Livestream - Final Fantasy Extreme

Aliens, weddings, psychic powers, Dr Pepper, combine to create a game meant to be enjoyed most by the characters included within it

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Jul 9, 2024
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♦ Livestream of the ZZT world "Final Fantasy Extreme" by Luke Drelick (1997) []. ♦

A classic of its time that's almost inscrutable today!

The Final Fantasy part of the title sets certain expectations for what's going to be in this game, and for fans of the series in the 16-bit era, may bring up memories of the unreleased translation of Final Fantasy V that was going to use the "Extreme" name.

What you get though, is a game that feels meant for the author and his friends. After the alien king was accidentally killed, the queen has it out for you and your friends. Fair enough.

The game is less fantasy or sci-fi and more just exploring a town and its surroundings meeting up with your buddies and helping them find lost pets or components to making experimental weapons, or setting up weddings while dealing with aliens meddling in their lives.

Eventually the queen manages to abduct everyone, but thanks to your psychic powers, they're quickly rescued.

Also there's a detour in an arcade where you can play a remake of Everglades National Park, which actually ended up being more appealing to play.

♦ Play this world directly in your browser ♦

♦ Originally streamed on July 5th, 2024 ♦

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