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Livestream - Dungeons Part II (Part 1)

Coin collecting at its deadliest in this unofficial Dungeons sequel

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Aug 22, 2023

♦ Livestream of the ZZT world "Software Visions ZZT Pack (Registered)" by Alexis Janson, Matt Williams (1996) []. ♦

Crawling through the dungeons again in this unofficial sequel to Dungeons of ZZT!

You don't really see folks going so far as to directly connect their games to official releases, but a young Janson was bold enough to.

Thrown in the dungeons once more by the evil boss, the only way to reclaim your freedom is to find the five golden coins hidden in the dungeon. Unlike the original with it's sprawling non-linear structure, Dungeons 2 instead uses a hub next to the iconic dungeons entrance which contains passages to individual (but still multi-board) challenges. It's the usual early Janson affair with a mix of dedicated puzzles, standard ZZT action, and some extra attention to the details.

There's a room of excellent animated faces with some (all too predictable) riddles. You'll run and gun through a gauntlet of arenas with keys to grab, racing towards the exit before getting overwhelmed. There are hidden bonuses to find as well as special keys that can be obtained in the sections of the game that don't provide a coin, which means that while you can do any challenge in any order, you can't be sure if skipping one that doesn't agree with you will be possible in the end.

The puzzles are where things shine the most. The fortress does some great work with sliders that aren't just little locking mechanisms. The mechanics room involves manipulating a maze's walls to reach keys. It's all pretty solid stuff with the lesser chambers being more dull than bad.

We end a bit early, just outside the dreaded Maze of Illuision...

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♦ Originally streamed on August 18th, 2023 ♦

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