The Adventures of Kurie Cat Part 1 - Demo

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Livestream - The Adventures of Kurie Cat Part 1 - Demo

Looking for love in all the wrong places, and an unsettling amount of ear-based inventory

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Feb 19, 2023

Livestream of the ZZT world "The Adventures of Kurie Cat Part 1 - Demo" by Raichu (2000). Originally streamed on February 17th, 2023

A Theme-Stream as voted on by viewers with "A Furry ZZT World" winning. That's always a tough one to shop around for as there are very few ZZT worlds that actually give themselves that label, and the ole "well furry is just like Bugs Bunny" criteria is a bit silly. But sometimes, that's what you have to go with, picking anything that features animal characters predominantly.

So this is Kurie Cat! A demo for an unfinished full game by Raichu about a homeless cat's search for shelter and love. As Kurie you get to escape from the vet's office (openly derivate of the ZZT game "Boof") before running into some gangster dogs and battle them in a traditional ZZT RPG engine with "Scratch" and "Bite" attacks that you spam endlessly until winning.

Raichu seems to be showing off his programming abilities here as the RPG engine is used a second time to face off against some mean kids, and a basic platforming engine is used to make your way through the sewers to join up with a cat clan. It's very Warrior Cats from the perspective of somebody who has never read anything Warrior Cats.

The game also stands out for its use of a custom font, though one that changes surprisingly little beyond making the player a cat face and having little stick figure people. A few triangles get added to make some nicer cat ears, with the game's art being its best aspect threading a line between charming and weird.

Kurie Cat played reasonably enough for a demo, not exactly getting me super excited for a full release, but serving as a decent introduction and showcasing the game's style and engine-based gameplay. Definitely more appealing than the numerous games about killing Sailor Moon that Raichu was more known for at least.

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