The Tomb of Darius Vöd

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Weave ZZT Livestream - The Tomb of Darius Vöd

Eat your nutritive tabs and contemplate your past lives as you navigate the wastes of a devastated earth recently freed from servitude

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Apr 24, 2023
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Livestream of the ZZT world "The Tomb of Darius Vöd" by VRose, WiL (2023). Originally streamed on April 21st, 2023
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WiL's latest Weave release is a very surreal one. Earth has been conquered ages ago by a massive sentient slime monster that covered a significant portion of the planet's surface. After a rebellion, the slime fled (perhaps out of embarrassment about the salt rubbing being a weird sex thing). Now, in the aftermath you must find a way through the wastes.

The big feature here is a board scrolling effect that allows for the screen to scroll in chunks with no board-edge transitions as you explore the world. But that's not the reason you'll play it. Instead, you get a lot of puzzles. Some of which are to acquire food and water so you can meditate at important spots. This meditation takes you to past lives, many of which can be just as horrifying as the one currently being lived.

This is definitely a tough game. The puzzles are well designed, but I'm bad at them. WiL is in chat helping out significantly to get me through. The past lives make for some neat scenes, and solving those puzzles results in an item from the past being brought to the present allowing you to deal with obstacles that litter the main world.

The "Night Drill" (seen at around 1:32:00) is going to be something my brain is hung up on for the rest of my years.

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