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Title Author Genre Size Rating Play
Legend of the 3 Gems Part I: The Ruby of Resurrection Carlos DaSilva Adventure 59.5 KB None Play
R.E.S.T.A.R.T. Raichu Art 15.4 KB None Play
R.T.H. Pointless Game EvilMario Action 12.8 KB None Play
Raceday-The Engine Arijit Sen Engine, Racing 19.7 KB 1.00 / 5.00 Play
Ragged Blades Nzenik Action 29.5 KB None Play
Raider of the Lost Gem Carlos DaSilva Adventure 62.0 KB None Play
Rainbow KJCS Puzzle 9.8 KB None Play
Rainbow 3 ZZT Demo Maullar Maullar Action, Adventure, Demo 12.2 KB None Play
Rainbow 6 Engine for ZZT Maullar Maullar Action 8.4 KB None Play
Rainbow Six -Lone wolf- Mission 1 Snuffalufucos Action 12.6 KB None Play
Ralph and Moran Where's Waldo Adventure, RPG 43.5 KB 4.00 / 5.00 Play
Ralph and Moran Demo Where's Waldo Adventure, Demo 21.2 KB None Play
Random Battlefield yllek nadnerb Engine, RPG 16.9 KB None Play
Random Music Generator plasticsurgeon Experimental, Music 2.9 KB None Play
Random ZZM Music Generator Hell Camino Utility 29.4 KB None Play
Ranrpg Random RPG Battle Engine Shujj Engine 11.7 KB None Play
Rapa Nui Oof 24HoZZT, Cinema 13.6 KB None Play
Rat Race 2.6 Barney9651, yenrab Racing 12.4 KB None Play
Rat Race 2.6h Barney9651, yenrab Font, Racing 16.7 KB None Play
Ravenfall astral Action, RPG 44.3 KB 3.75 / 5.00 Play
Raydensoft Magazine Issue 1 Rayden, TymeUltima, Gandalf769 Magazine 5.2 KB None Play
Raymbo Robert Huerto, Robert Pena 8.6 KB None Play
Read This #1 Richard Goodness Magazine 3.4 KB None Play
Read This #2 Richard Goodness Magazine 10.5 KB None Play
Read This #3 Richard Goodness Magazine 18.0 KB None Play
Read This #4 Richard Goodness Magazine 25.3 KB None Play
A Really Short Dungeon Game coolzx Dungeon 22.6 KB None Play
Realm of Dammak Eli Tremblay Adventure 14.6 KB 3.50 / 5.00 Play
The Realm Part 1 Dr. J2000 Action, RPG 27.7 KB None Play
Realm-B Brian McFee, Keebler Adventure 41.2 KB None Play
The Realmz tharxpiolit Adventure, Demo 13.1 KB None Play
Rear Infection Dogbert Adventure, Comedy 9.3 KB None Play
Rebirth, The Uprising jojoisjo Adventure 94.0 KB 3.50 / 5.00 Play
Recollect Nuero Compilation 29.9 KB None Play
Red Aureole Demos Voighdt, genie500, toykirby, ff6sabin Compilation, Demo 67.3 KB None Play
Red Dwarf Unknown Action 2.8 KB None Play
Red Faction Demo Master Raze Action 19.9 KB None Play
Red Isle Oof Adventure 42.0 KB None Play
The Red Ruffian Puzzle Flimsy Parkins Puzzle 2.9 KB 4.00 / 5.00 Play
Red Wave Demo Miakar Adventure, Demo, Puzzle, Trippy 20.7 KB None Play
Redcoats Newt, Admiral Edutainment 4.1 KB None Play
The Redemption Marcus D. Gregio Action 7.6 KB None Play
Redlight Zone Hercules, Hydra Adventure 9.9 KB None Play
Rednex Hell Camino Action, Adventure 14.4 KB None Play
Rednex Mech Battle Hell Camino Action 11.6 KB None Play
Refridgerator Raider Anthony Testa, BlueMagus Action 14.2 KB 3.00 / 5.00 Play
Regeneer Caverns Theta14 Dungeon 16.6 KB None Play
Relocation Parasite Demo, RPG 24.0 KB None Play
Remnants Ando Compilation, Incomplete 44.0 KB None Play
Remotely Puzzle-like Jimmy Mathews Puzzle 21.5 KB None Play
Reptile House #1 Draco Magazine 21.3 KB None Play
Reptile House #2 dexter Magazine 36.4 KB None Play
Republic Unknown Action 3.4 KB None Play
Rescue Nixon Action, Demo 20.6 KB None Play
Resident Alex Maullar Maullar Comedy, Horror 32.8 KB None Play
Resident Alex II Demo Maullar Maullar Action, Demo 15.5 KB None Play
Resident Alex SE Maullar Maullar Comedy, Horror 33.8 KB None Play
Resident Evil bucket Action 26.2 KB None Play
Respite MadTom Dungeon 52.9 KB 4.86 / 5.00 Play
The Return of ZeeZeeTee Zxyer Adventure 17.6 KB None Play
Revenge RastsaK Adventure 19.0 KB None Play
Revenge of the Ruffians Caspar Action 73.5 KB 0.50 / 5.00 Play
revenge of the zombie dexter Adventure 48.3 KB None Play
Revenge of Your Death Lord Igsel Adventure 71.0 KB None Play
Revival Jhen Action, Shooter 29.4 KB None Play
The Revival of Richard Ravenshead Flimsy Parkins 24HoZZT, Comedy 29.3 KB None Play
REZZT Danny Baxter Action 13.9 KB None Play
Rhubarb Pie Tony Clifton 24HoZZT, RPG 40.0 KB None Play
Rhygar 1 plus Bongo Adventure 73.3 KB 5.00 / 5.00 Play
Rhygar 2 Bongo Adventure 127.3 KB None Play
Rhygar 3 Bongo Adventure 176.0 KB 5.00 / 5.00 Play
Rhygar 3 Demo Bongo Adventure 20.3 KB None Play
Rhygar 3 Demo 2 Bongo Demo 23.6 KB None Play
Rhygar 3 Original Soundtrack King Og Music 15.2 KB None Play
RinGames Music Shrine ZZT RinGames Music 12.7 KB None Play
Rings of the Elements Gregory Teodoro Adventure 59.1 KB None Play
Rings of the Elements 2 Gregory Teodoro Adventure 66.0 KB None Play
Ripped Off Benco Minigame 15.6 KB None Play
Ripped Off 2 Benco Minigame 21.9 KB None Play
Ripped Off 3 Benco Minigame 29.8 KB None Play
Rippled Flesh Agent Orange Horror 39.6 KB None Play
River City jojoisjo RPG 48.6 KB None Play
Rivercity Demo jojoisjo Demo 33.9 KB None Play
Roach Motel tseng Compilation 108.4 KB None Play
Road 2 Heaven Viovis Acropolis Trippy 5.3 KB None Play
Rob Tropicana's Really Big Hope Quest AKNeutron, AKElectron, Misteroo 24HoZZT, Comedy 24.8 KB None Play
Robin's Hood _ry0suke_ Adventure 30.7 KB 3.00 / 5.00 Play
Robot SeaSerpent Adventure 27.0 KB 2.75 / 5.00 Play
Robots of Death!!!! Flimsy Parkins 24HoZZT, Contest 28.3 KB None Play
The Robots of Gemrule ALexis JAnson Adventure 28.6 KB None Play
The Robots of Gemrule (1993-02-06) Alexis Janson Adventure 30.4 KB None Play
RoboWorld Warp Zone Action, Adventure 68.4 KB 3.00 / 5.00 Play
Rocker Moonpie Adventure, Simulation 11.7 KB 3.50 / 5.00 Play
Rocket Xnight Koopo Action 41.2 KB 5.00 / 5.00 Play
Rocko Alias Adventure 14.5 KB None Play
Rocks Demo InsertNameHere Adventure, Demo, RPG 23.4 KB None Play
Rocks Demo v0.41 InsertNameHere Adventure, Demo, RPG 18.8 KB 1.00 / 5.00 Play
Rogue Three bitman Adventure 59.3 KB 4.00 / 5.00 Play
Role Play Evan Darrow RPG 5.1 KB 0.00 / 5.00 Play
Rolie the Polie Demo Lil Pee Brain Platformer 9.4 KB None Play
Rolie the Polie ZZT Lil Pee Brain Platformer 30.1 KB None Play
Rontor jimbob RPG 13.2 KB None Play
ROSA PARKS Ando Other 2.8 KB None Play
The Rose WiL Cinema 50.4 KB 4.50 / 5.00 Play
The Rose Part 2: The Stones WiL Cinema 23.7 KB None Play
Rotten Robots Caspar Action, Adventure 43.9 KB 3.25 / 5.00 Play
Rotten Robots 2: Revenge of SID Caspar Action, Adventure 35.6 KB 2.25 / 5.00 Play
RPG _God_ RPG 11.6 KB None Play
Rpg Battle Engine DemonManDante Engine 5.8 KB None Play
RPG Demo _God_ RPG 47.1 KB None Play
RPG Toolkit MiniRPG Takhu Engine, RPG 11.1 KB None Play
RPG ZZT Scorch3000 Utility 113.3 KB 0.40 / 5.00 Play
RPGUnlimited Software Magazine Issue 1 Ace Bladestar, Sir Keath Magazine 6.7 KB None Play
The Ruby of Resurrection (1992-03-22) Carlos DaSilva Adventure 58.9 KB None Play
Ruffia Aaron Peterson Adventure 7.7 KB None Play
ruffian flu voighdt Other 1.6 KB None Play
Rufus on Vacation Jude Tulli Adventure 18.5 KB 3.67 / 5.00 Play
Ruins of ZZT Dr. Dos Adventure, Contest, Ludum Dare 19.1 KB 5.00 / 5.00 Play
Run Run Run! Ajc1490 Adventure 9.5 KB None Play
RUN SERIES YoungLink Compilation 91.8 KB None Play
Run-On v unknown WiL Arcade 69.1 KB None Play
Run-On v2.3 WiL, KKairos Arcade 64.8 KB None Play
Run-On v2.4 WiL, KKairos Arcade 65.2 KB 4.83 / 5.00 Play
Runner Dsone Platformer, Puzzle 24.6 KB 3.50 / 5.00 Play
Runner ZZT Demo Dsone Demo, Platformer 7.6 KB None Play
Runtime Errors Unknown Help 5.5 KB None Play
Rup Pig Mrs. Clause Adventure 185.9 KB None Play
Rush Tricky Racing 21.1 KB None Play
Russian Sexy Boi DEMO Ando Adventure 23.4 KB 4.50 / 5.00 Play
Ryosuke Art _ry0suke_ Art 26.9 KB None Play
Ryosuke's Upcoming Shit `99 _ry0suke_ Demo 27.9 KB None Play
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