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Sim #Darkdigital Walkthrough

Authored By: Foxman
Published: Unknown
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Sim #Darkdigital

Programming errors:
On $Board 1, edit Flatcoat Lab's programming (the object is hidden). Two lines
before the second :touch, insert a zap touch.


Board 1:
This board's a tutorial. Talk to everyone, touch everything and enter the
green/red/purple/blue passage.

Board 2:
There's a time limit on most things in this game, so move fast and save often.
Talk to . Move the urine around the urinal with your foot. When C_A
comes in, read his name off the list. When gets injured, open the
bar door and get the beer and ice. Touch . Read off his name.
Tseng will teleport in. Ignore him. Use the kick/ban doohickey and don't enter a
name. Talk to . Go to . Use the emergency exit.

Board 3:
Talk to . This board isn't timed, so make the most of it. Talk to
and buy the bomb. Stuff the bomb down the top toilet Talk to .
Talk to . Open the bar door and talk to . Put the beer in the
spray-bottle and spray . Talk to . Go to the bar-tender's spot.
There are two ways you can do this. Either choose option 2 then option 1, or
choose option 1, option 2 then option 1. Talk to . Exit the board and
watch the cinema!

Board 4:
When asks for laxatives, get the bowl. Fill it with grease from the
fryer and fill it with caffeine from the drinks dispenser. Cook the contents of
the bowl. Wait until orders catfish soup. Get the frozen fish. Transport
out of the kitchen. Put the frozen fish in the vent. Fish the fish out of the
toilet. Enter the kitchen, put the bowl back and get the spoon. Beat the fish
with a spoon on the tarpaulin. will come in and will ask for
edible pen ink. Put the spoon back and take the cup. Get the grease from the
fryer, the cafferine from the drinks machine, transport out of the kitchen, get
the urine from the toilet and get the beer from the nozzle (behind the bar
door). Enter the kitchen and add the grease, caffeine, urine and beer to the
stove top and cook it. Talk to . Enter the blue passage.

Board 5:
Mess around with the curtain/barrier controls. Turn off the power supply.
will start a riot. Get a sledgehammer from the alien room. Use it
on the disco controls. Turn the disco machine on. Set the music to 'Stayin'
Alive'. Change strobe light power to maximum. Turn the machine on full.
will try to host with a boring topic. Get the mug and spoon from the cupboard
and scoop up some hot grease from the fryer. Quickly pour it down the urinal.
Kick . will break in. Roll the burner twice, then turn it on.
Talk to . Enter the green passage.

Board 6:
Talk to . Quickly block off the disco floor (touch the curtain/barrier
controls). will come in and he's bustin'! Grab a pipe from where the
stove was. Stick it in the hole in the lounge and suck it. Remove the notice in
front of the bathroom. will come in. Shut off the power and turn and
turn the crank. will come in and die of a heart attack. Ignore this
pathetic bid for attention. will come in. Get a pipe from the
toilets. Fish the name list out of the fryer with the pipe. Serve .
comes in. Get Jolt from the drink machine. Put it in the pepper spray
and spray it into the piping. suffers 16 simultaneous heart attacks.
Beat that ! :-D. Talk to and enter the red passage. Enjoy the
ending! Don't forget to check out the new title screen!

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