Livestream - 2.4 Hours of ZZT Games (Part 1)

Looking at a number of impressive entries for a ZZT community game jam

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Jun 12, 2024
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♦ Livestream of various ZZT worlds created for the 2.4 Hours of ZZT Jam (Summer Edition). ♦

Using a made up word and definition, entrants were given 2.4 hours (144 minutes) to create a game. Which isn't easy!

(2:49) Aberrant by Bluey - Elena, a kangaroo who works for "The Institute" is sent into a mysterious factory that doesn't seem to be particularly factory like. For one thing, it's full of monsters, with hints at something scarier lurking within. Fortunately she's skilled in the arcane arts and isn't exactly unprepared for whatever lurks inside.

It's short, but detailed thanks to some solid narration that keeps the game from feeling too much like a smiley face shooting at greek letters. The first of many victims to the time limit. A little action and a little buildup to more hint at greater plans.

(9:27) Amaxia by authorblues - Pay close attention to what you eat before bed, lest you have dreams of pirate eggs, gravity reversal, and strange spaceships. Authorblues crams a lot of variety into this one, with some creative action sequences and some solid art given the time limit. Sets a new standard in ZZT bed designs.

(27:36) Anissidia by Kaddar - Kaddar's first ZZT release in ....22 years! When mankind discovers a black disc on a comet whose unique properties allow it to be used for interstellar transportation. You have been sent to explore these discs, discover their origins, and find a way back home. This one features some really impressive art, has a good sense of humor with kicking electronics, and does a nice job of being light-hearted while also tense when it comes to interacting with the aliens who created the discs. A real impressive return!

(39:09) Bromac by dave2 - In which dave2 tells the story of a young man wishing to move into adulthood by getting his Bromac. Help some folks around town by chopping wood, fetching animal pelts, and preparing fires. There's a whole little economy built into this, making it rather amibitious given the short amount of time dave had to create it. My playthrough suffered from some bugs which kind of ruined that economy.

(56:30) Coycean by by RT_55J - A mysterious cult must quench their thirst with the ichor of the underground coycean. You, young initiate, are tasked with refilling the sacred bowl and partaking in the liquid to absorb its dark powers. Getting to the river (which looks quite nice) is easy, but getting back, not so much! Take a number of trips through an ever-changing board as you wish you brought a bigger bucket to fill the bowl with. Some nice character art too!

(1:05:53) Epigolder by Vacek - A surreal puzzle game where you need to find components to operate a key sintering machine. Takes advantage of non-reciprocal board connections to make a seemingly 2x2 arrangement of boards actually be significantly longer. Deduce a combination lock's passcode, play a well-animated slot machine, find some devil's lettuce, and find a way past some imposing barriers. A very content-rich jam entry with a unique feel.

(1:27:27) Nabrow by Noser - A purple key collecting adventure as you search for the Nabrow bison. Focused mostly on standard ZZT action as players explore a small cave system in the American southwest, that builds its world (and saves board construction time) by including on-screen text to narrate each board. Watch out for spiders and poachers while you seek out the animal and maybe learn a thing or two about the lost Yellow Border culture along the way.

A good sense of humor and simple but effective graphical style makes this one go beyond a basic no-frills action/adventure game.

♦ Play these worlds ♦
Most are currently available on the Itch jam page: . A compilation of all entries will be uploaded to the Museum of ZZT after judging is completed.

♦ Originally streamed on June 7th, 2024 ♦

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