24 Hours of ZZT Autumn 2001 [Hope]

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Livestream - GRINWAR.zzt

One game showing the war on terror from a Muslim child's eyes. Another game yelling "USA!" repeatedly.

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Jan 22, 2022
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Livestream of the ZZT worlds GRINWAR.zzt by Grinch (2002) and "Operation: Grub Hope" by somebody else (2001)

Taking a look at ZZT games based on then current events! The then current event is the US's war against Afghanistan. ZZT has plenty of edgy 9/11 games, but GRINWAR (whose proper title isn't the best thing to plaster on your YouTube page) stands out by taking a look at the effects of the war on an Islamic child growing up in the states.

While it's by no means brilliant, Grinch's game is a refreshing departure from the far too common alternatives of trying to be as offensive as possible or jingoistic U-S-A U-S-A levels of propaganda. A child is harassed by soldiers who don't want to protect him, bullied and punished for defending himself under a zero-tolerance policy, and then taken hostage by the leader of an Islamophobic hate group.

The game was created for the Summer 2002 24 Hours of ZZT competition with the topic of "War".

In contrast, afterwards we took a look a game created for the Autumn 2001 24 Hours of ZZT competition whose topic was "Hope". This one plays the propaganda machine as you airdrop food on Afghan refugees, allowing them to rise up and bring freedom to their country thanks to their lovely benefactors (even if they don't understand peanutbutter). Eventually it shifts and lets you do G-rated bombing runs and military attacks with SpinachBombs and TaterCannons before the country is finally liberated, and the US military decides to rename their new country. Oof.

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