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Livestream - Fantasy World Dizzy ZZT

A puzzle platformer without its platforming turns into a relaxing exploration of a colorful world yolks'll love

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: May 29, 2021
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Livestream of the ZZT world "Fantasy World Dizzy ZZT" by Zenith Nadir (2000)

Taking the CodeMasters game from 1991 and adapting it to ZZT makes for an interesting experience! Nadir's ZZT recreation of the game throws out the platforming aspect which creates a far more relaxed game as you explore the world in general safety.

For some folks the lack of spilling yolk can make these iconic Brtish microcomputer games far more appealing in this form. However a lack of platforming means that you're doing a lot of walking across board after board trying to get where you're going which can get tedious.

This is one where using a ZZT fork such as asie's ClassicZoo ( can help immensely thanks to its ?SPEED cheat to let Dizzy run freely when needed and slow things back down before any cut-scene dialog flashes by too quickly.

This playthrough was done on the version in Nadir's Dizzy Games compilation which includes small fixes and tweaks and is preferable to the original releases.

This game also has a walkthrough hosted on the Museum that can be quite helpful as well.

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