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Published: Jul 21, 1996
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Subj: Nothing
Date: 96-02-25 11:13:02 EDT
From: Barney9651

Hey, I'm studying WWI, too. Think maybe all these alliances.... one little
assassination with E's
fak-er cake troops and KABOOM!
Yeh, this war thing would make an awesome play by e-mail text/MZX game.

Barney9651Subj: Re:Slimed
Date: 96-02-25 11:22:57 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

im AM doing wet!
Subj: Re:War stuff
Date: 96-02-25 11:24:50 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

That would be cool if we made a megazeux game from this war thing.
Subj: Re:Check this out
Date: 96-02-25 11:28:21 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

Hey Yapok Jr, He riped that theme song off that "old McDonald" Song
guy.......Subj: War I am
Date: 96-02-25 13:12:08 EDT
From: Typo Ink

I'm officially doing the play by mail war thing. If you care to be in it,
please tell me. Tell me how many of each type of solider you want, who are
are warring on. weopons, color, name of army, and preference for your three
theme songs.

Soldiers (Max. of 30, unused can be used for extra items, but not weopons)

Footsoldier- Med.fighter always. Bad with weopons. Can't ride.

Calvary- (counts as two soldiers, one man, one kopay) Strong fighter, weak
off horse. Okay with weopons. Perfect rider. Kopays (Mounts) can
fight mediumly, but easily captured.

Weopon workers- Weak fighters, perfect with weopons and only people that can
use items. Fast, and okay mounted. Become mid
fighters on a kopay

Trained Artillery Kopays- Ultra strong, sycho cannon on back can grill a
whole brigade.Unfortunatly
they don't actually think, so they can
be enticed by carrots or cubes.

Trainer- (1 auto joins army, others can be got) Can't fight, but can convert
enemy kopays.

Weopons and items (Max. 3 weopons, 5 items, each 2 unused can be an extra

Cannon- Kills up to 3 squares away. Weopon

Catapult- Kills up to 2 squares away. Injures up to 5 squares away. Destroys
buildings up to 5 squares away.

Lazer- Injures infinatly in one direction at a time. weopon

Lazoor- Lazer fence made of one 90 angle. Kills on contact. Movable. Held on
for 3 turns at a time.
5 square reach in 2 directions. Item

Carrots or cubes- used to convert kopays. Come in a set of five. Item

The soldiers come automatically-

5 inventors- make new weopons and items and armor

Kopay rancher- keeps unmounted kopays under rule

Kopay trainer- trains kopays to fight. Converts enemy kopays.

General- Does nothing, but if is killed, a new one must be appointed. If
captured, one demand must be followed, if appropriate.

3 surgeons- Docters. Help injured.must have three to work. More can be
drafted from towns.

The three themes are Win, Lose, March.Subj: Re:Getting caught up
Date: 96-02-26 08:19:34 EDT
From: Bhirsh3

i want the mzx project in i will make you mf hard edu game called catworld 1
2 3 4
i,m nine years old my name is billh hirsh email me at bhirsh3@aol.com i can
help you get done on it to so i can play it
Subj: Re:Getting caught up
Date: 96-02-26 12:23:50 EDT
From: E Creator2

What? Hmmm... I'm not adding any levels... yet. The one's now are full.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:War I am
Date: 96-02-26 16:02:20 EDT
From: FireyDeth1

Wait STOP i have a better idea just e mail me for it it is a LOT easier (easy


FIRE¥Subj: E Creator2
Date: 96-02-26 16:19:25 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

Can you UL PDSS2 to you FTP because my HD Crashed and I lost it?Subj:
Re:Check this out
Date: 96-02-26 17:53:54 EDT
From: Yapok Jr

Really? Never heard of him. I came up with the asphalt Amoebas concept, and
my friend did the jingle. It was a school project. Are the exact lyrics
copied? I didn't know. Anyway, I'm not at fault, cause I didn't copy (write
or whatever) the song.


||Subj: War thing
Date: 96-02-26 17:57:04 EDT
From: Yapok Jr

Sounds too complicated. I don't know if I'll play. I guess I have to, since
I started it. I want the lose theme, 1 trainer, 40 cavalry, 1 catapult, and
a pig idol.Subj: IT'S WAR!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 96-02-26 22:43:01 EDT
From: ZPower1

Since I have a cold and bored out of my mind I thought I would just help out

Z - Z/Z Prod Base
^ -Dove
H- Helios Base
Y- Yapoks Base
O- Others Base
} ZZT Phoenix Troops
~ Helios Troops
@ Z/Z Troops
!!- Z/Z Cavalry
L- Lemonade stand (Why is this here!?!)
(-Other troops
%- Helios and Z/Z's secret weapons of destruction
T -Trenches
/-Others weapons
H ~ ~ %T ( }
~ ~ ~ T ( !! O
~ ~ ~T ( !! ( X @ ^ Z
~T~~/~~%T @ @
% ( !! O @ @
/T / ( / } !! / @
( !! ( @ Y %L
@ X
} O X }
As Helios fearlessly battles their opponents Z/Z Prod begins a surprise
attack on Yapok on the side of Helios. As Yapok sips his lemonade peacefully
thinking he is out of the range of his enemies he follows a small band of
Z/Z,ZZT Pheonix and EXPANDOWARE Troops not knowing there is a camoflauged
army of troops behind him. The dove follows the Z/Z Troops a sign of victory
for Helios and Z/Z. The camoflauged troops take away Yapoks precious lemonade
stand as he follows the decoys. After obtaining the Lemonade stand they
attack Yapok with thier secret weapon destroying him. They then send the
Cavalry and a hoard of troops to attack the unsuspecting ,enemies of Helios.
And as they wipe out the others they bring in the prized lemonade stand to
Helios headquarters and protect it with a thick layer of Z/Z,Helios and both
of thier divisions troops.

WOW after programing Strategy a war game for MZX I have been getting better
at War games!

-ZPower1Subj: Re:IT'S WAR!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 96-02-27 17:24:38 EDT
From: Yapok Jr

Now that isn't fair!! I had declared peace! The ASCII war is over! E

Subj: Re:IT'S WAR!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 96-02-27 18:18:56 EDT
From: E Creator2

Now, now. ZPower probably was wacked out on cold pills.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Slimed
Date: 96-02-27 19:19:32 EDT
From: ZPower1

What levels are not being made. I was getting around to making Wet which I
said I would do at the meeting but Doomer is already working on it (Am I
right?) I could do Vertigo.

-ZPower1Subj: OH MY GOD!!
Date: 96-02-27 19:35:22 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

Yes I am doing wet. BUT (Sorry to bring it here but most MZXers are here)
Bhrish3 has took up all the space in the MEgazeux Message folder!! I tryed
poasting there but I couldent. It said it was full!! I say we get that little
sicko and make him pay!! We should tell AOL to kick him off!Subj: Re:war
Date: 96-02-27 20:19:31 EDT
From: Typo Ink

Ahh, Bloody the war statuses. Just tell me if you wanna be in it. I don't
wanna make it that complex anyway.

Typo.Subj: makeing worlds for megazeux
Date: 96-02-27 22:55:44 EDT
From: Bhirsh3

I,m makeing megazux world that will take 4 weeks or moreSubj: Re:makeing
worlds for megaze
Date: 96-02-27 23:46:23 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

BH3, please don't post here. The MZX board is already too full. We don't need
this board messed up as well.

Spel\/\/eavreSubj: Re:Helios
Date: 96-02-28 02:07:45 EDT
From: Doug9502

my name is billh hirsh in my email address bhirsh3@aol.com i,m signing up for
heliosSubj: E creator2
Date: 96-02-28 16:24:50 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

Please DO NOT let Bhrish3 in Helios! If you have read any message in the
Megazeux folder you know why.

Subj: Cribbage: I don't get it
Date: 96-02-28 18:24:54 EDT
From: Yapok Jr

Like it said, the rules of cribbage are too complicated to understand.

E CREATOR: Are we there yet? Arewethereyet?!! Sorry. Just anxious for the
I quenched my thirst for MZXTRA by getting MZINE. And CotA got 3 smiley
faces! HAHAHAHAHA! And YOU thought I couldn't do it, huh. Snipesnipesnipe-
the bird, that is.
Um, sorry.

SURVEY: I know this isn't the MZX board, but here it is.
Fans of CotA: Have any suggestions for the sequel? Mail em to me (PLEASE
DON'T WRITE ON A BOARD) at yapokjr@aol.com. i'm nime yers old. (SORRY)

SLimed is never gonna work!!! NEVER!!!! HAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAH!!! Cause you can't
figure out who's doing what, and none of you are doing any of it........

\\ < //
| > |Subj: Re:Cribbage: I don't get it
Date: 96-02-28 18:58:14 EDT
From: E Creator2

You don't have to wait any longer. M.Z.X-tra 3 is on my FTP site now.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Helios
Date: 96-02-28 18:59:30 EDT
From: E Creator2

I'm sorry BH3 but I needed to post some stuff on the MegaZeux boards and I
couldn't due to the mess of messages from you. Maybe in a year or so....

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Helios
Date: 96-02-28 19:39:14 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Oh sure -- tell Bhirsh not to post here, then he signs on under a different
name and posts here.Subj: Re:Cribbage: I don't get it
Date: 96-02-28 21:13:28 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

Slimed: Uh oh. I think you're right. Maybe all who are doing a part of Slimed
should E-mail E Creator (or possibly post here) and get everything
straightened out.

Spel\\//\\//eavreSubj: Helios
Date: 96-02-28 21:14:52 EDT
From: Mwasson

When I said I might not join Z/Z or FILTERWARE, Ecreator, there is still
other companies I can
Date: 96-02-29 14:46:58 EDT
From: TheDianoga

Okay here's a list of Slimed levels and the people who are doing them:

Icy, Dead, and Sandy: E Creator 2(He might not be doing Sandy, I'm not sure.)
Vertigo: My friend WAS going to do it but he changed his mind. I think Zpower
should get it.
Molten: I'm doing this one. Level 1 is almost finished!
Wired: Bilcool14 is doing it. (I think...)
Classic & Insane: MAJJSoft
Wet: It was mine, but DOOMer can have it.
Toxic: My friend's doing this one.(I'm NOT letting him change his mind

That's all of them. Maybe E Creator 2 should make a jungle level or space

-The |>ia/\/()gaSubj: re: xbox
Date: 96-02-29 14:47:13 EDT
From: Doug9502

where can i get a copy Subj: helios
Date: 96-02-29 16:09:33 EDT
From: Romulun

how do i join heliosSubj: Re:re: xbox
Date: 96-02-29 18:47:24 EDT
From: E Creator2

You can't. It's not out 'till December.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:helios
Date: 96-02-29 18:48:06 EDT
From: E Creator2

Just say you want to join and I'll give you the Welcome to Helios post. Also,
sending a game would be nice.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Slimed
Date: 96-02-29 18:49:34 EDT
From: E Creator2

I was thinking of jungle but it would be hard... maybe some secret levels...
like a hidden Flik level... and a wordy level... oh yeah, I'm working on the
Ice Fishing bonus game now...

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Slimed level!
Date: 96-02-29 19:30:48 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

Okay I got an idea GASP!! How about a slimed level that uses ANSI ONLY chr!

Oh yea Heres a good one!!!

A LEVEL ABOUT BHRISH!! And have him as a boss!

He clutters up the screen with mindless messages about his age, father, and
how mush se stinks at MZXSubj: Re:Slimed level!
Date: 96-02-29 20:21:07 EDT
From: Barney9651

I swear, these Slimed levels sound awesome/funny/kewl/whatever. However, I
think we all gotta do whatever levels assigned to us first. When the planned
levels are done, THEN add on. If I said this b4, sorry...
BTW, I'm doing Sandy, along with Spel. No, I didn't say that just right now.
It's already in writing (or whatever).

Barney9651Subj: Re:helios
Date: 96-02-29 20:32:11 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Creator, DON'T LET Bhirsh or that Doug guy in Helios! He cluttered up the MZX
message board with stupid posts, and if he's in Helios, he'll do it here too!

P.S. I thought DOOMer's level ideas were actually pretty cool, especially the
Bhirsh one. Heh heh heh... Hey, Bhirsh, how'd you like to be immortalized in
a MegaZeux game? MWAHAHAHAHA! >:^)Subj: Leap year
Date: 96-02-29 20:36:01 EDT
From: Mwasson

This message has no use except that I want to say happy Leap Year Day.

MikeSubj: Re:Leap year
Date: 96-02-29 21:04:01 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

I already said Happy Leap Day! Everybody is stealing my idea without knowing
it! Maybe if somebody actually read stuff in my message board they would know
how dumb it would be to say something someone else already said! Now listen.
I'm serious here. Everybody go to my WWW page at
Then e-mail me and tell me to add you to the guest list! I want to know who
comes to my page, if anyone! Really, it's got a bunch of cool links and
stuff! Soon to be added to Yahoo!Subj: Re:Leap year
Date: 96-02-29 21:51:01 EDT
From: E Creator2

Oh yeah, TearDragon was making a home page and Owcp has one. I don't remember
the URL's but they should be on the board.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Slimed level!
Date: 96-02-29 21:53:55 EDT
From: E Creator2

I agree! I've seen part of DOOMer's (needs a bit of work on graphics and some
more level depth, i.e. make it so you do more) and Spel's (almost nothing
done, just part of one level). Send in your levels! I made a group thing to
speed it up not slow it down, ok? Oh yeah, there are some COOL (if not
useful) codes in Slimed v0.3

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:helios
Date: 96-02-29 21:54:15 EDT
From: E Creator2

I didn't.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: to whoever owns this company
Date: 96-02-29 23:03:55 EDT
From: Crezeman

Have you actually made any money off of the games you've made? I don't mean
that in a negative way, it's just I need 20$ fast and I found an old copy of
zzt on my hard drive and remembered that the guy forgot to make a licence so
you can do anything you want with the games. Thanks. Crezeman ____
/ \
I o o I
(o)I ? I(o)
I \_/ I
\ /
I I <-------
my new official ascii-thingy.Subj: Re:to whoever owns this comp
Date: 96-03-01 17:47:45 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

>>the guy forgot to make a licence<<
He didn't forget to make a license. He CHOSE NOT TO. Who cares anyway?Subj:
Date: 96-03-01 17:56:19 EDT
From: Yapok Jr

Love the new C format. Very graphical and user friendly.

A Bhirsh level? I think that might ruin the game. Games that bash people
you don't like are usually annoying.

I have a theory on Bhirsh. I think he's a 9 year old loser kid, who's
downloaded MZX and a bunch of games, but can't program, so he want's to get
the passwords to our games so he can edit them, put his name on it and show
it to his friends, saying that he made it.

Oh and I agree that his dad is like Bill Gates. But then, he hasn't been on
for a while... (I think)

I sent him a message that said I'd give him the password if he'd work WITH me
on CotA. I think my trap worked, he hasn't responded.
Subj: Slimed
Date: 96-03-01 18:10:44 EDT
From: ZPower1

I am already planing Vertigo. So I guess I will make it!


P.S. Are there any other Slimed levels done?Subj: MZX Help
Date: 96-03-01 18:36:00 EDT
From: Mwasson

I need passwords, but not the same reason Yapok Jr thinks Bhirsh is doing it
for. I'm still learning to program in MZX. To prove it, I'll except
versions of games that I know the password for it, but I don't know the
editing password.(The password that prevents you from saving it with
changes.)Please! I really need this.Subj: Re:MZX Help
Date: 96-03-01 18:57:35 EDT
From: E Creator2

Wierdness, Slimed v0.1, All of the Zeux games are editable, besides those
(and CotA but it doesn't have any revolutionary stuff, just a well made game)
there aren't many worth looking at. Also PDSS.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:MZX Help
Date: 96-03-01 21:51:55 EDT
From: GJanson

For your info, the Zeux games are editable. If you need the PW, (it's okay by
me) it's MEGAHERTZ...

GregSubj: Re:MZX Help
Date: 96-03-02 11:13:37 EDT
From: Bobo245

Hey greg, Nice password...

Oh well, another day another bill......

I don't even use a password! What do you really need one for. So some
person wouldn't rip off your game??? Well, if you worked at it, you could
probably find it some how any way!


*Bobo245*Subj: PASSWORDS
Date: 96-03-02 15:02:53 EDT
From: Yapok Jr

The password to Castle of the Aardvarks is PICROSS, but like E said,
nothing's revolutionary. My programming for that one was warped.

I use passwords to prevent people from cheating in my games. I know the
temptation to look in the programming and figure out what to do next. In
action games, it's not important, but I make adventure games where the
challenge is figuring out what to do. Cheating ruins the fun of figuring it
out yourself. It hides "secrets" in the game, not programming "secrets"

I wouldn't care if Bhirsh edited my game, but I'd be pissed if he ruined it
and uploaded it on AOL.

Date: 96-03-02 15:34:28 EDT
From: E Creator2

Yeah. Slimed v0.3 will have no-play passwords so that no-one wins the game
before its even out. I probably will add a password just so that they don't
cheat. And anyway, I'll include most of the objects you need in another file.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:MZX Help
Date: 96-03-02 23:32:21 EDT
From: Mwasson

I must have a higher version of Slimed, because it's password encoded.Subj:
Re:MZX Help
Date: 96-03-03 14:54:17 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

You have 0.2 probably.Subj: Announcement
Date: 96-03-03 14:55:59 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

I want to tell everybody that I will soon stop using AOL except for message
boards. You will be able to contact me at shammack@goldinc.com but this has
not taken effect yet. I will tell everybody when it actually happens.
Re:MZX Help
Date: 96-03-03 15:41:39 EDT
From: E Creator2

Don't bother with 0.3 when it comes out since it will be non-playable.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:MZX Help
Date: 96-03-03 22:00:48 EDT
From: Mwasson

Where can I get 1.0?Subj: Re:MZX Help
Date: 96-03-03 22:27:51 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

There is no 1.0. The latest version is 0.3, I think. (You probably mean you
want the version before whatever you have. Too bad, it's not on the FTP
anymore, hahaha!)Subj: flick 3-d
Date: 96-03-04 16:01:00 EDT
From: FireyDeth1

i am officially announcing that the game FLICK! 3-D has become a project I
will be working on

FIRE¥Subj: Flik 3-D?
Date: 96-03-04 18:48:58 EDT
From: TearDragon

Flik 3-D huh? Sounds interesting. If you need any help like with textures or
anything lemme know I got over 20 megs of textures on my HD and about 15 more
on cds.

|ear }/ragonSubj: Re:flick 3-d
Date: 96-03-04 18:51:26 EDT
From: E Creator2

Just remember, Firey, that its Flik not Flick. I hope to see this as it gets

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:MZX Help
Date: 96-03-04 19:41:44 EDT
From: Mwasson

Well, you seem to be very optomistic.Subj: Re:MZX Help
Date: 96-03-04 23:33:45 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

Non-playable? More protection against people beating it ahead of time? After
all, many of the people who are going to be playing Slimed will be those
working on the levels anyway...

Spel\/\/eavreSubj: Re:Flik 3-D?
Date: 96-03-04 23:49:01 EDT
From: FireyDeth1

yeah send me stuff if you can, anything!!! E if you have Pics from the side
scroller flik of enemies send them to me kay.
oh and i'm prettiy sure it will be for windows

FIRE¥Subj: Re:MZX Help
Date: 96-03-05 19:00:33 EDT
From: E Creator2

Yeah, but not all.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Flik 3-D?
Date: 96-03-05 19:02:07 EDT
From: E Creator2

No pix of enemies (none made) I did a few of Flik but I erased them (a bit
prematurely) some people got a TGA file. Ask TearDragon he might have stuff.
He's the graphical expert around here.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: 2 PLAYER GAME!!!!!
Date: 96-03-05 21:31:43 EDT
From: Greasy dog

I just made a new game called the "2 Player Arena." It is one of the first,
if not the first 2 PLAYER GAME FOR MEGAZEUX! Come download it at
ftp://users.aol.com/Greasy Dog! It has 3 modes of play (easy, moderate, &
hard), 3 songs to choose from, and your choice of 3 wepons! Bullets, lazers,
and missiles! This is just the part one. Part 2 will have more than 2
charaters with different weakness, etc, etc.

ftp://users.aol.com/Greasy DogSubj: Re:2 PLAYER GAME!!!!!
Date: 96-03-06 18:54:08 EDT
From: E Creator2


__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:2 PLAYER GAME!!!!!
Date: 96-03-07 08:49:37 EDT
From: Bobo245

Greasy dog, go away. You are sicking me even more than I am.

BTW I am making a L.O.R.D.-type game with totally random generated monsters
and attacks. (if you go on BBS's alot you'll know what I mean.) It's pretty
cool. In TOTAL BETA--- It's not even close to completion.


*Bobo245*Subj: hzzt 1.1
Date: 96-03-07 12:33:54 EDT
From: Bhirsh4

hzzt is a game thats zzt and part mzx in it,s a cool new zzt game thats to me
zzt 4.0 down load at ftp members:/claudioltSubj: hzzt oop
Date: 96-03-07 12:36:20 EDT
From: Bhirsh4

Hzzt 1.1 opp is still zzt oop.Subj: i what to make a slime level
Date: 96-03-07 12:56:44 EDT
From: Bhirsh4

I like sime 3.0 then i make the bear cub level for slime 3.0 where can i get
a copy of slime 3.0 whan i get the password for sime 3.0 if it has one if not
i make a gema that has some info for the bear cub level called bear cub
and it has lots of fun and its like my new slime bear and its like my slime
4.0 good bye.
Subj: Re:i what to make a slime le
Date: 96-03-07 14:40:58 EDT
From: FireyDeth1


oh yes uh e-mail me stuff Tear ¿kay? alrighty then

i,m firdet1 and yuo ca n email me at fireydeth1@aol.com and if yuo hav any
zzt or mzx games please emal them to me at fireydet1@aol.com. please send me
paswordss so i can edit yuor gams and mak them wors ok thank yuo

FIRE¥ (and i didnt mean that your games are bad in the first place)Subj:
Re:i what to make a slime le
Date: 96-03-07 16:17:23 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

::Takes larg breath::



::Pulls out blaster:: Time to go hunting
Subj: Re:hzzt 1.1
Date: 96-03-07 19:01:30 EDT
From: E Creator2

HZZT WOULD be cool if only you can edit the characters.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:i what to make a slime le
Date: 96-03-07 19:06:37 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

No matter what you do, DO NOT let him make a Slimed level! It would be
destroying a very cool game! We've all seen what he's done to the MZX board,
and if you give him a Slimed level, he will screw it up the same way!Subj:
Re:i what to make a slime le
Date: 96-03-07 21:26:56 EDT
From: Dwatson0

I'm Mwasson using different screen name to have extra time. I could make a
slime level, but I need to see how the slime engine works. How about a
anti-gravity level??


P.S. I watn paswods!!! gve mE pawords!!~!!! Just inpersonating Bhrish, if you
can't all ready tell.Subj: Re:i what to make a slime le
Date: 96-03-07 22:40:30 EDT
From: Yapok Jr

To those who DL hyper zzt: Is it any good? Is it worth my time? If it is,
could someone translate Bhirsh's gibberish?

Majjsoft: You are taking Bhirsh way too seriously. Can you really imagine E
Creator allowing Bhirsh to make a "BEAR CUB" level of Slimed?!!! It'd
probably be a bunch of bear cubs on a screen with the slimed engine!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!Subj: Re:i what to make a slime le
Date: 96-03-07 22:44:55 EDT
From: Bhirsh4

Yes i i,m starting at my new slime level bear cub and bear cub level is my
starting of slime 4.0
Subj: Re:i what to make a slime le
Date: 96-03-07 22:54:34 EDT
From: Bhirsh4

Level bear cub for slime is not a lot a bear cubs it,s more then bear cubs
it,s help for programming games new chars like the the change mom bear and
more like my new mzx bill magazines 100 magazines of games hints puzzles new
chars info on my new award best games out by bill hirshSubj: Re:i what to
make a slime le
Date: 96-03-08 08:03:41 EDT
From: Bobo245






*Bobo245*Subj: Re:i what to make a slime le
Date: 96-03-08 09:24:24 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Yeah really. I'm just sick of him.Subj: Re:i what to make a slime le
Date: 96-03-08 09:25:06 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Uh, Dwatson, just getting a different screen name doesn't give you extra
time. You have to get the whole software packet thing again.Subj: ARG!!
Date: 96-03-08 12:46:51 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

NOOOO!!! Isnt there a TOS he/her (Bhrish3,4,9?) I breaking? Can we have some
kind of vote to get him kicked off??

GREAT IDEA!! Everyone send a bunch of e-mail to his brother!!! He got him to
stop last time! (sort of)Subj: flik
Date: 96-03-08 16:55:51 EDT
From: FireyDeth1

Ok E, What is the story with flik? what happend what is happening where will
the flik 3d begin. Also what are the levels supposed to look like? what
shoud be the plot, story, where is flik? why is he there? how did he get

please answer these questions


Subj: Re:ARG!!
Date: 96-03-08 19:06:10 EDT
From: E Creator2

Jeez. I may be a bit too nice sometimes but I'm not stupid. BHirsh, you can't
do that. Slimed is Copyrighted.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:flik
Date: 96-03-08 19:19:37 EDT
From: E Creator2

Download Leftovers Magazine from Dynamo's ZZTRealm FTP site. Then it goes in
order of the epidsodes. I think I'll send you some more info about this but
that is the basic plot line.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Flik!?
Date: 96-03-08 21:10:22 EDT
From: TearDragon

What exactly does Flik look like? I mean I have all these crazy ideas about
him, green, actaully when I heard the name Flik I thought about someone/thing
that looks sorta like Astal. As too pictures of any enemies, I have none.
Also the Helios WWW site will be up soon, It not up YET. I will post a
message stating when it is up.
|ear }/ragonSubj: Re:Flik!?
Date: 96-03-08 22:22:58 EDT
From: Bobo245


I was playing CAVERNS today!

By the way E, you gave Code White WAAAAAYYYY too much credit. IT SUCKS
BIG DONKEY (fill in your favorite piece of anatomy). The graphics blow and
there is nothing of any interest. The engine SBD_ (see above) also.

Super Zer02's engine STILL is choppy and I really don't care any more.
Probably because I am going to be programming on Macromedia Director.

Later Dudes!

*Bobo245*Subj: Re:Flik!?
Date: 96-03-09 00:21:25 EDT
From: FireyDeth1

i donk kare i dont need images of flik i need wall, floor, ceiling (the thing
ontop of the floor), and object images. objects are ANYTHIG, tables,
benches, desks, enimies, pointless things thrown in by the programmer and his
helpers (me, and you other people)
¿ok? good send it to me oh and they have, no wait MUST be 64x64 pixel pcx,
bbm(dont ask what a bbm file is) files.
object can also have multiple sides (it makes thegame better if they do) if i
finish my demo program i'll send it to you

FIRE¥ Subj: HyperZZT
Date: 96-03-09 17:46:46 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

What? Where? Why? When? How? I know the Who already. Can someone tell me
where this is and exactly what it is.

sPeLv\/eAvRrSubj: Re:HyperZZT
Date: 96-03-09 21:09:07 EDT
From: FireyDeth1

IT changes the graphics in zzt to look like mzx. Thats all. what it realy
dose is change the font in dos!

oh and i have a question WHY AM I NOT GETTING THE STUFF FOR FLIK 3D?!?!?!?!?

oh yeah i just learnd that the coloor black is considerd CLEAR on objects and
trasparent walls
so dont use the color Black alot <------is this one word or 2 i can never

FIRE¥Subj: Re:HyperZZT
Date: 96-03-09 22:58:47 EDT
From: E Creator2

You can use the color. Just not for walls and floors and ceilings. I sent
something to you just now.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Flik3D
Date: 96-03-11 19:30:22 EDT
From: TearDragon

Firey, I'll be sending some stuff to you soon, most of the stuff, like you
mentioned beches desk trees stuff like that, I didn't have, so, im makining

|ear }/ragonSubj: Re:Flik3d
Date: 96-03-11 20:47:09 EDT
From: FireyDeth1

Thank you

Subj: Re:ARG!!
Date: 96-03-12 11:53:40 EDT
From: Bhirsh4

I i,m not doing slimed 4.0 anymore and i got help what i was doing bad
By Bill Hirsh
Subj: i now i was doing bad type
Date: 96-03-12 11:56:07 EDT
From: Bhirsh4

I now i was doing bad typeing but i got help form Typo Ink.
By Bill Hirsh
Subj: Re:i now i was doing bad typ
Date: 96-03-12 16:44:22 EDT
From: FireyDeth1


FIRE¥Subj: Re:i now i was doing bad typ
Date: 96-03-12 17:50:20 EDT
From: Typo Ink

Okay, let's lay off Bhirsh for a while. I fixed him. He's still grammically
incorrect but so is Firey so who cares. He isn't that bad.Subj: Re:i now i
was doing bad typ
Date: 96-03-12 18:40:44 EDT
From: E Creator2

I have terrible grammer, no one gets mad at me. Its not so much the typing
(although that made the postings nearly impossible to read) it was the
repetition which got to our nerves.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Will MZX Vets Stay?
Date: 96-03-12 20:17:00 EDT
From: Yapok Jr

It seems like a lot of programmers are switching to other utilities. Will
anyone still be around to enjoy Bee Fly Ptarmigan's Picross when it comes out
in late summer?

The board is getting sickening. Just a whole lot of uninteresting junk. What
with the FTP's I can't keep track of new games. Oh well. Everything these
days are just demos. What good are demos anyway? The uninteresting junk is
good, because it will help me wean myself from the net.

MMG5 is good.

E's idea of programming levels is, well, bad. GJansen has better things to
do than read applications from us. And the titles won't mean anything. Just
because someone says you're good doesn't mean you are good. Let the people
make their own decisions about who to contact for assistance, etc.

-----===== -----====
\ \\ \ // /
\ \\ \// /
\ \\ /
| || ||
| || ||
|_||_______|| O( J* () |< JUnior

P.S. Can you guess the hidden significance of my screen name? Subj:
Date: 96-03-12 21:54:32 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

GO AWAY NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!Subj: Re:i now i was doing bad typ
Date: 96-03-12 23:19:25 EDT
From: RobertCane

Oh, comn. It's an AOL MESSAGE BOARD people! It's not like they have grammar
police or english teachers that rove the message boards waiting for someone
to misssspel a wordd or miss pUnctUation or some junk like that. As long as
it does not get repititious (repetitious?) like BHirsh used (!) to be, I, for
one, am not going to waste AOL time by spell, grammar, and punctuation
checking my messages. Thank you.


_ _______ _ _______ _ ________
/ / ___ \ ___ / / __ _ \ / / __ _ /
/ / /_/_/ / /_/__/ / / / / / / / / /__/_/ /
/ / ___ / ____ / / / / / / / / __ _ \
/ / / / / / /_/__/ / / /__/_/ / / / /__/_/ /
/_/__/ \_\__\ \_\________/ /_/________/Subj: Re:i now i was
doing bad typ
Date: 96-03-12 23:24:54 EDT
From: Barney9651

I, too, must wean myself from AOL like Yapok Jr. Yeah, MMG5 was kewl. Sorta
buggy, tho (most of the walls were CustomBreaks - meaning you could
bomb/shoot and poof, they're gone)

ßarney9651Subj: Re:i now i was doing bad typ
Date: 96-03-13 16:19:54 EDT
From: Typo Ink

What is MMG5?Subj: Re:i now i was doing bad typ
Date: 96-03-13 17:30:23 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

impossible to read him messages, HE USE UP ALL THE SPACE IN THE ENTIRE
MESSAGE BOARD!!!Subj: Re:i now i was doing bad typ
Date: 96-03-13 17:50:43 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

I have good grammar, but please don't hold it against me. My mom teaches
English so I have good grammar. It's not like I actually PAY ATTENTION IN
SCHOOL or anything.Subj: FTP
Date: 96-03-13 17:54:31 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

'ello everybody. Please hear me out on this one. I am making a MegaZeux
worldwide web page, so when you upload a game to an FTP site, please tell me
either on the message boards, on my AOL e-mail, or on my Internet e-mail
(shammack@goldinc.com). Tell me the exact location, not just
but more like
I will put a link to it on my page. I'm trying to make it one of the best MZX
pages out there, so please humor me.Subj: Re:FTP
Date: 96-03-13 19:21:03 EDT
From: E Creator2

Kewl. Too bad my browser doesn't work.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Will MZX Vets Stay?
Date: 96-03-13 19:22:36 EDT
From: E Creator2

I think its one of those ideas that when you think of it it's like, THAT'S A
GREAT IDEA! but after a while it gets dumber and dumber.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:ARG!!
Date: 96-03-13 19:24:06 EDT
From: E Creator2

DOOMer, chill. He's not bothering us anymore and you are starting to fill the
board with meaningless posts.. not like there is anything else :-)

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Duh......
Date: 96-03-13 22:21:58 EDT
From: Bobo245


Me is stupid.
Me is BORED!
Me have grweat gwammar,
And Me is da bored bored slammer.

(Sorry, it rhymed)

I am taking a college level C course over the sumer and I *sniff* may be

Oh well. MABEY, I might get Kate done before that. Then again, Mabey not.



-Yoshi The Return of Yoshi by Chris KholerSubj: Re:Duh......
Date: 96-03-14 09:13:43 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

> The Return of Yoshi by Chris Kholer

Hey, whatever happened to Chris Kohler anyway? I remember when he made Yoshi
4 and then he just *POOF* disappeared...Subj: Re:Duh......
Date: 96-03-14 17:56:29 EDT
From: Typo Ink

Kohler is probably still around. He never was one for the message boards.
Probably still diddles with ZZT. I bet he started on MZX, couldn't do it
right got frustrated, and has been sulking for about a month. He should be
back soon.Subj: Re:Duh......
Date: 96-03-14 18:54:07 EDT
From: E Creator2

He's been arguing a lot. Hopefully he'll make some games.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Duh......
Date: 96-03-14 19:31:35 EDT
From: Bobo245

Yeah! Chris Returns???


Yippee! And all we need now is Compukid, Herbie and a NL MSDOS!

Which will NEVER happen!

*Bobo245*Subj: Re:Duh......
Date: 96-03-15 11:25:43 EDT
From: FireyDeth1

whos NL MSDOS?

FIRE¥Subj: Re:Duh......
Date: 96-03-15 18:01:56 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Compukid's still around, except he apparently doesn't use AOL anymore.
Creator told me his new e-mail is myth@alinc.comSubj: Re:Duh......slimed
Date: 96-03-15 18:08:48 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

I can work on wet for a while becasue of school.Subj: Re:Duh......
Date: 96-03-15 18:56:46 EDT
From: E Creator2

He's NL KSDOS now. His last game sucked though.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Duh......
Date: 96-03-15 20:18:14 EDT
From: FireyDeth1

FIRE¥Subj: Re:Duh......
Date: 96-03-16 16:10:20 EDT
From: E Creator2

KongoSoft, which made the Link's Adventure series, was run by NL MSDOS, now

__ _
| he \ reator Subj: Game Horizons
Date: 96-03-16 16:32:33 EDT
From: E Creator2

Helios will, sometime in the near future, be merging with several other
companies (ZZTurbo/Zpower Productions or whats left of it, ZScope, ZZPheonix
(?), and others) there are a few reasons for this:
1) I'm getting sick of this: Here are the products Helios has released:

Wacky World
MZXtra 1/2/3
Unga Khan 4
THE Robot Collection
Its The End Of The World!

Now, I may be missing some but these are COMPLETE products. For a
twenty-person company we've only made 9 products? And I've made 7 of them!

2) I'm leaving Helios and AOL in a few months when I get a new computer. Its
to expensive for to little of a reward. I'll take Reality Box, which will not
join Game Horizons, with me, in the hopes that it may become an actual

Now, I'll make a deal with you, if you don't want to join Game Horizons then
release a game by the end of March. If I have five games from people other
than me I'll hold off my decicion until I have to leave. Don't complain about
having no time or ideas. If you don't care then just say so. I've had it.

| |
| he \ reator

Founder and President of Helios Entertainment
Since 1993
Founder of Reality BoxSubj: Re:Game Horizons
Date: 96-03-16 18:27:15 EDT
From: FireyDeth1

And thats a bad thing??

FIRE¥Subj: Re:Game Horizons
Date: 96-03-16 19:58:12 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

That really sucks!Subj: Re:Game Horizons
Date: 96-03-17 12:44:10 EDT
From: E Creator2

Depends. Do you like Helios?

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Game Horizons
Date: 96-03-17 13:38:39 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

That post was confuseing. could you repeate that? in english please? :^)Subj:
Re:Game Horizons
Date: 96-03-17 15:07:23 EDT
From: Typo Ink

Whad I tell ya? Helios krumbled! I knew it, I knew, it I knew it!!! Looks
like Yapok won the war! HAHAHHAHAHAHA.Subj: Re:Game Horizons
Date: 96-03-17 15:52:55 EDT
From: E Creator2

Helios did NOT krumble. Yapok, although he's been getting kinda aggressive,
had nothing to do with it. I'm giving it a them a chance. IF they want it.
If not, Helios still exists, its just part of Game Horizons. If they decide
to try and save Helios as we know it then it will stay the same.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Game Horizons
Date: 96-03-17 15:57:11 EDT
From: E Creator2

Make five games by April and Helios will stay. I'm just mad that no one wants
to do anything. I'm sure that there are plenty of games which are almost done
(PDS II, PDS III, Beyond Reality, Boogerboy) that if you just worked for a
while (I've finished games in a day when I just got down to it) they'll be
done. If not, Helios goes to a big conglomerate called Game Horizons.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Game Horizons
Date: 96-03-17 16:07:39 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

What the he|| is Game Horizons anyway?!Subj: Re:Game Horizons
Date: 96-03-17 16:07:57 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

BOOGERBOY?!Subj: I won.
Date: 96-03-17 17:31:52 EDT
From: Yapok Jr

____ __ _ _ ___ _
\ / \ \ _ / / / \ | \ |\
| | \ \/ \/ / | /| | | |\\ | |
| | \ /\ / | \| | | | \\| |
/___\ \_/ \_/ \___ / |_| |_|

Sure Creator. I had nothing to do with the downfall of Helios. Just like
the Germans had nothing to do with the fall of rome. It was an INTERNAL
struggle!!!!!! Well, I'll tell ya something: it was NEITHER of them! I
caused the fall of Rome! Even before I was born, I was out there toppling
empires. No empire is safe from the wrath of

\\// /\ |* () |< | (_) |V ! () |?
|| (_|

the last in a great line of 2 yapoks! *HAHAHA*

Even though I lost the battle, I won the war! I am still working on a game
(my last great creation for MZX), while Helios is quitting! Your labor fail
you eh? No hard feelings.

Slimed was a really good idea. The other Helioser's should finish it.
Laxity should never be a reason to quit. I haven't done much work on BFPP
lately, but I'm not quitting. It'll go down in history as the best
side-scroller for MZX if you manage to finish it. LOL.

MZX-tra was the BEST MZX mag. I'll miss it. There'll be other's (Crono's)
but not with the spiffy C format. *SNIFF*

Now that Helios is without a leader, it's ripe for the taking. I declare
myself leader of Helios until such time as someone else declares otherwise.

| APOK signs off.Subj: Re:Game Horizons
Date: 96-03-17 17:34:22 EDT
From: E Creator2

It is Z/Z Produx (ZZTurbo will not be the leader, don't worry), ZScope,
ZZPheonix, and others. A BIG company. If Helios joins then it will be around
30 members.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Game Horizons
Date: 96-03-17 17:35:36 EDT
From: E Creator2

Despite the name, BOOGERBOY is pretty good. PG-13 though... I'm not sure if
Firey will be able to upload it.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:I won.
Date: 96-03-17 17:38:58 EDT
From: E Creator2

One last surge! Don't let Yapok win! He's turned his back, here comes the
knife. I'm not out of tricks though. There's one really good one I have left.
You'll see. Slimed and MZX-tra will still be going. I'm not going to just
drop it. I've calmed down. VortexMage has one game called Mystical Realms
which is almost done, if not completely done, and several games are almost
done. Do it.

Get Ready,

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:I won.
Date: 96-03-17 21:40:32 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Yapok must be destroyed. I sent my cybernetic droids to find him, but
unfortunately they were made by Microsoft™ and didn't work. Now for Plan B...
Muwahahahahahahaha! (I've been saying that a lot lately.)Subj: Re:i what to
make a slime le
Date: 96-03-17 22:21:06 EDT
From: Mwasson

MAJJSoft: I was using a whole new package that AOL gave me. By the way,
since Bhrsih isn't doing the bear cub level(Thank goodness), can I do
it?Subj: Re:Duh......
Date: 96-03-17 22:27:42 EDT
From: Mwasson

Does anybody have Kholers e-mail address? It would be nice if he came to
the message boards.Subj: Re:Spel
Date: 96-03-17 23:25:18 EDT
From: RobertCane

The Weazle also. Where did he run off to?

_ _______ _ _______ _ ________
/ / ___ \ ___ / / __ _ \ / / __ _ /
/ / /_/_/ / /_/__/ / / / / / / / / /__/_/ /
/ / ___ / ____ / / / / / / / / __ _ \
/ / / / / / /_/__/ / / /__/_/ / / / /__/_/ /
/_/__/ \_\__\ \_\________/ /_/________/Subj: Helios go
Date: 96-03-18 12:30:53 EDT
From: Bobo245


Boo hoo.

Helios is like old Macrosoft. To big for too little output. I admit. Times
are a slowing dowwwwwwnnnnnn and I haven't even touched Kate.
Helios, don't die/join another comp....
Helios, well well well, you just have to work at it!

*sniff* a mourning *Bobo245*Subj: Re:Helios go bye-bye???
Date: 96-03-18 17:56:10 EDT
From: Typo Ink

DO NOT JOIN THE CONGLOMORATE THINGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The entire fun of MZX was
the competing companys! If we all are one, it means no fun! (Rhyme!) Then
again, Typo is growing Rapidly, and mebbe we could, all together, wipe out
this conglothingie and take over Urth!Subj: Re:Duh......
Date: 96-03-18 18:36:56 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

It used to be Kohler218 but I don't know if that still works.Subj:
Date: 96-03-18 18:47:01 EDT
From: E Creator2

Just a few games.. c'mon. Ok, I'll show you how easy it is by finishing PDSE.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: 10:00 Curfew in San Diego
Date: 96-03-18 22:09:23 EDT
From: Yapok Jr

I hate MODs. MODedit is impossible to use and Scream Tracker is buggy. It
won't use more than 15 SAMs, even thought it's capacity is 30. It won't use
order jumps to orders above 9. It erased 4 patterns of music for PICROSS.
Darn. Or else I didn't save. Whatever

Glad to hear that you won't be abandoning ship. I hate winning wars anyway.
WHen there's no empire to topple, a yapok watches doppler radio in order to
bore himself to death. (rhymes, sort of.) What's X-Box gonna be like. ASCII
or VGA? MIDI or MOD? If its the same as MZX with different LANGUAGE, its a
waste of your time. MZX is fine. The language is simple. X-Box will need
to be DIFFERENT to make the cut.

My advice to E Creator. Don't even partially abandon it. You have good
games in the works, good games in the past, and a great mag.

My advice to Helios members: get to work.

My advice to me: Don't get to work.

My advice to my would-be assassins: Cyber-Droids that work can be purchased
from the dying Apple company.Subj: Re:Will MZX Vets Stay?
Date: 96-03-18 23:24:38 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

I think that a lot of people are right. Some of the demos (hopefully my
partial games included) will get done once summer hits. IN an ideal

Spel\/\e/averSubj: Re:Game Horizons
Date: 96-03-18 23:27:45 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

Also, Forest of Elves, if it counts.

Spel\/\/eavreSubj: Re:Game Horizons
Date: 96-03-18 23:31:42 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

I'll work on BR just to try and save Helios. I'm not sure what's happening
but I want Helios to stay Helios, whether it needs to attack and take over
the name of GH or what.

Spel\/\/eavreSubj: Re:Will MZX Vets Stay?
Date: 96-03-19 09:21:02 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

> Spel\/\e/aver
(no relation to Ink)Subj: Re:10:00 Curfew in San Diego
Date: 96-03-19 18:51:08 EDT
From: E Creator2

X-Box (which is iffy right now, you'll see why) will be VGA. It will use MIDI
since I don't feel like paying for Mod code and I have Midi code now.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Will MZX Vets Stay?
Date: 96-03-19 19:47:47 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

>> Spel\/\e/aver

I know. I was typing fast, and I just decided to leave it.

Spel\/\/eavreSubj: Re:I won.
Date: 96-03-19 23:14:37 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

Subj: Re:Helios go bye-bye???
Date: 96-03-19 23:18:21 EDT
From: DOOMer3546


5 games!!!

What about slimed!?!! I made levesl BUT YOU NEVER TOLD ME WHAT WAS WRONG WITH

P.S. Why didnt you kick people out if they didnt make games?

DATE~!Subj: Re:Duh......
Date: 96-03-19 23:19:09 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

Im makeing road trip for ZZT, Dose that count?Subj: Re:Game Horizons
Date: 96-03-19 23:20:33 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

Date: 96-03-19 23:33:53 EDT
From: E Creator2

I've made most of my Slimed levels. Yes, you and Spel and Barney are the only
ones who've sent anything.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Slimed
Date: 96-03-20 15:21:00 EDT
From: TheDianoga

I'm working on Slimed levels. I can mail E the first one now, or send them
all at once. Just tell me to send you it.

-The |>ia/\/()ga
Subj: Re:Helios go bye-bye???
Date: 96-03-20 21:06:25 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

Re:Helios go bye-bye???
Date: 96-03-21 18:39:50 EDT
From: Mwasson

DOOMer, if it's so good, I'll give PDSS(Whatever that stands for) a
try.Subj: Re:Helios go bye-bye???
Date: 96-03-21 18:49:40 EDT
From: E Creator2

Planetary Defense Station Super is a game by me that is in the libraries.
PDSS II is Doomer's game that he's talking about.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Simple MOD question
Date: 96-03-21 20:36:45 EDT
From: Yapok Jr

Could someone E-Mail me and tell me how the hex-format for JUMP TO ORDER
command in MODEDIT works? I need to go above order 9 for picross.


Doomer, please don't shout at me.Subj: Re:Simple MOD question
Date: 96-03-22 18:55:24 EDT
From: E Creator2

Sorry, I don't use Modedit. Its too hard to get it to do what you want.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Slimed
Date: 96-03-22 18:56:23 EDT
From: E Creator2

Send in your levels! Just a reminder from your friendly neighborhood Slimed
compiler/project manager.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Slimed Version 0.3
Date: 96-03-26 18:12:14 EDT
From: E Creator2

Last chance for you to get your levels in to Slimed v0.3 which will be up

__ _
| he Green-Haired \ re atorSubj: Re:Slimed Version 0.3
Date: 96-03-26 19:52:51 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Look, I'm sorry but I just do not have any time left for Slimed. Creator,
I'll send you what I've got and somebody else can take over, or start on
their own.
THESE LEVELS ARE NOW OPEN: Insane, ClassicSubj: Re:Slimed Version 0.3
Date: 96-03-26 21:08:36 EDT
From: TheDianoga

Toxic is now open, too. My friend's was too busy(Big suprise there. :) )

Toxic, Insane, and Classic are open, now.

-The |>ia/\/()gaSubj: Re:Slimed Version 0.3
Date: 96-03-27 15:46:17 EDT
From: TheDianoga

Since nobody has ever wanted to do Toxic, could you replace it with a cave
world(Underground)? I'd do Underground if you replaced Toxic with it.

-The |>ia/\/()gaSubj: Re:Slimed Version 0.3
Date: 96-03-27 17:09:26 EDT
From: Mwasson

I'll do Toxic. All I need is a copy of an Slimed level to fully understand
the engine. Or, I could do it with out the engine and you guys could put it
in.Subj: Re:Slimed Version 0.3
Date: 96-03-27 18:54:00 EDT
From: E Creator2

Just edit Slimed, I'll give you the password.

Classic, and Insane are now open.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Slimed Version 0.3
Date: 96-03-27 18:54:58 EDT
From: E Creator2

I understand. I just want whoever's done ANYTHING to send it in. I can wait
for the levels but if you want other people to see them then send them in
__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Slimed Version 0.3
Date: 96-03-27 18:56:15 EDT
From: E Creator2

I'll replace Classic instead, Dianoga. I thought it was a good idea but
doesn't seem to work. You can do that one.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Helios
Date: 96-03-27 21:34:42 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

I'm announcing that the worldwide web division of MAJJSoft is no longer a
part of Helios (you probably didn't know it ever was a part!). All my
worldwide web pages are now owned and controlled by ScottWeb, which is a
division of MAJJ, of which MAJJSoft is a division of. Here's how it works.
MAJJSoft and ScottWeb are divisions of MAJJ, but MAJJSoft is also a part of

Nobody cared about the preceding message.Subj: Re:Slimed Version 0.3
Date: 96-03-28 15:28:20 EDT
From: TheDianoga

Since somebody wants to do Toxic, could you just add in an Underground world
for me to do?

-The |>ia/\/()gaSubj: Re:Slimed Version 0.3
Date: 96-03-28 15:29:32 EDT
From: TheDianoga

Sorry about the message before this. I hadn't read E's post about Classic. :)

-The |>ia/\/()gaSubj: Bored.
Date: 96-03-28 17:41:25 EDT
From: Bobo245

These days are rough on us programmers.

Let's face it, we have BETTER things to do than sit in front of a screen and
program all day long (well maybe if you have no LIFE!). Everyone should just
chill out for a couple of weeks and let us do what we want. Actually ALL of
us don't live off of programming so what's the hype?


*Bobo245*Subj: Re:Helios
Date: 96-03-28 18:47:21 EDT
From: E Creator2

What? English? Espanol? Igpay Atinlay? I think I get it...

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Bored.
Date: 96-03-28 18:48:09 EDT
From: E Creator2

Yeah. If I get enough time to sit around programming then I get work done but
if not...

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Slimed Status Report
Date: 96-03-29 15:25:32 EDT
From: TheDianoga

Here's a list of the Slimed levels and the people who are currently doing

Icy | E Creator 2 | Levels 1,2, and 3 are done
Toxic | Mwasson | None so far.
Sandy | Barney & Spel| Part of 1, all of 2.
Wet | DOOMer | Level 1 is done.
Dead | E Creator 2 | No levels done that I know of.
Molten | The Dianoga | 1 is done, 2 is almost finished.
Undergound| The Dianoga | None done yet.
Insane | Nobody | None done yet.
Wired | Billcool13 | None done yet.
Vertigo | ZPower1 | ???????

- The |>ia/\/()gaSubj: Re:Slimed Status Report
Date: 96-03-29 17:53:04 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

That's not totally accurate. I already made Insane Level 1. If anybody else
is going to work on Insane and they want what I made so far, that's
fine.Subj: Re:Slimed Status Report
Date: 96-03-29 17:53:21 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Oh yeah, and you forgot Verbose.Subj: Re:Slimed Status Report
Date: 96-03-29 18:54:51 EDT
From: E Creator2


__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Slimed Status Report
Date: 96-03-29 21:33:33 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Ooh, sorry.
My lips are sealed man.

MUWAHAHAHA!.Subj: Re:Slimed Status Report
Date: 96-03-30 00:09:05 EDT
From: ZPower1

The first level plans for Vertigo are ready but I am having a hard time
working out the size of the mountain! Anyways I have been working full force
on Wandering Warrior Part1 It should be online in about a month or two.
(including the time it takes to be reviewed)

-ZPower1Subj: Game Horizions
Date: 96-03-30 00:18:25 EDT
From: ZPower1

Um excuse me but what is this talk about the merger of Game Horiozions with
Helios. The contract I presented to E said that it was an ASSOCIATION NOT A
MERGER!!!!! Each side would have at use the other sides resources! Further
more I think that Helios and Game Horizions are lacking off! Game Horizions
(Old Z/Z Prod) used to have an average of 2-3 games out per month now we have
slowed down to almost 1 per 2 months! I think that if we all pool toghether
we can start getting out more games! Since I know most of us have 1-2 weeks
of vacation starting this today (Friday,March,29,1996) or sometime next week
I think we should start trying to push out more games. Don't get me wrong
speed has NO comparision to quality but we have to try to work a bit harder.
I also know that I haven't been programing much either but I am trying to
speed up. Okay now if this sounds like a stupid pep talk and you don't really
care ignore this message and think nothing of it,I am sorry for wasting your
time. BUT if you think I am right at least try to program some more.

Yours in Programming,
ZPower1Subj: Visual Basics 4.0 for Win95
Date: 96-03-30 00:19:55 EDT
From: ZPower1

I just got Visual Basics for Win95 and I would like to know if anyone knows
of any good books for VB 4.0 for Win95.

-ZPower1Subj: Re:Slimed Status Report
Date: 96-03-30 10:22:16 EDT
From: TheDianoga

I KNOW I forgot Verbose, MAJJ! That was so people who aren't working Slimed
don't know about it! It's supposed to be SECRET!!!!!!!!!

-The |>ia/\/()gaSubj: Re:Visual Basics 4.0 for Win
Date: 96-03-30 10:24:01 EDT
From: TheDianoga

I got VB 4.0, too. The best book I've found is called "The Black Art of VB
Game Programming".

-The |>ia/\/()gaSubj: Re:Game Horizions
Date: 96-03-30 16:01:20 EDT
From: E Creator2

All I know is that ZZTurbo said that Helios, Z/Z Prod. and others are merging
to become Game Horzions. I may not have recieved an E-Mail from you for some
reason. Anyway, Helios will be part of Game Horizons now that ZPower
explained it. We are still Helios but GH will help us.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Slimed Status Report
Date: 96-03-30 16:02:03 EDT
From: E Creator2

I will finish Insane.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Project Coordinator
Date: 96-03-30 16:03:29 EDT
From: E Creator2

I will be leaving AOL soon so in order to make sure that you keep working on
Slimed :) I will need someone to be Project Coordinator. E-Mail me please.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Slimed Status Report
Date: 96-03-30 18:22:10 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Oh sure, just spoil it!Subj: Re:Slimed Status Report
Date: 96-03-31 17:29:11 EDT
From: E Creator2

I'll try to keep it faithful to your insanity. Of course, if YOU wanted to
finish it...

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Slimed Status Report
Date: 96-04-01 11:02:05 EDT
From: ZPower1

E,if you have any problems with Isane I will gladly take over it! I was goig
to ask for Insane but MAJJ beat me to it!


P.S. Who is that coordinator going to be and are you leaving online forever
or just getting a new service?Subj: Re:Slimed Status Report
Date: 96-04-01 13:56:48 EDT
From: TheDianoga

I MIGHT be able to be the new cooordinator.

-The |>ia/\/()gaSubj: Re:Visual Basics 4.0 for Win
Date: 96-04-01 14:19:07 EDT
From: XDarkCoIin

I have VBpro 4.0...and I'm pretty good at it..so ask me if you need help with

P.S. VB is no good creating ZZT/MZX programming games...

~The dark one~Subj: Re:Visual Basics 4.0 for Win
Date: 96-04-01 18:00:36 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

>>Vb is no good creating ZZT/MZX programming games...<<

Well, gee, I thought that you had to use ZZT or MZX to make ZZT/MZX
games!Subj: Re:Visual Basics 4.0 for Win
Date: 96-04-01 18:50:38 EDT
From: E Creator2

Style games he means (right?). VB is too slow. You need C++ or some language
like that.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Slimed Status Report
Date: 96-04-01 18:54:14 EDT
From: E Creator2

ZPower, Sure finish Insane.

TheDianoga and whoever else, coordinator isn't something you can quit at, you
can't decide you don't have time for it anymore, I've got other things going
on with Slimed right now which I'll tell you guys at the right time.

Everyone, I'm not leaving permanantly just getting something cheaper. I know
that I can still E-Mail and stuff but it isn't the same. Also, I'll try to
set up a Megazeux Newsgroup for all the MZX'ers out in cyberspace.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Duhhhhhhh.......
Date: 96-04-01 19:28:07 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

If you don't know by now,a new company-OMEGA PRODUCTIONS-has been created.If
you have anything to say/want to know something/join,E-mail me or post a
message.If you want to test-critisize-suggest ideas about the game,E-mail
me.Our first game is in the making,it will be released in the next few
weeks.Subj: Re:Slimed 0.3
Date: 96-04-02 18:37:05 EDT
From: TheDianoga

When is Slimed 0.3 coing out?

-The |>ia/\/()gaSubj: Re:Slimed 0.3
Date: 96-04-02 18:49:50 EDT
From: E Creator2

Oops. Forgot to upload it. Look for it tommorow as I will upload it later

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Slimed 0.3
Date: 96-04-02 18:51:12 EDT
From: Barney9651

I think the coordinator should have some qualifications, some of which would
be ::ahem:: have at least ONE Slimed sub level (board) done, (maybe) be a
member of Helios, have made an actual game b4, etc. Not my decision, just a
suggestion (as always ;))

ßarney9651Subj: Slimed .3
Date: 96-04-03 10:22:29 EDT
From: MegaCow278

Hey Creator, whats up with Slimed?Subj: Re:Slimed Status Report
Date: 96-04-03 16:24:15 EDT
From: ZPower1

You could always use GJansons E-Mail connection if you don't want to stay out
of touch!


P.S. Just for the record I can be extremely concieted and glory hogish at
times so I will say
<> I was the first one in this message board to put that idea into
use! I have connected everyone in GH (old ZZ Produx) using an E-Mail message
board. I have had it running since last winter!


I can also be really childish so

Date: 96-04-03 18:50:21 EDT
From: E Creator2

I had to fix some stuff. I got to ze-zip it. I'll try to have it up tonight
but no guarantees since I got a counselor appointment at my school. (I don't
like my counselor. He scares me.) : )

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Megazux/ZZT ConnectionPage
Date: 96-04-03 18:58:17 EDT
From: E Creator2

I'll try to make a WWW site when I leave so you can check out the newest
stuff I've seen. No name yet and I've just started on it. Should be pretty
cool though.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Slimed Version 0.3
Date: 96-04-04 18:52:03 EDT
From: E Creator2

Slimed 0.3 is up on my FTP site right now. Same password.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Anything open?
Date: 96-04-05 18:42:29 EDT
From: Comthought

I want to do a SLIMED! level, but I need to know what's not been done! Could
someone tell me?
-Stephen \/\/. (Comthought)Subj: Re:Anything open?
Date: 96-04-05 18:51:09 EDT
From: E Creator2

After some thought I've decided that you can do Wired. BillCool (or whatever
he is now) hasn't reponded for a while. Anyways, registration (yes, it will
be shareware) for Slimed will be $7.00 mostly so I can buy disks to send it
on. There will be at least two bonus packs which will be available only to
registered users and a Slimed development kit to make your own add-on levels.
Maybe more. I'm still thinking about how I'll split up the money but I doubt
there will be much to split up.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Opinions
Date: 96-04-05 18:56:30 EDT
From: E Creator2

Please tell me your opinions on the following projects:

Bright Blue - Multiplayer Internet game which is based on FF3 and Wierdness
(kinda. only in the fact that you are a kid in modern times)

Fallen GODS - Based on PDS, a DOOM style game. You explore a huge ship to try
to stop it from destroying earth.

TerraForm : The Hydrolife Project - SimCity on Mars. Build and maintain a
Martian colony for Hydrolife inc.

The Myths of Lasting (formerly Secret of Everwater) - FF3 style game.

All of these will most likely be for Win 95 and none will be Helios. I just
want to know which you think would be the most successful. They will be my
solo project during the summer.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Nirvana
Date: 96-04-05 20:19:33 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

let's take this time to grieve the death of one of the best rock artists,Kurt
CobainSubj: Re:Opinions
Date: 96-04-05 21:10:02 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Bright Blue: Sounds great!
Fallen gods: Eh, a bit overused concept, but might be cool.
TerraForm: Don't they already have a game like that called Outpost? Still
sounds cool.
Myths of Lasting: That sounds pretty cool too.
Subj: Re:Opinions
Date: 96-04-05 23:20:39 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

I agree with MAJJ.

Spel\/\/eavreSubj: Re:Opinions
Date: 96-04-05 23:32:59 EDT
From: CLAbles

Myths of Lasting: Sounds like a winner to me!

Christopher :^)Subj: Bright Blue
Date: 96-04-06 13:47:21 EDT
From: E Creator2

I think I like Bright Blue the best, if only because its an idea that hasn't
been done. (No, it hasn't. Its kind of Wierd though) Hey, how about a 3D
view? Kind of like Alone in the Dark with the camera angles. Also, you could
build your own avatar and house and stuff. Like a MOO. This is what I'm
thinking. I got some .PCX's of the characters but I'm gonna try to make a 3D

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Nirvana
Date: 96-04-08 16:46:53 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

He may have been one of the bes trock artists, but what kind of moron blows
his own brains out?

What has more brains than Kurt Cobain?

His wall :)Subj: Re:Nirvana
Date: 96-04-08 21:14:58 EDT
From: Bobo245

Nirvana SUCKS EGGS! He was a druggie. That's all there is to it. If you
want to hear some cool stuff listen to TREE or something else.

Foo Fighters SUCK also. Any thing on MTV sucks (exept Aeon Flux and Beavis
and Butthead)

Watch RAGE or something

I know every thing is not on the subject but I realy DON'T CARE!

*Bobo245*Subj: Re:Nirvana
Date: 96-04-09 08:43:02 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

Well I wouldent go that far, alot of Nirvana songs are cool, besides all
music artist are druggies. All I was saying is that Kurt SUCKS! because he
blew his BRAINS OUT!Subj: Re:Nirvana
Date: 96-04-09 16:25:56 EDT
From: FireyDeth1

What does this have to do with anything? And I think NIRVANA ROCKS!!!!! The
foo fighter are ok justa as long as you dont have to listen to them all the
time, the singer, drummer (Which ever way you look at him) has a bad voice it
sounds like he is always singing with some one else.

¥Subj: Re:Nirvana
Date: 96-04-10 17:11:08 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

Please take these messages to MTV Online or something. Let's talk about
Helios in the Helios folder.


Come on, people!Subj: Looking................
Date: 96-04-10 20:47:20 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

I'm looking for people to join ZED-OMEGA Productions.E-Mail me or post a
message in my message board under General.Subj: Re:Looking................
Date: 96-04-11 17:59:09 EDT
From: FireyDeth1

look a nother company lets laugh at him because he put a message in a nother
companys folder!!!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha (why did you go this far down the post all it says is:

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. (now i'm laughing at you because you went this far
down)Subj: Slimed : The Escape
Date: 96-04-13 12:42:22 EDT
From: E Creator2

Slimed: The Escape is a puzzle game based on Slimed that I will be working on
after I leave AOL. If you've ever played Kirby's Dream Course for SNES or TIM
then imagine a comination of those with slimed. Trust me, its wierd. More
info to come.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Helios Internet
Date: 96-04-13 12:56:44 EDT
From: E Creator2

After some long thought. I have decided not to leave Helios. Instead Helios
is expanding! More internet precence will spread Helios's glow throughout the
world : ). Now, we have a new company which looks like it might give us
competition. Helios Entertainment lives. The Future is NOW!!!

__ _
| he \ reator

This has been a paid political annoucment.

Sorry, I just couldn't help it.Subj: Re:Helios Internet
Date: 96-04-13 13:21:09 EDT
From: ZPower1


That's great! But what are you taking about new company to be competition. I
don't see any company besides Game Horizions (Old Z/Z Prod. for those of you
who are out of touch) and Helios, that could be any competition!


P.S. A five member team has been created in GH to learn C++ and Visual
Basics. As soon as everyone gets more comfortable programming GH will release
some KILLER games.Subj: Re:Helios Internet
Date: 96-04-14 13:16:14 EDT
From: E Creator2

ZZT Omega or something. Anyway, I'm going to try something ambitious, Maybe I
can make a Message Board-like applet for the WWW with Java (really cool and
free!). I'm learning Java and it is like C++ but easier. It is also
object-oriented and quite powerful. Anyone who might want to learn about it
should get a book on it or visit Sun's site. On the Helios WWW page you will
be able to vote for the Helios Mascot (Flik, Slimed, or if your in Helios you
can nominate one of your characters) and a new Helios catchline, as well as
play an arkanoid like Java game called Slimenoid. Really. Trust me, this will
be cool.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Slimed : The Escape
Date: 96-04-14 16:47:52 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

You're still leaving AOL?!?!?!
Don't make me flame you again!

Spel\/\/eavreSubj: Re:Helios Internet
Date: 96-04-14 18:49:44 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Hey, I'm learning Java too! Cool. You were talking about the Helios web site,
where is it?Subj: Whats up
Date: 96-04-14 19:43:09 EDT
From: LarisaLove

I'm wondering what's up with all these new games. I've been off for a while.
(I thrive on free trials.)
None of you know me, but I love most of your games. (Even you Bobo) I
realized how bad I suck at making MZX games, so update me with info, 'kay?
-Larisa Love (I DON'T like my Screen name anymore.)
Subj: :tcejbuS retnE
Date: 96-04-14 20:23:39 EDT
From: Typo Ink

Lapti Nek! Hmm. That reminds me. I am now adding another game to my list.
Star Wars Trilogy.
Nobody has made ESB or ROTJ so, I will! My current games are like this.

Slap! (Unfinished, will work on if I get some support, it's an outdated

Jamie Goes to College (Don't ask, It's a B-Day present for my big sis)

Star Wars: The Uprising (Read above! It'll be awesome, since I know A LOT
about SW)

The Beatles MZX (I need further contact from JDewbre before I start)

XA Training Kit (A kit for my Red Baron club, won't be publicly released)

Plugged (Just a concept, I won't probably do it myself)

Unplugged (Plugged's sequel, you have to TAKE APART the machines you make in

War (Losing hope. Everybody is leaving AOL.)

Oh Vell. Typo.
Subj: Re:Whats up
Date: 96-04-14 22:15:27 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

You know, you can get most of these peoples' games (mine included :) from the
AOL FTP. Just go to Keyword:FTP, click "Go to FTP," click "Other Site," and


in the text box, where "screenname" is the person's screen name, all in
lowercase (correct me if this isn't necessary). Press Enter, and voila! All
of the kewl stuff the person has up.

Spel\/\/eavreSubj: Strange idea
Date: 96-04-14 22:31:55 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

I don't know what this has to do with anything, but due to the large number
of newbie (hahahahah! I'm not afraid to be politically incorrect!) ZZT & MZX
"programmers" (and I use the term loosely), I came up with an odd
half-solution. How about (and this would be a job for someone with a fast
modem), each time a newbie programmer comes into the message boards, etc.
area, asking for how to make an Object say something or something else as
ridiculous, someone should send these things to them via email:

For new ZZTers:
*Code Red
*Sivion Gold
*It's the End of the World!

And for new MZXers:
*Weirdness Chapter 1

(I can't think of much else that's finished and good enough. If anyone can
point me in the right direction, or at least hit me over the head with an
e-mail to jog my memory, I'd appreciate it.)

For either:
*M.Z.X-tra 1-3

I know there's not much in the MZX and "Either" departments, but so far this
is just an insane idea. Don't take me -too- seriously. If not sending the
actual games, at least one could state where to find the games on the above

Comments or suggestions?

/ |\ |-- |
\ |/ |- |
/ | |-- |_ \\/\//eavreSubj: Re:Strange idea
Date: 96-04-15 12:36:20 EDT
From: Bobo245

Hey Slap is a Skateboarding mag (as is Big Brother and a bunch of other under
ground dirks)

By the way... In my never ending conquest to get my dad to pay me $20 per
HOUR for programming in Lingo (Macromedia's Director for those out of touch)
Bent Fork software is also expanding. I am taking a college course to expand
my little knowledge of C++ and I might be leaving the ZZT/MZX world
permenetly. I will still stay in touch though, 'cause most of the oldies are
moving on too. I could be leaving AOL and going to something like TIAC (web

How the world changes....

*Bobo245*Subj: Re:Strange idea
Date: 96-04-15 15:06:03 EDT
From: FireyDeth1

You know, this newbie bis might be a good thing...You know, like zzt isn't
dead but living on to those less able...

¥Subj: Re:Strange idea
Date: 96-04-15 16:57:18 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

Oh yes, and CotA too!

Spel\/\/eavreSubj: Re:Strange idea
Date: 96-04-15 17:00:28 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

The truly good MZX programmers are a dying breed. If Bobo, E Creator, and
everyone else leaves, who's left?

How depressing.
And I thought that v2.xx of MZX would revitalize it.

Spel\/\/eavreSubj: Re:Strange idea
Date: 96-04-15 17:04:41 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

I'm left. Now THERE's a scary thought.

(I'm not afraid to take a potshot at myself.)Subj: Re:Strange idea
Date: 96-04-15 17:50:34 EDT
From: Yapok Jr

I'll be th'ere f'or y'a 'pa'l. (The apostrophes signify quaint country

There is a next to nil chance that I will go offline in the near- to mid
future. So I'll stick around! HAHA! What th'. I'm getting done with Bee
Fly Ptarmigan's Picross: The novel. I'm a good writer, if you wanna know.
Anyway, as some completely unjustified hype, you can E-Mail me, and I won't
send it to you! HAHA!

Don't give up on The Play By E-Mail thing, Typo! It looks like your best

/B /Y /E
_______ Subj: Re:Slimed : The Escape
Date: 96-04-15 17:51:21 EDT
From: E Creator2

Here's the deal, I get a new computer (P5 150, 24 meg RAM, 2 gig HD, 6x
CD-ROM) if I leave AOL. Anyway, Java is quite powerful and maybe I can make a
program which mimics the message boards. Anyway, the Web site isn't up yet as
I'm still working on graphics. I made a new logo.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Strange idea
Date: 96-04-15 17:54:40 EDT
From: E Creator2

Here's all the sites so you can send them, just cut and paste:

*Code Red - user:/SVZZT
*Coolness - user :/SVZZT
*Sivion Gold - ZZT Adventure Library
*It's the End of the World! - user:/ECreator2
*Super-Tool-Kit - user:/SVZZT (I think)
*Weirdness Chapter 1 - user:/SVWierd (I think)
*M.Z.X-tra 1-3 - user:/ECreator2

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| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Strange idea
Date: 96-04-15 17:56:18 EDT
From: E Creator2

AOL killed ZZT/MZX just as Prodigy did a while ago. My goal is to bring
ZZT/MZX to the Internet and allow anyone to use it, and get more new users.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Strange idea
Date: 96-04-15 19:17:17 EDT
From: RobertCane

Hmm.... Well, I dont plan on leaving AOL in the near future. (If that's of
any comfort) But the only (major) reason for this is the MZX correspondence.
All you people who are leaving, I will upload your games to AOL once they're
done... Why am I posting in the Helios folder? Good Question.

Where the bloody loogie is Weaz? I might be forced to do Shadowbane alone if
he doesn't show soon.... And for all you curious people I'm working on the
battle engine... Havent done much in a while... Ah Vell.

I just had to get that out of the way.


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/ / ___ \ ___ / / __ _ \ / / __ _ /
/ / /_/_/ / /_/__/ / / / / / / / / /__/_/ /
/ / ___ / ____ / / / / / / / / __ _ \
/ / / / / / /_/__/ / / /__/_/ / / / /__/_/ /
/_/__/ \_\__\ \_\________/ /_/________/

/ 0 /
| __/ <-------- ?????????? What the #%^&* is this?
| \

t4w n658g


bm35=9-43mSubj: Re:Strange idea (to EC2)
Date: 96-04-15 22:14:11 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

Killed it? You mean with the newbie influx, etc? Or the upload time? Or all
of the left?

Spel\/\/eavreSubj: Re:Strange idea
Date: 96-04-16 12:20:37 EDT
From: Bobo245

If I was offered that Computer..... I'D LEAVE!!!!!!!!

Most definatly.

*Bobo245*Subj: Re:Slimed : The Escape
Date: 96-04-16 17:05:26 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Java kicks @$$!

BTW, for all of you who have Win95 and Netscape 2.0, check out my MegaZeux
web page http://www.goldinc.com/~shammack/mzx/ an you'll get a simple Java
pop-up window thing at the beginning of the page. I know it's not fancy but
it's a neat trick.Subj: Re:Strange idea (to Spel)
Date: 96-04-16 17:55:18 EDT
From: E Creator2

Yes. Don't forget the $3.00 and hour charge. Prodigy had free message boards
and then it started charging. It lost many people and it was left in the
state it is today.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Strange idea (to Spel)
Date: 96-04-16 21:33:12 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

D'oh!! I can't get my multiline class Java program to work! Arrrgh!Subj:
Re:Strange idea (to Spel)
Date: 96-04-17 08:06:13 EDT
From: Bobo245



*Bobo245*Subj: Re:Strange idea (to Spel???)
Date: 96-04-17 17:25:19 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

Why are you addressing this to me?

This is supreme proof that people just respond without even looking at the
subject bar!

Spel\/\/eavreSubj: Re:Looking....
Date: 96-04-18 15:49:56 EDT
From: Comthought

Look, Firey, that's a good company. So, shut up.
-ComthoughtSubj: Welcome
Date: 96-04-18 17:50:27 EDT
From: E Creator2

Please welcome gpaulson@cbvcp.com,and Mono 11 (or 10, I can't remember) to
Helios, there is another one too but as I am ashamed to say, I have forgotten
his screen name.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:Welcome
Date: 96-04-18 20:17:18 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

Don't worry Creator,I'll catch up sometime. Subj: Re:Welcome
Date: 96-04-18 21:42:52 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

Hee hee hee... You may notice I've been doing some recruiting...

Spel\/\/eavreSubj: Re:Welcome
Date: 96-04-19 17:44:38 EDT
From: E Creator2

Bravo Spel.

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| he\ reatorSubj: Game Horizions
Date: 96-04-22 16:59:13 EDT
From: ZPower1

Check out the new Game Horizions folder in general. It has something that
MIGHT (Probably WILL) shock you. Just check it out. Expect more about the
"TOPIC" soon.

A little bit mysterious,
-ZPower1Subj: Re:Game Horizions
Date: 96-04-22 22:15:25 EDT
From: Alank8456

dang... my Co. needs a new folder..................


(please will someone help me NOT want to commit suicide!!??)Subj: I'm
Date: 96-04-26 22:47:41 EDT
From: E Creator2

Hey there, thought I left ya? Well, I have to quit AOL soon but for now...
anyway, lets get Slimed back on track and finish it ok? good.

| he \ reatorSubj: New member
Date: 96-04-26 23:53:53 EDT
From: Mono 10

I am a new member of Helios, and I would appreciate it if someone could
update me on the current events of the company. Are you working on any new
games? Thanks,
Date: 96-04-27 09:19:11 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

I cant work on more slimed for now. sorry I have to finish term papers (dum
Dum DUUUUMM). When I finish the term papers (dum Dum DUUUUMM) I will get back
to work.

term papers (dum Dum DUUUUMM)


term papers (dum Dum DUUUUMM)

ill have to try that.Subj: A New user Manual
Date: 96-04-28 18:00:40 EDT
From: Mono 10

Is anyone interested in creating a "New User Maunual" for new ZZT players? I
noticed that there are a lot of sorry games out there, and I think ZZT turns
people off when they don't know what to do. Also, A MZX manual would be good,
but I am just learning, so if someone else wants to take on that task, it
would be greatSubj: Re:New member
Date: 96-04-28 18:40:30 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

The answer to "Where can I get new games?" is almost always "At the
programmer's FTP site."

Spel\/\/eavreSubj: Re:A New user Manual
Date: 96-04-29 17:47:17 EDT
From: E Creator2

I made a Newbie's Guide in MZXtra 3.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Helios on the Web - SunStar
Date: 96-04-29 17:49:49 EDT
From: E Creator2

Please E-Mail me at thecreator@pipeline.com. There is no guarantee I'll reply
if you send it to this one. Also, I'm working on CoffeeHouse, a AOL-Message
Board-like Java program for SunStar, the Helios Web page. It looks really
cool so far. Until I get it up, however, please E-Mail me with your preferred
E-Mail address so I can add you to a mailing list.

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: XBOX
Date: 96-05-01 09:42:12 EDT
From: Mono 10

I was reading some postings from earlier in the year, and I am trying to find
out what ever happened to XBOX? Can someone tell me? Also, I'm creating a web
page for ZZT that will provide links to most other ZZT sites out there. If
you have a ZZT WWW site, send me the URL and I will include it on my
page.Subj: Re:XBOX
Date: 96-05-01 15:24:02 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Eh, I have a MZX web site, does that count? It's at
http://www.goldinc.com/~shammack/mzx/ and Steve Wooster said it was the best
MegaZeux-only page! Wow!Subj: Re:Your web site (to Majj)
Date: 96-05-02 01:31:07 EDT
From: Mono 10

Umm... mzx sites wont be posted on these web pages, but I'm hoping to
eventually create a identical site for megazeux pages. Just not yet. Thanks
for replying, though.

Chr$(2)Subj: Goodbye AOl
Date: 96-05-03 20:46:37 EDT
From: Nzenik

You''l never see me agian! Be happy and rejoice!
/\/ \/\
so fast youll fall out of caps!Subj: Age
Date: 96-05-05 03:39:20 EDT
From: Mono 10

Is it just me, or is everyone using ZZT under 13 years old? I'm beginning to
feel like an old fart, and I'm only 16!Subj: Anyone want to make a game?
Date: 96-05-05 03:42:08 EDT
From: Mono 10

Does anyone want to make a game w/ me? I am currently working on a game
called "Alien Takeover", (I have 2 boards completed). If anyone would like to
help please e-mail me. Newbies need not bother.
-"Mono" (mono
10)Subj: Re:Anyone want to make a gam
Date: 96-05-05 11:15:02 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

I might, but I have to finish slimed.Subj: Re:Anyone want to make a gam
Date: 96-05-05 14:39:42 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Alien Takeover, eh? Gee, that title sounds remarkably like the title of Eddie
Works Software's game, Alien Takeover! E-mail MarioMania and ask about Alien
Takeover.Subj: Re:Age
Date: 96-05-05 14:41:17 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

By the way, we already established in some other board that AGE DOESN'T
MATTER! You can be 29 years old and make worse games than a 12-year-old.
(That has happened.)Subj: Re:Age
Date: 96-05-05 16:34:05 EDT
From: CLAbles

that you'll like it, though...


Maybe not....

Isn't this boring?

Yes, it is.

You can stop anytime now...


GO AWAY!!!!!



STOP THIS MESSAGE!!!!! HA HA HA HA!!!!!!Subj: re: Age
Date: 96-05-05 17:30:19 EDT
From: E Creator2

Most people are 13-16, I think two under 13. I turn 16 next month. Oh yeah, I
have a press release in Word 6.0 format. I'll send it over the Megazeux ML
but if you don't get it then E-mail my other account thecreator@pipeline.com

__ _
| he \ reator Subj: Re:re: Age
Date: 96-05-05 19:18:56 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

Actually most people are 11-16.Subj: Re:Anyone want to make a gam
Date: 96-05-06 14:27:35 EDT
From: Mono 10

If Alien Takeover is Already a game, I have no problem changing the
name.Subj: OK....Ive changed the name
Date: 96-05-06 15:31:03 EDT
From: Mono 10

My game, Alien Takeover is now called "Aliens". Anyone want to help?Subj:
Re:OK....Ive changed the nam
Date: 96-05-06 15:48:09 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

BAD IDEA! That was a great movie, you dont want people to make a mistake
between the two, try "Alien Apocolyps" (spelling?)Subj: Re:OK....Ive changed
the nam
Date: 96-05-06 16:38:33 EDT
From: Bobo245


Very keen movie at that. Based my whole game on it.

I figure that if you had a parallel universe hyper jump station, you could
enter your games. parallel universes go on for EVER.

More tommorow kiddies!

Bobo245Subj: Re:OK....Ive changed the nam
Date: 96-05-06 18:04:19 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

How bout-

Attack of the super ultra killer psycho alien freakazoids from Mars

Sound good? It's gotta nice ring to it!

ZZTO/\/\EG/-\ Subj: Re:OK....Ive changed the nam
Date: 96-05-06 20:52:37 EDT
From: FireyDeth1

Mabey you should call it BOOGER BOY...no wait I'm making that sorry


(sorry spel I had to do it)Subj: Re:OK....Ive changed the nam
Date: 96-05-06 21:40:46 EDT
From: Mono 10

ZZTOmega writes:

Yeah! And there's no chance of anyone thinking I am stealing someone else's
=) "MONO"

Subj: gobbly gick!
Date: 96-05-07 17:16:55 EDT
From: Bobo245


I am BOREd. I am going out side with my new gaming system called "Actual
Reality" Feel like you are moving, because you actually are! Feel the
skateboard move under your feet as you fall off a kickflip, because you have
actually fallen. I will make MILLIONS!

Ha Ha ha!

Subj: Re:gobbly gick!
Date: 96-05-07 18:49:02 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

Feels like you watch Nickalodeon cause that's where you got it from!Subj:
Re:OK....Ive changed the nam
Date: 96-05-07 21:10:40 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

How about "Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters from a Planet Near Mars?" No,
wait. That's a song.Subj: Goodbye.
Date: 96-05-08 10:17:23 EDT
From: E Creator2

Goodbye. Remember, E-Mail me at thecreator@pipeline.com

__ _
| he \ reatorSubj: Re:gobbly gick!
Date: 96-05-08 18:39:54 EDT
From: Barney9651

What's brown and sounds like a bell?


ha ha. I know you're all laughing on the inside.

Subj: Re:gobbly gick!
Date: 96-05-08 22:36:53 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

You suck BarneySubj: Re:gobbly gick!
Date: 96-05-09 11:36:01 EDT
From: CLAbles

Tell me, Barney, how does one person go about being so uncouth?Subj:
Re:gobbly gick!
Date: 96-05-11 11:11:52 EDT
From: Barney9651

Ok, CLAbles, ZZTOmega, read back a few messages, to Bobo245's. Mine was
merely a response to his outburst at the beginning of the post. Quote:
"BEETLE DUNG BEETLE DUNG!!!" And it was supposed to be a corny stupid joke.
My "ha ha., etc." was sarcasm. Because I knew it was stupid. Duh.


Subj: From the Creator...
Date: 96-05-12 10:20:47 EDT
From: RobertCane

Well, Here's the latest from E....
I am working on Sunstar
(http://pwp.usa.pipeline.com/~thecreator/sunsta~1.htm) and I want to create
personal profiles of you. Can you send me the following info:

City or State (General Region that you live in)
Games Finished:
Short History of your ZZT/MZX experience:
A picture of you or a picture that you just like. Thanks.

I have only 500k so I need to turn my Vault into a virtual library. Send me
the URL (ex. ftp://users.aol.com/ECreator2/MZXtra3.zip) of the file you
want in the vault and a short description of it.

Tell me your links! I am trying to create a large link library.

Right now I have only three pages up so its not worth looking at but I'm
getting more up quickly.

- - -

| he \ reator

_ _______ _ _______ _ ________
/ / ___ \ ___ / / __ _ \ / / __ _ /
/ / /_/_/ / /_/__/ / / / / / / / / /__/_/ /
/ / ___ / ____ / / / / / / / / __ _ \
/ / / / / / /_/__/ / / /__/_/ / / / /__/_/ /
/_/__/ \_\__\ \_\________/ /_/________/Subj: Re:gobbly gick!
Date: 96-05-12 10:21:34 EDT
From: RobertCane

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! You said uncouth!!!!

_ _______ _ _______ _ ________
/ / ___ \ ___ / / __ _ \ / / __ _ /
/ / /_/_/ / /_/__/ / / / / / / / / /__/_/ /
/ / ___ / ____ / / / / / / / / __ _ \
/ / / / / / /_/__/ / / /__/_/ / / / /__/_/ /
/_/__/ \_\__\ \_\________/ /_/________/Subj: web site.
Date: 96-05-13 03:21:11 EDT
From: Mono 10

I have decided to label myself as a "freelance programmer". Any company that
wants my help may ask for it. However I am still a member of Helios. (I just
wanna get things done!)

Oh by the way! Heres the URL to my web site:
http://users.aol.com/mono10/html/monozzt.htmlSubj: Slimed
Date: 96-05-15 14:32:38 EDT
From: Rhyder X

Can someone tell me the newest version of Slimed, or maybe send it to me
via e-mail? I have version 0.3....Think Helios is doing a great job so far
:-) Also...will it have MODS when it's done? By the way...Isn't "The Future
is Now" SNK's slogan? Oh well...I'm sure they don't make MZX games
anyway...so...Subj: Re:Slimed
Date: 96-05-15 15:37:44 EDT
From: DOOMer3546

I CANT DO SLIMED! IT GOT ERASED! Its all gone! bye bye now...Subj: Re:Slimed
Date: 96-05-15 17:29:08 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

"The Future Is Now" is a whole lot of companies' slogan.Subj: Re:Slimed
Date: 96-05-15 18:33:23 EDT
From: CLAbles

Thats why I made a backup copy of Oh, Gee. I didn't want to lose it again.

Subj: Re:Slimed
Date: 96-05-16 21:12:29 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

<< "The Future Is Now" is a whole lot of companies' slogan. >>

Actually, I had never seen it before, and I used it in my game "Beyond
Reality 1: The Future Project." Slightly modified, that is (The Future
Project is NOW!). Maybe all of the companies are stealing it from me! :)

Spel\/\/eavreSubj: Gee Hi Crud I hate Poison...
Date: 96-05-18 11:46:32 EDT
From: Quack6754

OVER MY FACE AND HEAD!! This is stupid. but I HATE poison ivy. I had ta miss
my IQ test because of it!!
Subj: Re:Gee Hi Crud I hate Poison
Date: 96-05-18 12:00:36 EDT
From: FireyDeth1


¥Subj: Re:Gee Hi Crud I hate Poison
Date: 96-05-18 13:17:23 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Oh gee, you had to miss a test? I hate it when that happens!Subj: Re:gobbly
Date: 96-05-18 15:22:08 EDT
From: T0UCAN

Dung, of course. Was that from Monty Python?Subj: Re:gobbly gick!(T0UCAN)
Date: 96-05-18 21:46:53 EDT
From: Barney9651

HA! See, T0UCAN (the only "newbie" - but not any more - to make a real
actual game) gets it! So if you call me uncouth, you call him uncouth.Subj:
Re:gobbly gick!(Barney9651)
Date: 96-05-18 22:26:36 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

I've just about had it with you Barney.You suck @$$. Any person with common
sense and a brain(no,you don't apply Barney)can learn ZZT in less than 3
months enough to make a good game.Subj: Murky Depths of Cribbage
Date: 96-05-19 00:40:19 EDT
From: Yapok Jr

Curse you fetid calligraphy pens (ie; ZZT Omega and the lot)!!! Curse you to
some factory filled with stale bran muffins! A pox on your forebears! May
mildew grow on your toes! May squinnies (a dumb camp nickname for ground
squirrels) perch on your bedposts! AARGH!

Post two message about dung (both responses) and you get bombarded by a bevy
of badgering posts. Get off Barney 9651's case, please! I happened to find
her quoth amusing! And here's one of my own. "And now for the dung." That
was on a show that I saw in the distant past! Now feel free to attack me! I
can handle you! C'mon! I can tear out your throats with my bare teeth!

As for the dinosaur, you can all just shut up about it. The Purple Barney is
a guy in a dumb suit who acts on a little kids' show that teaches love,
learning, and moral values. Sure it's dumb! Sure it's childish! It's
supposed to be! If people want to publish programs online that mock, maim,
or harass Barney, that's none of my business. Personally, I don't mind a
little Barney-mocking, but it can get too far. You have to be a real loser
sicko to think that a screen saver depicting Barney's intestines pouring out
of his bleeding stomach (example) is funny.

I'd like to see kinder behavior towards all Barneys in question.

||apok! WITH FURY!Subj: Re:Murky Depths of Cribbage
Date: 96-05-19 11:36:28 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Yeah Yapok! Stick it to the man!Subj: Re:Murky Depths of Cribbage
Date: 96-05-19 13:11:39 EDT
From: CLAbles

Hey, I have nothing against Barney. (The dino, not the man.) But as for
Barney the man, "Jerk?" Then, no, I do not like him (her? I'm not
sure.)Subj: Re:Murky Depths of Cribbage
Date: 96-05-19 15:23:15 EDT
From: Bobo245

Preach on Brother Yapok!

*Bobo245*Subj: Re:Murky Depths of Cribbage
Date: 96-05-19 16:23:57 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

It's a she? Tell her to get off of the newbies butt.If she never mocked them
in the first place we wouldn't fight with her.Is Barney9651 really a
girl?Subj: Re:Murky Depths of (CLAbles)
Date: 96-05-19 16:49:24 EDT
From: RobertCane

WO-man! This issue has been discussed VERY often.... AND BEEN RESOLVED THREE

Thank you.

_ _______ _ _______ _ ________
/ / ___ \ ___ / / __ _ \ / / __ _ /
/ / /_/_/ / /_/__/ / / / / / / / / /__/_/ /
/ / ___ / ____ / / / / / / / / __ _ \
/ / / / / / /_/__/ / / /__/_/ / / / /__/_/ /
/_/__/ \_\__\ \_\________/ /_/________/ Subj: New Folder
Date: 96-05-19 18:28:19 EDT
From: Mono 10

There is a new ZZT folder in GENERAL. It's called ZZT-IRAN OVERTHEMAILMAN
Preach on Brother Yapok
Date: 96-05-20 16:51:25 EDT
From: Yapok Jr

And now, his holyness, the pointiff of the Southern Chruch,
Pope Yapok XII, will deliver his sermon.

"Bee Fly Ptarmigan hath taught us to love thy brother, thy
sister, and thy wacky neighbor, for It be Parent of us all.
But heed my words, oh brethren: Our brother, the noble manatee,
is unloved. 'So What's up, ma brotha?" thou might ask.
What's up?! Sleazy motorboaters
have turned the peaceful lagoon waters red with the blood of our
friend! Curse them! May squinnies reside on their bedposts!
We must stop them before they slay our peaceful, lovable pal!
Many manatees bear the scars of this torment! There must be
no more scars! We must stop the motorboats! Only inflatable
innertubes may be allowed on the water! We must save the manatee!
Save the manatees! Please save the manatees! Show some compassion!
Send him our love! Love the manatee, care for the manatee, and
save the manitee! Make haste!"

-Pope Yapok XII.
Subj: new games by Matt Williams!
Date: 96-05-21 18:15:06 EDT
From: Spectrum12

Upcoming Games:

Warlord's Temple, an awesome RPG in which you fight the evil
forces of a dark lord. Features better graphics than COOLNESS,
an RPG fighting system, a never before done magic system, and
a ton of surprises and special effects. Look for it within the
next few months. E-Mail dbwilli@scsn.net if you have any
questions, or for more info.

Earthquake in the Underground, a very original adventure game
in which you live in an underground city and an earthquake
occurs! You must escape the rubble covered imprisonment before
it's to late! E-Mail dbwilli@scsn.net if you have any questions
or for more info.

Both of these games are by Matt Williams, made for ZZT.Subj: Re:new games by
Matt William
Date: 96-05-22 17:03:21 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Don't you hate when people post the same thing on every ZZT board?Subj:
Re:new games by Matt William
Date: 96-05-22 18:00:48 EDT
From: Snowm60125

ReallySubj: Re:new games by Matt William
Date: 96-05-22 20:05:46 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

Tell me about itSubj: Re:new games by Matt William
Date: 96-05-22 20:12:01 EDT
From: Barney9651

Funny, when I said that, everybody told me to shut up. Weird(ness) world,
ain't it?

(Can you find the subliminal message in this post? :))Subj: Re:new games by
Matt William
Date: 96-05-22 20:18:43 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Well, I'm just so cool everybody likes me. :^)

Actually everybody hates me. Oh well.Subj: Message from the Creator
Date: 96-05-23 22:32:25 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

Some gobbledygook from the Prez o' Helios!:

I need files for the Sunstar Vault. In order for them to be found using the
Java search program I need you to send me this:
Name: 15 Letters Max
Genre: adv (adventure/rpg), act (action), puz (puzzle), oth (other.
URL: The FULL URL not just the file.
Company: 15 letters Max or None
Author: Again, 15 letters max.
Description: 80 Letters max.

Thanks. I will then put it in the file which the engine I can hopefully get
to work will look in.


| he \ reator

He also says to send him your Slimed levels.
He also says that he is making a short game, Physca, which will be finished
relatively soon.

Hail the words o' the Creator.

Spel\/\/eavreSubj: Re:Message from the Creator
Date: 96-05-24 13:27:38 EDT
From: SpelWeavre

Er, excuse me. His new game is Phsyca, not Physca.

Spel\/\/eavreSubj: Re:Message from the Creator
Date: 96-05-25 09:24:51 EDT
From: Bobo245

I miss E.

It's just not the same without him.. You don't have his little quarks here
and there....

Oh well...

I think I might be leaving AOL to a web service as soon as I get my new
computer... (which will be in a while..)

Kate is going on very slowly... Not enough time to work on the game...


*Bobo245*Subj: re:new games by Matt William
Date: 96-05-25 10:28:02 EDT
From: Spectrum12

Well, excussssseee me! I just wanted to make an announcement, and I made
sure everyone heard about it! When you want people to hear about something,
that's what you do!

-/\/\/\/illiamsSubj: Interview with the vampire
Date: 96-05-25 13:56:35 EDT
From: Mono 10

Check out my web site now! There are more games, & an interview with Matt
the vampir
Date: 96-05-27 18:31:03 EDT
From: Yapok Jr

Why is it that suddenly Matt Williams is a celebrity? I've never heard of
him, or played any of his games. Not intended to be hostile, just wondering.

//Subj: Re:Interview with the vampir
Date: 96-05-27 19:24:17 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

Check out COOLNESS for ZZT(FTP-user:/Spectrum12) You'll change your mind
about himSubj: Re:Interview with the vampir
Date: 96-05-28 10:13:53 EDT
From: Barney9651

Not to start a riot, but Mono has this upcoming "ZZTOmega's Newbie Help" or
whatever, right? Just asking, not to get flamed by billions of newbies,
oldies, dragons, etc, just wondering, how can he give advice to newbies, if
he [technically] still is one? I mean, he hasn't made any games, has he?
Again, just wondering. No offense to Omega. Really. Truly. Really. I
mean it.


Spew.Subj: Re:Interview with the vampir
Date: 96-05-28 16:56:12 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

I played Coolness and --gasp-- DIDN'T LIKE IT!

"I'm an ordinary guy, burning down
the house."
-Talking Heads (see? I
can quote old bands too!)Subj: Re:Interview with the vampir
Date: 96-05-28 16:58:17 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

I don't even like Matt Williams! I'm not a Matt Williams fan! You can't judge
a book by its cover! (What I mean by that is: A game can have awesome
graphics, but if the gameplay sucks, it's not worth a bucket of warm spit.
And vice versa.)

Wow. That was
profound.Subj: Re:Interview with the vampir
Date: 96-05-28 18:29:59 EDT
From: Snowm60125

A lizard with ZZT? What next? A walking, talking, ant?Subj: Re:Interview
with the vampir
Date: 96-05-28 19:35:03 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

My aunt walks and talks.Subj: Re:Interview with the vampir
Date: 96-05-28 20:06:57 EDT
From: Snowm60125

HAHAHAHA(Being sarcastic)Subj: Re:Interview with the vampir
Date: 96-05-28 20:21:10 EDT
From: T0UCAN

If you saw some of his work, I don't think you'd call him a newbie. I'm just
saying that. I'm not being sarcastic, or anything. Trust me, this message is
clean. Heh, heh......
Oh yeah, and I actually take fun out of scrolling down to the bottom of your
messages. Yeah, I know I'm weird.
Date: 96-05-28 22:28:07 EDT
From: Mono 10


/\/\ 0 |\| OSubj: Re:Interview with
the vampir
Date: 96-05-29 15:32:34 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

Is that all you losers can do is make fun of other people and their games?
Let's see one of your games MAJJ, I bet it SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Find something better to do OK? Stop bugging other people because you don't
like their game. If you don't like it then FINE, but don't post a bunch of
messages saying why you hate it. Grow up and get real.

ZZ†Ø/\/\£GÄSubj: Re:Interview with the vampir
Date: 96-05-29 16:46:15 EDT
From: FireyDeth1

Oh DE-YA!!!!!!!!

(don't ask unless you REALY want to know)

¥Subj: Re:Interview with the vampir
Date: 96-05-29 18:13:54 EDT
From: Snowm60125

I REALLY want to knowSubj: Re:Interview with the vampir
Date: 96-05-29 19:49:01 EDT
From: FireyDeth1

Ok, Dee-Ya is what we here in WP say when ever some one gets dissed
(insulted), stuffed in basketball, or just proven wrong. its usualy used to
shuv it it ones face that they were wrong!

¥Subj: Re:Interview with the vampir
Date: 96-05-29 21:07:10 EDT
From: Mono 10

Is that like Boo-ya? That is a stupid G-expression. Are you a -G-?Subj:
Re:Interview with the vampir
Date: 96-05-30 12:19:52 EDT
From: Barney9651

In defense of MAJJ, ZZTOmega, MAJJ has been here waaaaaaaay bleedin' longer
than you have. Respect your elders. He's made TONS of ZZT games. TONS. Try
a file search on MAJJSoft. See how many ZZT games come up. PLUS, MZX wise,
there's Party On, Oozey, King's Castle 1, and a slew of other crud in the
works. I don't see any of your games popping up. Let's take a look at a
contradiction in terms in your last post:

<Let's see one of your games MAJJ, I bet it SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If
you don't like it then FINE, but don't post a bunch of messages saying why
you hate it. Grow up and get real.>>

Hmm... Isn't this somewhat hypocritical? "losers...make fun
of...games....MAJJ, I bet it SUCKS.... Don't post a bunch of messages...why
you hate it." (just highlighting the main points). Grow up and get real,

(Too many people are using strange ANSi char sigs, so I'm switching back to
this one)

P.S. Notice, I made NO slanderous remarks about ANY games by anybody. I did
not insult ZZTOmega. I did not call anyone a newbie. I did not say anything
untruthful. I JUST pointed out the facts and defended MAJJ. You're welcome.

P.P.S. I ain't no G, dawg. :PSubj: Re:Interview with the vampir
Date: 96-05-30 13:24:45 EDT
From: CLAbles

Yea, ZZTOmega, don't jump on them for saying a games bad, and then say that
theirs suck. Also, do try and play sombodys game before you say they suck,
or you'll just look stupid again.Subj: Re:Interview with the vampir
Date: 96-05-30 22:06:20 EDT
From: FireyDeth1

yeah but it's used more often here

' Boy1:"Yer mama wears army boots!!!"
Boy 2:"at least my mama looks good in army boots!!!"
Crowd: "DEE-YA" '

Subj: Vampire in Brooklyn
Date: 96-05-30 23:17:30 EDT
From: Yapok Jr

Just noticing that this line of messages has nothing to do with "Interview
with the Vampire" which I haven't seen. I saw "Vampire in Brooklyn" on TV
once. It was a crappy action movie.

I don't believe in Newbies.

This "Don't bug other people about their games/newbie/crap" discussion is
boring. It's on the mailing list and on most of the boards. I have nothing
enlightening to say on the subject. ZZTOmega isn't a newbie. No-one is a
newbie. They don't exist. Beginners exist. People who haven't published a
game exist. Yellow border programmers exist. BHirsh clones exist. There is
no such thing as a newbie.

Oh, and this "Oh yeah, I bet you my game is better than yours" thing is
stupid. Kinda funny how when someone's games are criticized, they attack the
other person's. I've never played any of ZZTOMEGA's, but I've played of few
of Majjsoft's, which ranged from crumby to above average. My games are NOT
better than yours. Humble me. Gnat. Gnu. Gnarled.

Please refer to my CotA update post on the MZX board. NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Your Mama is so fat, she~~~~~~~~AXOLOTL LOL :|= ######

||Subj: Ha! New subject line! :p
Date: 96-05-31 00:49:37 EDT
From: Barney9651

This thing didn't get through the first time. Don't flame me if this appears

Hm.... hm....


It seems that the Helios board has gone to the icky part of the pickle vat
where the weasels don't go through your nasal orifices since Creator left.
He was sort of the mediator.


A few comments on 'Oh, Gee', since I'm bored. Yes, I actually downloaded and
played it. I won't say anything about the reviews cuz that's your personal
opinion, and you already explained why there were so few.
Pros: A mag with ok reviews, none of their own games
In game games
No yellow borders
No (big) typos
Wise Man section
Cons: Oh, gee, another mag
Needs some S-T-K/blending (ex: Sivion, Coolness, type ansi)
No boards of games reviewed
Give it up with the plants already! At least ZPower/ZZTurbo tried
to spice 'em up by adding liddle messages and #zaps.
What is this fascination with awards of some sort? First,
trophies, now, medals! I mean, medal merit shouldn't be based
solely on the *s it gets, but on the reviewers own
opinion. Plus, the medals look cheesy. Make 'em bigger! Use the blending
techniques from ZZTHelp on 'em.


Lessee... Other games in there....
5 Stupid Dogs. Didn't Lassie02 (the author) use to post in here about how to
find help (press H)? Didn't bother to download. Thought it would suck. NOT
SURE, tho.
Forever: "This game is mostly fighting", aka: LIONS, TIGERS, BEARS,
(::sigh::, I'll have to say it, oh my!) RUFFIANS, built in enemies with
different names.
Mask of Cortez: Sort of like the original good ZZT games. No S-T-K, but
excellent gameplay and puzzles. Annoying register messages. Super locked
(big whoop).
Eileen: Short, but ok. 3 endings. Interesting strategy for gameplay: get
the other people to shoot each other.
Attack of the Killer Shrooms: Lots of fighting in this one. Sort of like
Fred! 2, but with less graphix, storyline. Ok.
Captain N: POINTLESS fighting, w/ minimal plot. Based on Mega Man and the N
Jail: Yellow bordered (I think). Interesting implements of torture.
Mother Assault v2: Excellent game by RoboJim. Really great programming.
How you use your fuel and ammo at the beginning decides if you can make it to
the end.


See, I'm bored 'cuz its summer and I decided to download some ZZT games.
Just giving you guyz a low down on the annoying crud.Subj: Re:Vampire in
Date: 96-05-31 15:33:58 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

YEAH!! Woohoo! You heard it here first, I AIN'T A NEWBIE!!Subj: Re:Ha! New
subject line! :p
Date: 96-05-31 15:57:28 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

v^v^^v^v^v^v^v^v^ I can do it too! And it's about time there's a new
subject. Subj: Re:Ha! New subject line! :p
Date: 96-05-31 17:32:37 EDT
From: Bobo245

Oh POOT to all of you

I am really bored and I feel that Typos (not the person) shouldn't exist...
A good game shouldn't have them... Gosh Charley, we might use something we


I don't have ZZT any more... (zipped up to infinite) but I still have

But, I don't want to work on Kate any more. It's boring me.

Oh well...

Any body ever played Mega-Race???


Jo-Jo the Gecko says Snorff!Subj: About Gee Hi Crud....
Date: 96-06-01 09:11:15 EDT
From: Quack6754

Yah, I missed a test! But at least I got to redo it! But it took the
test-giver until THE LAST DAY
OF SCHOOL to do that. It was an IQ TEST!!! My ego depended on it!!!!!!!!!!
Besides, tat
poison ivy HURT!!!!!! It was ALL OVER!!!!!! DANG!!!! But at least it's gone

Quack6754@aol.comSubj: Re: THE CREATOR
Date: 96-06-01 09:13:32 EDT
From: Quack6754

It's s'posed to be ftp:\\users:/e creator2, but it keeps saying it can't
find it!

Quack6754@aol.comSubj: Re: THE CREATOR
Date: 96-06-01 17:19:10 EDT
From: Mono 10

he's off AOL, so his FTP site should no longer exist.Subj: Hi again..
Date: 96-06-04 16:12:25 EDT
From: TearDragon

Hi everyone, sorry I've been gone so long, Ive had computer problems and a
whole bunch of other stuff I'd rather not talk about, anyways, as I can see
the WWW site is going to continue on without me, i did have quite a bit of
stuff made, *sigh* I've really wanted to put it up but the server i am using
has been down for quite some time while it waits for its ISDN line.

|ear }>ragonSubj: Re:Hi again..
Date: 96-06-04 16:21:06 EDT
From: Mono 10

Is Helios even a company anymore?Subj: Re:Hi again..
Date: 96-06-04 16:56:59 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

> the server i am using has been down for quite some time while it waits for
its ISDN line.

Yeah, I'll say a long time. About two freaking months! My main page was on
the same server, and so was a whole bunch of downloadable stuff for my MZX
page. It bites! BellAtlantic sux!Subj: Re:Hi again..
Date: 96-06-06 14:04:44 EDT
From: ZZT Zed

Sez MAJJSoft:
<< BellAtlantic sux! >>
BellAtlantic? Huh! You obviously haven't heard the horror stories about
getting ISDN down here in Aiken, South Carolina ... now Aiken isn't a small
town, it's a city of pretty respectable size. However, it takes the fools at
BellSouth a freakin' WEEK to see if you're within three miles of the central
office and thus eligible for ISDN! Last year (well, August) the vice
president of the Aiken computer users' group applied for ISDN. Last month,
he finally got it! (That's all I can remember from listening to a
conversation he had between two other people at the users' group meeting last
month - I didn't pay too much attention)


Yellow-bellied sapsucker.Subj: Good News
Date: 96-06-06 15:59:20 EDT
From: TearDragon

Well. good news DragonFire is back up, its on a 14.4 though and its under a
IP address, as soon as I find it out I'll let ya know, Saturday it will be up
and running under www.dragonfire.com and it will be working with the ISDN

|ear }>ragonSubj: Re:Hi again..
Date: 96-06-07 10:17:02 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

BellEverything sux.Subj: Re:THE CREATOR
Date: 96-06-08 08:18:34 EDT
From: Quack6754

What?! Well, where'd he go? I need a copy of M.Z.X-tra #3!!!Subj: Re:THE
Date: 96-06-08 19:18:28 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

He's on Pipeline now. You can mail him at thecreator@pipeline.comSubj:
Date: 96-06-08 19:20:52 EDT
From: Mono 10

Well guys, I'm quitting Helios to join Zed-Omega. Subj: Re:THE CREATOR
Date: 96-06-08 21:00:41 EDT
From: Bobo245

Snort ooohh Zed Omega.....

Subj: Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-08 21:49:10 EDT
From: Mono 10

You'll see.....things are planned. Zed Omega will be killer!Subj:
Date: 96-06-09 11:29:50 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure.Subj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-09 14:49:33 EDT
From: Snowm60125

I don't want to start anything, but shutup MAJJ. Zed-Omega's gonna kick butt.
And not just their games..............Subj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-09 16:30:40 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

>>Zed-Omega's gonna kick but. And not just their games..............<<

I don't want to start anything, but what in the name of Jumanji is that
supposed to mean? What, they're going to run around kicking people's butts?

Melt! Melt!

Subj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-09 16:49:05 EDT
From: NodnarbQB

Majj- arent you only 13? That would explain a lotSubj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-10 13:01:25 EDT
From: Jmstuckman


Know what snowm did to me when I told him to melt?
I can't tell you.
It's too horrifing.

(If you know how to program in ZZT-OOP and be VERY good.)Subj: 5 Stupid Dogs
Date: 96-06-10 13:02:34 EDT
From: Jmstuckman

This game is very dumb. It's one of those games with boards like:
1 passage, "X" fill the rest of board-yellow border with gems(Almost)
A bunch of creatures
NO OoPSubj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-10 14:11:46 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

ZED-ONEGA? Who's that? :•Þ <------ Smiling cause Jm made a mistakeSubj:
Date: 96-06-10 14:18:22 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

For your information Brandon, most of the people who post here are between
ages 13 and 16.

>>That would explain a lot.<<
Apparently you are implying that I'm one of those stupid sicko immature
teenagers. I have a few things to say. First, you're wrong. Second, shut up,
newbie. And finally, if you have nothing better to do than going around and
asking people how old they are, you are even worse than you probably think I
am.Subj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-10 15:03:23 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

>>Jm made a mistake<<

So what else is new?Subj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-10 15:28:31 EDT
From: Snowm60125

Jeez MAJJ, Give Brandon a break!Subj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-10 15:38:02 EDT
From: Mono 10

Majj Says:

Dude, NODNARBQB is NOT a newbie! Subj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-10 15:55:40 EDT
From: T0UCAN

Geeze, I feel like an eleven year old in the midst of several fifteen year
olds here. But, really, I am. I always get images that you people are all
pimply teenagers.
†öu¢anSubj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-10 17:49:14 EDT
From: Jmstuckman

Nothing!Subj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-10 20:26:11 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

>>NODNARBQB is NOT a newbie! <<
Sure acts like one.Subj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-10 20:26:44 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

>>Jeez MAJJ, Give Brandon a break!<<

Why? He asked for it.Subj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-10 20:56:25 EDT
From: Snowm60125

Well he is new here............Subj: Re:Zed-Omega(to MAJJ)
Date: 96-06-10 21:43:33 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

HEY!!!!!!! Watch what you say punk. ASnd I'm getting sick of you pricks
making fun of everything. Grow up. If that's the way you act, than that's
pretty pathetic. This means you MAJJ, Bobo, Barney and the rest of you. Snow
is younger and he acts more mature than you!!Subj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-10 21:45:16 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

>> Sure acts like one! <<

Why because he knows your age? You're a jerk MAJJSubj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-11 14:07:16 EDT
From: Jmstuckman

Snow acts more mature?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Subj: Re:Zed-Omega(to MAJJ)
Date: 96-06-11 17:00:22 EDT
From: T0UCAN

:0› <-----------I am done with finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe they
made me take a RELIGION final.
I can finally go on AOL! Lotsa things have changed! Mono 10 joined? Cool!

From the only person in the world who spells Toucan with a zero
Subj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-11 18:37:02 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

>>Why because he knows your age?<<

I'm not even going to dignify this with a response. Well don't worry, because
I am leaving AOL altogether very soon for a real ISP. If you care (which you
probably don't, and shouldn't), I posted yesterday in the MAJJSoft folder
about why.Subj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-11 18:37:58 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

>>Snow acts more mature?!?!?!?!?!?!?!<<

DittoSubj: Re:Zed-Omega(to MAJJ)
Date: 96-06-11 18:46:12 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

Hey Omega! Remember this:
>>Ok truce. ... And that was fun bashing, but let's not do it again<

That sure didn't last long. But at least I didn't start it this time.Subj:
Re:Zed-Omega(to MAJJ)
Date: 96-06-11 20:52:31 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

BS you didn't. Let me re-cap for you:

>>Jm made a mistake<<

>>So what else is new?<<

Remember that?Subj: Chortle!
Date: 96-06-12 13:22:22 EDT
From: Yapok Jr

That was stupid (ie: the collections of argumentative messages). If I used
AOL for anything besides Flash Sessions these days I would have joined in the
mud flinging :). These message boards are boring. Looking forward to a News

Hey! I don't have that many pimples!

Zed-Omega: The last letters in two languages, Australian-English and Latin.
Is that supposed to mean that you are the last great ZZT company? I won't
dispute that, since I no longer like ZZT. Let me know when you kick some
butt ;).

Maturity: What an interesting topic. Many people think of maturity in
physical and sexual terms, but in terms of intellectual and emotional
maturity, they don't got it. We superior people who waste our time typing on
our computers know that we have the advantage in real life.


AOL doesnt' seem faster to me.Subj: Re:Zed-Omega(to ZZTOmega)
Date: 96-06-12 14:13:09 EDT
From: Barney9651

ZZTOmega, you ARE BS.

Let ME recap for YOU, you little mind warped pissant. I don't care about you
guys, 'cause, like MAJJ, I'm leaving AOL very soon, probably before the MZX
NG gets up (which might be forever).


Etc, etc.

MAJJ had the right to make the return comment and all further comments. Who
the heck is NodnarbQB anyway? Oooh, really tricky, the backwards "Brandon".
So, shut up newbies.

Bye bye folks. E-mail me praise, but don't post anything here, because I'm
not coming back to read this krudd.

. . . . and so on.

In the words of the late NL Aric, how do they cram all that gram? And all
that other psycho stuff he said when he left. Eat, drink caffeine, and be
merry, or something to that effect.

I have yet to see ONE ZZT game by the sorry ZOP.

Blah blah. Bye bye.Subj: Re:Chortle!
Date: 96-06-12 14:31:23 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

Cool! I never knew that.(about the letters)Subj: Re:Zed-Omega(to ZZTOmega)
Date: 96-06-12 14:33:00 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

Haha! I uploaded my game. Just wait for itSubj: Ever notice?
Date: 96-06-12 14:36:11 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

That once Barney and MAJJ leave, ZOP will be the only people that post? This
place will be deserted. Everyone is leaving. Remember when people like:

E Creator2
etc. etc....

posted in the ZZT boards and stuff. I miss those days....Subj: BARNEY STUPID
Date: 96-06-12 18:09:36 EDT
From: Jmstuckman

Whew?Subj: Bye Bye Boston!
Date: 96-06-13 12:42:07 EDT
From: Bobo245

Well...... I've had it. New format changes in AOL, slower services, lost
hosts... I just can't take it any more... So now that I am definatly
getting a new computer (no guys it's not a macintosh :( ) I will be leaving
AOL (Yippidee Skippedie!)!!!

So.... I will be leaving in a month or so.

Bye Bye!

*Bobo245* + Kate 1 for MZX has become Kate episode 1 ('cause I REALLY don't
want to finish another 100 boards.)

Subj: Re:Bye Bye Boston!
Date: 96-06-13 15:07:25 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

God DAMN!!! Everyone is leaving! Too bad no one will be here to see how GREAT
we are. And we'll be the greatest company for sure!Subj: Re:Bye Bye Boston!
Date: 96-06-13 22:42:37 EDT
From: CLAbles

Cut the profanity Omega, or you may just have one less member......Subj:
Re:Bye Bye Boston!To CLAbles
Date: 96-06-14 18:58:05 EDT
From: T0UCAN

Hey, he can use any language he friggin' wants to! Just like you can. And we
will be the only ZZT Company here! That can do anything!
†öu¢anSubj: Re:Bye Bye Boston!
Date: 96-06-14 22:38:55 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

The greatest company... out of about 1.Subj: Re:Bye Bye Boston!
Date: 96-06-15 10:35:35 EDT
From: Snowm60125

Try 6 (I think)Subj: Re:Bye Bye Boston!
Date: 96-06-16 16:34:33 EDT
From: Neurvana

How great you will be? I have yet to see a good game from you...If I could
form a company (which will probably never happen) I bet I could get something
good started in case you've seen the preview of my game.Subj: Re:Bye Bye
Date: 96-06-16 21:52:55 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

We do more than just ZZT.(some of us)Subj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-19 17:59:00 EDT
From: RobertCane


You know what? You're right.

YOU ARE!Subj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-19 20:20:33 EDT
From: T0UCAN


You know what? You're right.


Yeah, Rob! I bet you feel real witty now.....

†öu¢anSubj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-20 10:44:31 EDT
From: Jmstuckman

Robertcane, what in the hell are you doing here anyway? I thought that you
hated ZZT. And don't accuse anyone of being a newbie, the only newbies are
the ones who accuse other people of being newbies so they can cover up thier
own inexpirence with ZZT.Subj: Re:Zed-Omega
Date: 96-06-20 13:06:04 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

> the only newbies are the ones who accuse other people of being newbies so
they can cover > up thier own inexpirence with ZZT.

Well, uh, I'm not trying to start anything, but, you know, that didn't make
any sense.

I like MST3K. Bite me!

Subj: TIP!!
Date: 96-06-20 14:24:58 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

If you HATE ZZT soooooooo much, THEN KEEP IT TO YOUR FRIGGIN SELF!!!!! We
don't wanna here about how much you HATE ZZT. We don't even care that you
hate it. So shut up you freakin whiners!! Little babies. Ohhhhh nnnnnnoooooo,
he hate ZZT. Oh my god I'm sooooooooo hurt. I feel suicidle now!!!! Oh god!
Oh jeeze!! OH SHUTUP!!!

Want your bottle now?

Time for nap-nap time!

Subj: Whew!
Date: 96-06-21 20:34:18 EDT
From: Jmstuckman

I know it didn't make sense!Subj: Haters of ZZT???
Date: 96-06-22 10:55:00 EDT
From: Bobo245

We don't HATE ZZT....

We just HATE the pathetic people who try to make pathetic (referring to
yellow boards etc) games on it. I like ZZT but I just can't get all the
features I want on it.

I can list a couple of +'s to have on it...

+ You can make good games WAY easier on ZZT than MZX
Reason: you don't have to worry about MODS Character editing etc....
+ You can have blinking stuff
reason: I dunno.. Greg just didn't put it in.
+ Wayy cool torch feature.
reason: you have that spotlight-like feature
+ More games...
Reason MZX isn't that old

And the negitive side of ZZT

- No cool character editing
- Too many cheezie games out there for it
- no character switches
- Almost impossible to have a smooth side scroller
- bland sounds

Ok... I've listed them... Add or subtract what ever you want


*Bobo245*Subj: Number 1 mzx gripe!
Date: 96-06-22 15:24:56 EDT
From: Jmstuckman

First, is there joystick support(I KNOW THAT QUESTION IS STUPID!) because I
can't find it.

Next, IS there ANY way TO shoot WITHOUT moving WHEN you PUSH the ARROW ?

(Darn, NO lowercase QUESTION mark!)

(I am so annoying!)Subj: Re:TIP!!
Date: 96-06-24 14:11:06 EDT
From: Yapok Jr

I've seen a lot of ZZT bashing in my day. All these ZZT IS DEAD messages,
along with MZX WILL BE DEAD messages are pessimistic and irritating.
Occasionally, I find an OK ZZT game that reminds me of the good ol' days when
ZZT was more fun. I don't really like ZZT anymore: it's too restrictive, the
games tend to be repetitive, the graphics are lousy. However, ZZT is my
friend. Sniff. I will remain hyper-critical of ZED-OMEGA until I see
something out of 'em. I hate companies. You burocratic fat cats will never
quit arguing in your board meetings, will never cease your paper pushing, and
will never produce a game. Down with Capitalism and Democracy and all that
jazz. Never mind the previous two sentences.

Thanks, I just had a bottle of Fruitopia (Tangerine Wavelength) a minute ago.

My nap time isn't till 3:00.

//apok babies, we make our dreams come true...
,we'll do the same for you...
Date: 96-06-25 15:10:28 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

> burocratic fat cats

"He don't mean a real mouse... he means the little guy, like you and me! And
by cats, he means fat cats! Yeah! The bureaucratic fat cats!" - Character on
Pinky and the Brain

> I just had a bottle of Fruitopia (Tangerine Wavelength) a minute ago.

Is that the one that bends forks?Subj: I AM BACK!!!!
Date: 96-06-25 15:33:03 EDT
From: RbdWombat

Some of you old-timer ZZT guys may remember me as Dynamo01. Well, I have
decided I would try my luck at ZZT again. But what I need is an update on ZZT
News that has happened in the last year. Are there any new ZZT revolutions?
(When I left, the side scroller was just starting) Are there any new
Super-Tool-Kit Things? E-MAIL me somebody! I am still in Helios, right
E?Subj: Uh, hello?
Date: 96-06-25 15:35:36 EDT
From: RbdWombat

What is Zed-OMEGA? Is that another company? (I have been dead for a
year)Subj: Re:I AM BACK!!!!
Date: 96-06-25 16:12:51 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

Hey man, E is gone. Get his internet address from someone. There's a new
company(mine)called ZED-OMEGA Productions. We do ZZT and a whole lotta stuff.
Nice to see an oldy back at ZZT!! I'm happy now! :•ÞSubj: Re:I AM BACK!!!!
Date: 96-06-25 17:37:08 EDT
From: CLAbles

Well, it seems the Side Scroller is in full working order. I don't know if
you have it or not, but I have gotten a new S-T-K board, "Enemies". It's all
the old enemies with all the new colors. E-Mail me if you want it, I'm not
sure how long ago it was made, but I do know it's not in the S-T-K they have
online. I must warn you, there is a LOT of ZZT bashing going on in these
message boards, most of it from MAJJSoft, who hates ZZT and won't leave the
rest of us alone. As a matter of fact, most of the old guys have left the
message boards, and most of the rest dumped ZZT for MZX! We seem to be the
only company left that makes ZZT games.Subj: NOTHING
Date: 96-06-25 19:06:03 EDT
From: GFebbi

Blah,Blah,Blah?!?!?!??!???Subj: Re:I AM BACK!!!!
Date: 96-06-25 19:41:11 EDT
From: RobertCane

DYNAMO! Finally, a NON-NEWBIE! Well, E left. He ditched us for a providor,
pipeline... SIGH

Newbies have been breeding around here... this whole ZED-OMEGA
crapfest...Subj: Re:I AM BACK!!!!
Date: 96-06-25 20:23:51 EDT
From: Snowm60125

Look cane, i'm not a newbie. Omega's not a newbie. Zed's not a newbie. CLA's
not a newbie.
NOBODY'S A NEWBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Subj: Re:I AM BACK!!!!
Date: 96-06-25 23:21:22 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

KISS MY ***!!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP!!!!!!!!Subj: Re:I AM BACK!!!!
Date: 96-06-26 09:50:28 EDT
From: Snowm60125

ME?????Subj: Re:I AM BACK!!!!
Date: 96-06-26 12:26:28 EDT
From: RbdWombat

Rob, Is Zed-Omega like the early versions of ZZTurbo/ZPower wars?Subj: Re:I
Date: 96-06-26 12:27:07 EDT
From: RbdWombat

He ment newbies compared to us.Subj: Re:I AM BACK!!!!
Date: 96-06-26 12:47:29 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

> I must warn you, there is a LOT of ZZT bashing going on in these message
boards, most of it
> from MAJJSoft, who hates ZZT and won't leave the rest of us alone. As a
matter of fact, most
> of the old guys have left the message boards, and most of the rest dumped
ZZT for MZX!

What the he|| are you talking about, Clables? I haven't been bashing ZZT.
I've just been talking about how life in general sucks (thank you, BR, for
helping me realize this) and bashing other companies. But I'm not doing that
anymore. I don't hate ZZT. I just hate everything. :)Subj: Re:I AM BACK!!!!
Date: 96-06-26 16:19:36 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

Not you SnowSubj: qbasic
Date: 96-06-26 16:24:50 EDT
From: Dprssed55

where do i download this item from? all the games i just downloaded says i
need this to run these games?Subj: Re:qbasic
Date: 96-06-26 18:14:12 EDT
From: Snowm60125

At dos just type:QBASIC. That's all. I think. You might have a diferent
verson.Subj: Hey!!!
Date: 96-06-27 12:57:40 EDT
From: Bobo245

You did miss alot Dynamo boy...

You missed the uppress wars, the big char fad, and the Yapok and E war. E is
gone... Oh well It's somewhat good to have you back... But to tell you
something.... don't really belive the ZZTOmega crew.... I think they have
been eating too many paint chips...


*Bobo245*Subj: Hey Dynamo!
Date: 96-06-27 14:09:00 EDT
From: Yapok Jr

Welcome back, chum. Nothin's happenin round here. BORING. DLING other game
editors now that I connected at a higher speed. Yark Yark. Carp carp.

I find QBASIC not worth the trouble of trying to figure out the contorted

YapokSubj: Re:Hey!!!
Date: 96-06-27 14:41:34 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

Hey! I'm on a non-paint chips diet mister! Believe what we say. BTW, there is
a subliminal message in this post.Subj: Re:Hey!!!
Date: 96-06-28 10:05:50 EDT
From: Jmstuckman

STOP IT!!!!!!

(Remember:I am annoying!)

Join Zed-Omega!

Or the other 8+ members(Wow, more then 10 members)

z!Subj: Re:Hey!!!
Date: 96-06-29 13:56:40 EDT
From: RbdWombat


Head Rush, Sorry.

What was the Big Char Fad and the Upress Wars.

I like paint chips, too. :) (Yum)Subj: Re:Hey!!!
Date: 96-06-29 15:56:18 EDT
From: Quack6754

Well, Wombat, I don't know what they meaan by Uppress Wars (I'm still in
elementary school!! )
but hte Big Char Fad was probably where everyone was trying to get their
chars to look like they
were walking aroung, or like people, or like something even weirder...

I may be 10 (11 in 2 or 3 months ), but I'm KEWL!

Unga Khan is pretty cool. And The Creator's address is

I guess you could call Zed-Omega like the Z/Z stuff.

And, I have 4 1 board games if you want them.

My sig's the best! 1 Line!

Oh, yeah. Is RbdWombat s'posed to stand for Rabid Wombat (in Magic: The
Gathering )

-Quack6754@aol.comSubj: Re:I'm Back
Date: 96-06-29 19:10:16 EDT
From: VTMColin 8

I'm back too. Kinda. Making a new game. For Helios. It will probably suck.
Most games suck. We are all dumber for reading this.

The Past is dead, there is no future...Welcome to the darkness that I

~Colin,The Dark One and 3rd Original Member of Helios(The Lost Soul person of
Helios)Subj: Re:I'm Back
Date: 96-06-29 19:27:24 EDT
From: Bobo245


I only have 1 member of BFS!! AND I LOVE IT!!!

: )

*Bobo245*Subj: Re:Hey!!!
Date: 96-06-30 18:13:38 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

> Well, Wombat, I don't know what they meaan by Uppress Wars (I'm still in
elementary school!!
> )
> but hte Big Char Fad was probably where everyone was trying to get their
chars to look like they
> were walking aroung, or like people, or like something even weirder...

You are so wrong. The Great Big Char Fad of '96 was when everyone was trying
to make games where multiple characters where placed adjacent to each other
so that it appeared to make one big boss/player/etc.

The Uppressed War was when everyone was arguing about whether the Up key or
an alphanumeric key should be used for jumping in sidescrollers.

> I may be 10 (11 in 2 or 3 months ), but I'm KEWL!


> Unga Khan is pretty cool. And The Creator's address is


> I guess you could call Zed-Omega like the Z/Z stuff.

Zed-Omega *is* the Z/Z stuff.

> And, I have 4 1 board games if you want them.

I don't.

> My sig's the best! 1 Line!

Wow! Luckily AOL doesn't let you use canned sigs, or we'd all be in trouble!
That didn't really make sense. Ignore it.

> Oh, yeah. Is RbdWombat s'posed to stand for Rabid Wombat (in Magic: The
Gathering )

No, it's s'posed to stand for Rambo de Wombat. (<-- sarcasm.)

> -Quack6754@aol.com

Have we met?Subj: Re:Hey!!!
Date: 96-07-02 19:48:51 EDT
From: ZZT Zed

Sez MAJJSoft:

<< Zed-Omega *is* the Z/Z stuff. >>
What do you mean by that? Zed-Omega productions is in no way, shape, or
form, related to "the Z/Z stuff."

zed }---

[STANDARD DISCLAIMER] Contains recycled electrons. Do not eat. If ingested,
give ingestee several glasses of milk and call a physician or your nearest
poison control center. Do not operate heavy machinery for one half-hour
after using. Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is purely
coincidental. Prolonged exposure could cause eyestrain. Void where
prohibited by law. Residents of New Jersey must be 18 to enter. Don't drink
Subj: Re:Hey!!!
Date: 96-07-02 20:47:07 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

> << Zed-Omega *is* the Z/Z stuff. >>
> What do you mean by that? Zed-Omega productions is in no way, shape, or
form, related to
> "the Z/Z stuff."

Mm, really? Idn't dat lovely, mm.
Re:I AM BACK!!!!
Date: 96-07-08 10:40:02 EDT
From: T0UCAN

E's not on AOL anymoreSubj: Re:I AM BACK!!!!
Date: 96-07-08 10:41:14 EDT
From: T0UCAN

I got that version of STK too! You have to get it at Greg's FTP site, or else
you'll get the crappy version. I even got new bombs, and forests and crap!

:0›Subj: Re:Hey!!!
Date: 96-07-08 10:43:51 EDT
From: T0UCAN

<Gathering )


Kewl! I found someone who actually knows what Magic is! I think I gave it up

:0›Subj: Re:Hey!!!
Date: 96-07-08 12:19:23 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

I play(ed) Magic too. Havn't in a looooooong while thoughSubj: Aaah! I'm a
Date: 96-07-11 12:44:11 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

There's a new folder in General called "MZX/ZZT 27th ConventioCon." Check in
the MegaZeux board for more information.Subj: Super Zero 2
Date: 96-07-13 03:13:25 EDT
From: Static76

The sequel to Super Zero 1 is at my ftp users:/static76 as (super0_2.exe),
along with the mods for the game (zero2mod.zip).

This game includes:
A MUCH better engine for sidescrolling.
Much better graphics.
And more levels.

If there are any questions just ask.

-$tatic-Subj: Re:Hey!!!
Date: 96-07-13 09:21:33 EDT
From: Quack6754

Thanks, MAJJSoft.Subj: ......
Date: 96-07-15 11:54:44 EDT
From: TearDragon

Aye yai yai, What the hell happened in here? I havent been reading or posting
on this board for a while, and I'm I didnt, yikes, I got alot of reading to
do whois Zed Omega? A New company? oh man I havent slept for a day now, maybe
this is all just a dream....

Tear "yea It'll be out soon" DragonSubj: Re:Hey!!!
Date: 96-07-15 13:22:10 EDT
From: Jmstuckman

Kewl! I and omega play magic too! You can play it online!Subj: Re:......
Date: 96-07-15 13:25:19 EDT
From: Jmstuckman

Zed omega is a KEWL company! The members are:
mono 10(mono10@mistic.net)
zzt zed(garry@csra.net)
jdwebre was fired

Whew!Subj: Re:......
Date: 96-07-15 13:33:28 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

Date: 96-07-15 17:57:09 EDT
From: T0UCAN

mono 10(mono10@mistic.net)
zzt zed(garry@csra.net)
jdwebre was fired


Yep, ZED-OMEGA sure is the bee's knees! (Old talk for cool.)

Sure, spell all our names in lowercase!

And if JDewbre was fired, why tell us that he was a former member?

:0›Subj: Re:......
Date: 96-07-16 12:28:39 EDT
From: Jmstuckman

Why tell about jdwebre? Who knows. And I put them in L-case so it would be
faster to type. faster to typeSubj: Re:......
Date: 96-07-21 09:22:24 EDT
From: MAJJSoft

> jdwebre was fired

Date: 96-07-21 15:24:43 EDT
From: ZZTOmega

Reason: JDewbre did as much as NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He didn't do a
THING!!!! Never talked to me!!

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