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Title Author Genre Size Rating Play
I Am Not A Hero Zanno 24HoZZT, Contest, Dungeon 10.4 KB None Play
I am saaaa [remake] Viovis Acropolis Remake, Trippy 16.3 KB None Play
IaDarb Technology Magazine #1 IaDarb Inc. Other 23.3 KB None Play
IaDarb Technology Magazine Issue #2 Preview Edition Relm the IV Other 18.2 KB None Play
iBag WiL Utility 3.1 KB 4.00 / 5.00 Play
Ibuki's Other 24 Hours of ZZT [Evil] wayward, Various 24HoZZT, Contest 131.1 KB None Play
Ice Station Zebra Bark P, MAFU Adventure 13.5 KB 5.00 / 5.00 Play
Ick Scribbit Minigame 24.4 KB None Play
ID4 Jeff Quirk Action 5.8 KB None Play
Idiot Police Demo SPAZM0016, Dr. Dos Adventure, Demo 15.2 KB None Play
An Idiot's Guide to Magic EvilMario Adventure, Demo, Puzzle 22.5 KB None Play
Idiotic Kung Fu RPG Maullar Maullar RPG 40.6 KB 3.00 / 5.00 Play
IDKFA #1 ("ZZT Games") THMiles Magazine 15.2 KB None Play
IDKFA #2 ("Hardcore ZZT") THMiles Magazine 12.8 KB None Play
IF Mag Issue 1 Hydra Magazine 43.4 KB None Play
IF Mag Issue 2 Hydra Magazine 67.6 KB None Play
IF ZZT Logo Animation Venom, Hercules Engine 1.5 KB None Play
iFantasy 3 Hydra Magazine 32.9 KB None Play
iFantasy 4 Hercules Magazine 76.5 KB None Play
iFantasy 5 Ethan Hunt Magazine 44.8 KB None Play
iFantasy 6 Flatcoat Lab Magazine 41.8 KB None Play
iFantasy 7 Anthony Testa, BlueMagus Magazine 44.5 KB None Play
iFantasy 8 Hydra Magazine 57.0 KB None Play
iFantasy 9 HM Magazine 31.7 KB None Play
iFantasy 10 Rob Pragt Magazine 93.5 KB None Play
iFantasy 11 fejjy Magazine 60.8 KB None Play
Igl00 Magazine Issue 1 Igl00 Magazine 10.2 KB None Play
Ikari Warriors SKC Soft Action 11.9 KB 0.50 / 5.00 Play
Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road SKC Soft Action, Remake 11.7 KB None Play
Ikari Warriors III: The Rescue SKC Soft Action 20.1 KB 1.75 / 5.00 Play
The Immortals (Demo) Griever Cinema, Demo 17.7 KB None Play
The Imperial Wars J. Miller Adventure, Parody, Shooter 20.7 KB None Play
Importance of Being a Junkyard Metalman Operator Viovis Acropolis Demo, Trippy 13.2 KB None Play
Important Life Lessons 1: Watch The Skies Nuero Cinema 12.1 KB None Play
Impossible Maze II Flimsy Parkins Maze 13.1 KB 1.00 / 5.00 Play
Improbus ZZT File Manager Improbus Utility 31.6 KB None Play
Improbus ZZT File Manager 2 Improbus Utility 59.1 KB None Play
In Dreams Flatcoat Lab, Madeku 24HoZZT, Adventure 33.8 KB None Play
In Search of the Unknown Marcus D. Gregio Action 15.6 KB None Play
Income and Stuff Master Raze Compilation, Puzzle 146.6 KB None Play
Income Demo Master Raze Comedy, Puzzle 16.3 KB None Play
Incomplete Garvinash Other 14.4 KB None Play
The Incredible Building Hydra Puzzle 9.5 KB None Play
Independence Day JWald90726, Jeff Quirk Action, Fangame, Remake, Sci-Fi, Space 5.7 KB None Play
India! (Get the Bags, Boys!): Wicked Edition breakout Adventure 20.0 KB None Play
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Zebes Simon Mime Adventure 24.1 KB None Play
Indiana Jones and the Lost Crusaders FunkMeister Action, Adventure 47.4 KB None Play
Indiana Jones ZZT SNARFOOGLE Adventure 17.6 KB None Play
Indiana Jones: The Search For King Solomon's Mines Hydra Adventure 55.7 KB None Play
Indigo Sprite's Inn-Turns 1-4 LowerVP Cinema, RPG 8.2 KB 0.00 / 5.00 Play
Inedible Vomit Draco Adventure 38.2 KB 0.00 / 5.00 Play
Infestation 1 coolzx Action 40.1 KB None Play
Infestation 2 coolzx Action 88.4 KB None Play
Infestation 3 v2.0 coolzx Action 77.5 KB None Play
Infestation: Tower of Babel coolzx Action 23.5 KB None Play
Infestophobia v 1.3 coolzx Action 21.9 KB None Play
The Infuriatingly Vexatious Treasure of Uriah Madborogh Zinfandel Adventure, Contest, Puzzle 9.7 KB None Play
Inhabitant WiL Experimental 14.1 KB 3.17 / 5.00 Play
Inn of the Cow Jay Shapiro, Nancy Babyak Action 29.7 KB None Play
Insane Inc. Magazine 2: Road To Insanity Qwil Man Magazine 23.5 KB None Play
Insane Inc. Magazine: SE Insane Moose Magazine 20.5 KB None Play
Insanity AnthonyThW Adventure, Fangame 28.1 KB None Play
Interactive Fantasies 24 Artistic Hours of ZZT Various 24HoZZT, Art, Contest 318.8 KB None Play
Interactive Fantasies 3rd Birthday Interactive Fantasies Magazine 24.6 KB None Play
Interactive Fantasies 4th Birthday Interactive Fantasies Magazine 72.0 KB None Play
Intergalactica - Demo Nuero Demo 55.3 KB None Play
International Jetpack Conference Rob Dubbin, myth Action, Adventure 20.3 KB 5.00 / 5.00 Play
Interstellar Police: Escape Stal' Prison Rob Pragt Adventure 40.6 KB None Play
Into the Maelstrom Part I: Dry Gulch Whizzard Adventure 11.6 KB None Play
Into the Maelstrom Part II: Hardpoint on Remulo II Whizzard Adventure 38.8 KB None Play
Into The Void: A Insane Moose Adventure 21.1 KB None Play
Into The Void: B Insane Moose Adventure 24.1 KB None Play
Into The Void: C Insane Moose Adventure 27.7 KB None Play
INTRO 2 AXE PEN AXE PEN Trippy 13.8 KB 2.17 / 5.00 Play
Invaders ZZT Daniel James, Lynx Action 7.5 KB None Play
The Invading Dicks Demo Master Raze Action, Comedy 18.5 KB None Play
Invasion Unknown Adventure 3.9 KB None Play
Invasion ZZT JPI Adventure, RPG 101.6 KB 4.00 / 5.00 Play
Invasion ZZT Revision Princess Alena Adventure 172.3 KB 4.50 / 5.00 Play
Iron Safari gingermuffins 24HoZZT 16.8 KB None Play
Island Adventure Kevin Hall, Cam Action 4.6 KB None Play
Island of Jerks 1 Aric McKeown Action, Adventure, Comedy 47.1 KB None Play
Island of Jerks 1: Special Edition GameMstr1 Action, Adventure, Comedy, Remake 67.3 KB None Play
Island of Jerks 1: Special Edition v1.5 GameMstr1 Action, Adventure, Comedy, Remake 156.1 KB None Play
Island of Jerks 2: I Might be Crazy Aric McKeown Action, Adventure, Comedy 22.4 KB None Play
Island of Jerks 3: Not Again (A Musical) Aric McKeown Action, Adventure, Comedy 33.3 KB None Play
Island of Jerks 4: I Love the Cow Aric McKeown Action, Adventure, Comedy 40.0 KB None Play
Island of the Dragon Warriors Uncle Bubba, Wong Chung Bang, L4Suicide Action, Adventure 68.9 KB None Play
Island of ZZT Ajc1490 Adventure 14.2 KB 2.75 / 5.00 Play
The Isle of Death Marcus D. Gregio Action 8.8 KB None Play
IsPoint Magazine 1 iskeith3 Magazine 17.5 KB None Play
IsPoint Magazine 2 iskeith3 Magazine 9.8 KB None Play
IsPoint Magazine 4 iskeith3 Magazine 8.9 KB None Play
It Starts ZZTurbo Action 2.4 KB 2.00 / 5.00 Play
It's Not Mine! wayward Other 114.7 KB None Play
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