Kudzu 2.0 Walkthrough

Authored By: Foxman
Published: Unknown
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Kudzu 2.0

Push your parachute off the building, get the dime and go south.
Vandalize all three statues and go down the stairs. Tip over and
smash the second barrel from the left and get the yellow key. Look at
one of the paintings, then push the second painting from the bottom
on the left. Get the gems. There's a secret passage directly south of
the door, leading to the middle room. If you smash one vase, the
other will come to life and kill you. Open the valve and run away. Go
south. Put four gems in the machine and read the panel. Go south 10
spaces and east 11 spaces. Get the red key. Open the red door and go
north. Get the ammo and go back south. Enter the red passage and go
west. Wait for the yellow guy and talk to him. Look at the plate four
times and enter the red passage. Break both of the plants. Enter the
yellow passage, get the ammo and enter the yellow passage. Enter the
red passage, go east, go up the stairs, open the yellow door and go
west. Save and quickly shoot the living water. Shoot the white dot in
the pupil of the eye six times. Get the square peg and green key and
go south. Press the blue button and put the square peg in the hole.
Go east. Run to the central niche. Touch everything and kick the
toilet twice. Finish going round, grab the round peg, enter the
transporter and go west. Enter the red passage then go east and enter
the red passage. Go west and let the guards shoot up the fountain.
Put the round peg in the hole and go east. Enter the red passage, go
west, enter the red passage, go south and shoot the guards quickly.
Go south, west, north and get the dime. Push all the red things into
the holes in the walls. Break the wall and use the transporter. Eat
the wall and hit the cylinder. Go north and get the dime. Read the
sign three times. From the top of the board go south seven spaces. Go
directly east from there. Talk to the guy. Talk to him again and ask
him what's going on. Get the white key and go east then south. Go
east twice then north. Unlock the white door. Rip the post supporting
the sign out. Go east and get the dime. Throw the parachute across
the gap and enter the building. Take the lid off the canister. Light
and toss the flare. Wait for the fire to go out and jump off the
diving board. Run through the battle, get the chest and go east
twice. Enter the passage. Finish the maze and enter the green
passage. Go east and open the chest. Enter the rightmost light grey
passage. Get the dime and do anything you want with the phone. Go
south, open the chest and enter the light grey passage. Enter the
brown passage. Save and kill Kudzu by shooting him repeatedly in the
crotch. Go north and enter the light grey passage. Mentally fling the
doors off and go east. Do whatever you want here. Enter the light
grey thing. Enter the dark grey passage. Touch the red panel and push
the button. Enter the blue passage. Get the dime, go south and enter
the light grey passage. Talk to the guy and use the phone. Exit the
building. Well done! You just finished Kudzu!

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