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Livestream - Unpreserved Mario Fangames

Mario drives, shoots, and politely tells an innkeeper that he's slept for 30 seconds in the All-Star assortment of Mario ZZT worlds

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Mar 13, 2022
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Livestream of the ZZT worlds:

"Mario 64" by Gchucky (1996)

"Mario's Monster Mania" by Yoshi98761 (1997)

"Mario World" by Evian2/Gilbert (1997)

"Super Mario Demo" by Superspy (1999)

Quite a lot of games, with quite a lot of wild ideas about what a "Mario" game is! Truth be told these games are all fairly messy and buggy, with most of the fun coming from the more absurd moments. "Mario's Monster Mania" is almost exclusive boards lifted from the first two "Link's Adventure" ZZT games, sometimes with the text changed to apply to Mario rather than Link and sometimes not. Mario 64 opens with Mario driving to Bowser's castle.

The latter two games are both inspired by Super Mario RPG for the SNES instead. This makes them a little easier to follow, though both are incomplete demos.

In part two we get to play the real star of this batch.

Given how many worlds are played here, it's probably best to just link to the publication pack which has relevant links to download or play any of these worlds:

Livestream of the ZZT world "Super Mario 2" by DarkMage (1997)

The final game of the stream comes from a recognized name that has their fair share of fondly remembered games credited to them. DarkMage's take on Mario may still boil down to shooting lions and ruffians, but includes some pretty respectable art for the time as well as some really fun giant boss designs. It only suffers at the end when a board seems to be unbeatable without cheating preventing Mario from reaching Bowser.

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