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May 23, 1992
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ZZT Clones

A glance at some of the more notable ZZT-inspired GCSes out there

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Jan 31, 2016

Throughout the years, ZZT has gone on to inspire several other game creation systems to varying degrees of success. A few of the major ones are listed here.

Name: Super ZZT
Creator: Tim Sweeney
Description: Super ZZT is Tim Sweeney's official sequel to ZZT. It features a larger scrolling playfield, direct access to the entire 16 color palette, increased limitations with flags and a custom counter, and a variety of new built in enemies and terrain. However, its editor was originally kept hidden and tends to be buggy. In order to be able to access the editor, the program must be launched as "SUPERZ.EXE /e". Super ZZT games are hosted on z2, best accessed through the advanced search option.

Name: MegaZeux
Creators: Alexis Janson, Charles Goetzman, Kevin Vance, Colin Branch, Benjamin Anderson, Gilead Kutnick, Alistair Strachan, Alice Rowan, and others
Description: MegaZeux, abbreviated as MZX, is by far the most successful clone of ZZT, with its own still active community, as well as ongoing development of the program itself. It features significant improvements over ZZT's static text mode graphics and colors. MegaZeux boasts a far more powerful scripting language known as Robotic, and natively runs on modern computers on all major operating systems.

Name: ZIG
Creators: Jacob Hammond
Description: ZIG, which stands for ZZT Inspired Game Creation System, was an attempt at making a clone of ZZT that struck a balance between ZZT's simplicity with Megazeux's power. It had gained enough of an influence in its time that z2 accepted ZIG created games, and as such is still listed here. Like Super ZZT you can find ZIG games most easily through the advanced search option.

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