Weave 2.2e (Firm)

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Livestream - Firmweave Demo

Showcasing a brand new ZZT fork with a goal of accessibility

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Dec 20, 2021
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Livestream of WeaveZZT v2.0 by WiL (2021)

Oh! It's very thorough fork of ZZT that adds a lot of new functionality while restraining its scope by sticking to functions used by the original ZZT codebase. I was handed a copy of this to stream after my Thief 2 stream and as such was not much of an announcer as I hadn't seen 90% of this demo at the time. Take a look at the program itself on its Itch page!

WeaveZZT 2: https://meangirls.itch.io/weavezzt-2

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