Teen Priest

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Teen Priest Walkthrough

Authored By: Foxman
Published: Unknown

Teen Priest


Day I

Enter the purple passage, then wait until the diamond disappears and
enter the black passage. Open the door and enter the blue passage,
then the black passage. Open your car door and enter the cyan
passage. Go east and enter the church. Open the right door and enter
the brown passage. Sit down in the left chair. Get your stuff from
the cupboard and read the schedule. Exit the room and enter the green
confessional. Leave and go south then west. Look at the other car.
Enter the abbey. Put your stuff in the three cupboards and enter the

Day II

Enter the red passage. Get your stuff from the left and right
cupboards and enter your police car. Look at the license plate of the
pink car. Talk to the red guy and use your radio. Talk to the red guy
again, picking the first option, and use the radio again. Enter the
hut. Go south and use the radio. Use the steering wheel twice and
enter the red passage. Enter the abbey, go south and enter the
school. Talk to the cyan guy and throw his stereo out of the window.
Read the papers and attack the two thugs by touching them. Open the
top cabinet and leave the school. Go north, east and enter the
church. Enter the green confessional and sit down. Wait for the
confessions to end and leave the booth. Leave the church, go west and
enter the abbey. Put your stuff in the cupboards and enter the bed.
Enter the red passage.


Get your stuff from the left and middle cupboards and leave the
abbey. Go east, enter the church and enter the right door. Check your
schedule and the Xerox machine. Check under the red chair. If you
don't find the money, check the schedule again and try again. Leave
the room, leave the church, go west and enter the right car. Take the
caned food and talk to the purple woman, then the red guy. Enter the
car. Talk to the blue girl, then the purple guy. Enter your car.
Quickly get into the small niche near the top of the right wall.
Enter the red door and pick the first option. Enter the passage. Run
west. Enter the purple passage. Talk to the red guy, then the green
girl. Leave the bar. I'm convinced the only way out of this is to set
speed to slowest, move north, zap and enter the wall above the arrow.
The mini game is impossible. Enter the bed. The other points are
gained by prowess in the aforementioned impossible mini game. Enter
the red passage.

Day IV

Attack the red guy and leave the house. Yay! Another mini game from
hell! Shoot the mafia guy just after he shoots. Save after each hit.
If you kill him without going insane, enter the grey passage. The
next mini game isn't so bad. Jump to avoid the bullets and shoot the
car while you're in the air. When there are two bullets to jump, hold
the up key. Enter the blue passage. Go east, enter the church and
enter the booth. Choose the first option, then the second option.
Leave the booth, leave the church and enter your car. D'oh! Just save
and keep shooting. Enter the grey passage, then the black passage,
then the red passage.

Day V

After they finish talking, run to the haystack and throw the knife.
Kick the door down and RUN to the exit on the left. Get the brick and
climb the rope. Wait until the guy is on the rope then continue onto
the roof. Enter the red passage. Move the haystack until it covers
the hole. Grab the axe and attack the killer. Run right and enter the
passage, then the cyan passage, then the brown passage. Pick the
fourth option. Enter the cyan passage. You've just finished Teen

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