.1 KB None Play
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