Title Author Date Category Summary
640x350x16 A History of ZZT's Graphics Dr. Dos Sept. 18, 2016 Misc Exploring graphical evolutions and revolutions in ZZT's text mode worlds.
A "Wake Up and Save the World" Postmortem Dr. Dos Dec. 16, 2020 Postmortem How a ZZM player turned into a 2nd place game jam winner. Learn all about cut content and design goals of WUASTW
A Guide To ZZT Lock Picking Dr. Dos Feb. 19, 2019 Misc ZZT DRM and how to defeat it
A Month of Reconstructing ZZT Dr. Dos April 17, 2020 Historical One month after the Reconstruction of ZZT, what are people doing with the recreated source code of ZZT?
A “Doug Tudeap” Postmortem Dr. Dos May 31, 2021 Postmortem The development of an engine-based ZZT game in 48 hours featuring more nuggets of information than you can shake a pick at!
About ZZT Dr. Dos Jan. 19, 2021 Help What is ZZT and why is it still in use 30 years after release?
An Interview With Beth Daggert - Ezanya And The Early Days of ZZT Dr. Dos Nov. 14, 2018 Interview An interview with the contest-winning Ezanya developer, Beth Daggert
An Interview With Jim Crawford - Frog Fractions 2 and ZZT Dr. Dos Dec. 31, 2016 Interview
Ascii Character Reference Dr. Dos May 28, 2015 Help
Aura Walkthrough Dr. Dos Aug. 30, 2006 Walkthrough
Closer Look Live: The Mercenary DavidN/Dr. Dos Jan. 30, 2018 Closer Look A pre-recording playthrough of the ZZT world "The Mercenary" by DavidN (2002), with the game's author providing guest commentary!
Closer Look: 4 Dr. Dos Dec. 31, 2017 Closer Look 4's scores were better years ago.
Closer Look: A Dwarvish-Mead Dream Dr. Dos Dec. 15, 2019 Closer Look Save the dreamworld from reality in this everything but the kitchen sink RPG bursting with ideas and great art
Closer Look: Aceland Dr. Dos Jan. 23, 2017 Closer Look MEEEEOOOOOOWWWWW (You microwaved a cat)
Closer Look: Algorithm Part 1: Disco For Justice! Dr. Dos Dec. 18, 2018 Closer Look A rejected ZZTer returns with dated comedy and some fascinating self-insert protagonists
Closer Look: Angelis Finale Dr. Dos May 14, 2018 Closer Look Overclocking ZZT to turn it into a viable medium for a fast paced action game
Closer Look: Atop The Witch's Tower Dr. Dos Sept. 17, 2019 Closer Look Thyer's first ever ZZT world: The story of a witch's anxiety and her sacrificial princess
Closer Look: Baloo Episode 1, The Thunder Road Dr. Dos June 1, 2020 Closer Look What should be a generic edgy TaleSpin parody turns out to be a well-written game you can't help but love
Closer Look: Big Beast in the Maze Dr. Dos April 15, 2021 Closer Look Deal with mazes and monsters in this far out game
Closer Look: Bubba's Bubbles Dr. Dos Dec. 31, 2021 Closer Look Oktrollberfest origins bubble their way to the surface of this fowl puzzle game
Closer Look: Card Prime Dr. Dos July 30, 2018 Closer Look Expert programming crams a collectible card game into ZZT!
Closer Look: CAT, CAT, THAT DAMN CAT Dr. Dos Oct. 29, 2016 Closer Look One cat's journey to find their missing owner... or food
Closer Look: Caves of ZZT Dr. Dos July 22, 2018 Closer Look "Life's real tough, ain't it?" - the unloved and forgotten original ZZT world
Closer Look: City of ZZT Dr. Dos June 19, 2017 Closer Look Trust me and we will escape from the City
Closer Look: Compound Dr. Dos Jan. 15, 2020 Closer Look ♬ Fix us a wire you're the Compound man ♬ Fix us a wire tonight ♬ Well man's destined to die from catastrophe ♬ While aliens watch in the night ♬
Closer Look: Death Gate Dr. Dos Feb. 20, 2022 Closer Look Some of ZZT's most talented form a group project. Disaster ensues.
Closer Look: Deep December Dr. Dos Sept. 11, 2016 Closer Look Coke machines, urban warlocks, and a hero with a baseball bat ready to brave NYC's subway system.
Closer Look: Defender of Castle Sin Dr. Dos Sept. 25, 2017 Closer Look Defend Castle Sin from intruders both good and evil to keep an ancient portal sealed and secure
Closer Look: Demos Without Finished Games Dr. Dos June 15, 2020 Closer Look Exploring several demos for games that were never finished
Closer Look: Doom Dr. Dos March 21, 2017 Closer Look You're trying to say you like DOS better than me, right?
Closer Look: Dragon Ball Z:Saiyin and Namek Saga Dr. Dos July 31, 2019 Closer Look Over 9000 reasons this game is awful
Closer Look: Dragon Woods Dr. Dos April 30, 2020 Closer Look Good ideas and bad execution result in a fun yet flawed adventure in this self-described "comedy-rpg"
Closer Look: Dungeons of ZZT Dr. Dos Aug. 15, 2016 Closer Look ZZT's third official world, and how it compares to Town of ZZT.
Closer Look: Edible Vomit Dr. Dos April 30, 2017 Closer Look D.A.R.E. to dream as Freddy the ferret trips out on his search for the perfect drug
Closer Look: Escape From Zyla Island Dr. Dos Oct. 15, 2020 Closer Look What starts as an average ZZT action game quickly turns into a below-average ZZT action game. Sigh.
Closer Look: Ezanya Dr. Dos Sept. 21, 2018 Closer Look Commit war crimes in the name of the king in this early fantasy that stands the test of time
Closer Look: Fantasy World Dizzy Dr. Dos Aug. 18, 2017 Closer Look An eggselent conversion of Codemaster's 1989 puzzle platformer
Closer Look: Final Fantasy 2 Dr. Dos Oct. 30, 2018 Closer Look A unique take on FF2US/FF4J where the programmer doesn't know how #end works.
Closer Look: Flower of Light Dr. Dos Aug. 31, 2017 Closer Look Quest for the mythical flower of light to cure your father's blindness
Closer Look: Forrester Dr. Dos April 15, 2017 Closer Look A Super ZZT inspired MegaZeux world exploring memory and being forgotten.
Closer Look: Freak Da Cat Dr. Dos Jan. 31, 2019 Closer Look Tired: "Press F to Pay Respects" Wired: "Press δ to Act Like a Snake"
Closer Look: Freak Da Cat 2 Dr. Dos Dec. 10, 2021 Closer Look Turns out the secret to a good ZZT platformer is to make a cat swear.
Closer Look: Fred! Episode 1: Space Fred! Dr. Dos Sept. 30, 2019 Closer Look EAT. THE. FLOWERS.
Closer Look: Frost 1; Power Dr. Dos Jan. 9, 2017 Closer Look ZZT's best looking game is also it's furriest.
Closer Look: Frost 2: Ice Dr. Dos Jan. 27, 2019 Closer Look Nadir's zenith, Preservation Through Piracy, a nearly unreleased gem capturing ZZT at its peak
Closer Look: Game of XYZABCDE Dr. Dos Oct. 31, 2021 Closer Look If at first you don't succeed, die, die, again in this incredibly challenging yet satisfying adventure
Closer Look: Gem Hunter 2 Dr. Dos Aug. 10, 2021 Closer Look Creative boss fights and a non-linear urban exploration put this sequel ahead, but the flaws remain unfixed. Agh.
Closer Look: Gem Hunter Special Edition 1.5 Dr. Dos Jan. 23, 2018 Closer Look Collect 31 gems hidden across an island in this remake of Tseng's original entry in his iconic series
Closer Look: Goldeneye ZZT Demo Dr. Dos Feb. 17, 2018 Closer Look "Goldeneye hardly redfines the genre. The graphics are excellent except for the blocky human figures."
Closer Look: Growing Up Dr. Dos Jan. 31, 2021 Closer Look Growing Up takes a serious look about life as a teenager dealing with an alcoholic parent. Take a look at this short and emotional story.
Closer Look: Indiana Jones: The Search For King Solomon's Mines Dr. Dos Dec. 11, 2017 Closer Look That belongs in a museum
Closer Look: Invasion ZZT Revision (Part 1) Dr. Dos June 30, 2020 Closer Look An alien abudction of the family dog turns into a fight for mankind's survival. Three kids on a heartwarming quest to save the Earth
Closer Look: Invasion ZZT Revision (Part 2) Dr. Dos July 15, 2020 Closer Look The long drawn out conclusion and a lot of PSAs about drinking and driving
Closer Look: Koopo The Lemming Dr. Dos July 2, 2019 Closer Look Oh No! More Lemmings Clones!
Closer Look: Koopo The Lemming Part 2 Dr. Dos July 15, 2019 Closer Look In Part 2, Koopo finds his unique vision for his game by introducing a jetpack
Closer Look: LandLand 2 Dr. Dos July 31, 2021 Closer Look An improvement over the original, but also not.
Closer Look: Legend of Brandonia Dr. Dos March 1, 2021 Closer Look Good? Bad? Ugly? Brandonia is a divisive ZZT world and winner of a Featured Game award.
Closer Look: LOME Dr. Dos Nov. 20, 2021 Closer Look Lions And Tigers And Mayors! Oh My!
Closer Look: Meet The Tardigrades! Dr. Dos Sept. 15, 2017 Closer Look A magical mystery tour of an odd cross between Star Wars and the Beatles
Closer Look: Merbotia Dr. Dos Oct. 8, 2016 Closer Look HEY, MOM, THE BED RAN AWAY AGAIN, you shout. -- It's Merbotia, a short and humorous adventure by Sonic256!
Closer Look: Modern ZZT Editing With KevEdit Dr. Dos July 10, 2017 Help Because ZZT's Own Editor Is So 1991
Closer Look: Mr. Shapiro Cares Not For Lies Dr. Dos Feb. 9, 2018 Closer Look Structured nonsense, and lots of cheese based random humor. <s>YES</s>
Closer Look: MST3K Dr. Dos Nov. 27, 2016 Closer Look Just repeat to yourself, "It's just a game, I should really just relax"
Closer Look: Nevada Bob 1: He's On The Job Dr. Dos March 27, 2019 Closer Look Good humor, great music, poor design, and the giant robot battle is optional?
Closer Look: Nextgame 33 - MadGuy's Reign of Terror Dr. Dos Oct. 25, 2017 Closer Look Covering 50% of this 33% complete game where 0% of the jokes land
Closer Look: Nextgame 33 - SOS, Please! Dr. Dos Oct. 31, 2017 Closer Look Set sail on the DIEtanic in this second washed up half of NextGame 33
Closer Look: Nightmare Dr. Dos Dec. 31, 2016 Closer Look Hello, mortal. I am the Sandman. And you are my prisoner.
Closer Look: Nightplanet Dr. Dos June 24, 2017 Closer Look The winner of the first ever 24 Hours of ZZT contest
Closer Look: November Eve (File A) Dr. Dos Nov. 30, 2019 Closer Look Xamboxumbadira is the powerhouse of the cell.
Closer Look: November Eve (Files B and C) Dr. Dos Dec. 31, 2019 Closer Look Hunting down giant slimes, hidden gems, and programming bugs to save Puerto del Agua
Closer Look: Nuclear Madman Dr. Dos March 15, 2021 Closer Look Recover the stolen nukes! Step one: Visit the water park
Closer Look: Oaktown Dr. Dos March 12, 2017 Closer Look So much promise. So little ammo.
Closer Look: Overflow (Part 1) Dr. Dos June 10, 2021 Closer Look Beautiful background art meets classic ZZT action in this massive Chrono Trigger inspired adventure to save time itself!
Closer Look: Overflow (Part 2) Dr. Dos June 30, 2021 Closer Look Treasure, fortresses, and really big palm trees. Overflow continues to impress throughout its back half
Closer Look: Pokemon Twin Pack Dr. Dos June 10, 2018 Closer Look Prepare for trouble, and make it double with this typical example of converting Pokemon to ZZT
Closer Look: Pop Dr. Dos Sept. 28, 2016 Closer Look A surreal adventure game about escaping from a dimension where gods observe the curious and watch their attempts to escape.
Closer Look: Psychic Solar War Adventure Dr. Dos May 24, 2017 Closer Look Psychic twins reclaim the sun in this impressively coded and impressively grindy RPG dungeon crawler!
Closer Look: Psychic Solar War Adventure Code Analysis Dr. Dos May 29, 2017 Closer Look ZZT has no random number generator, but it does have lions. Exploring how a complex RPG engine works
Closer Look: Ruby of Resurrection Dr. Dos Sept. 15, 2021 Closer Look An early ZZT adventure starring Jersey Jake that's an artifact of its time and belongs on the Museum.
Closer Look: Run-On Dr. Dos Dec. 1, 2018 Closer Look Randomly generated ZZT action in this endless-feeling runner
Closer Look: Scarlet Green Dr. Dos Oct. 31, 2019 Closer Look A secret biological weapon has been set loose and only... the jerk who was well aware of it can save the day
Closer Look: School ZZT Dr. Dos Sept. 4, 2017 Closer Look A back to school special looking at what's considered the worst ever ZZT game
Closer Look: Scooter Dr. Dos May 23, 2018 Closer Look Guinea Pig Fact: A game being adorable can't make up for unresponsive controls
Closer Look: Secret Agent Chronicles (Mission Alpha) Dr. Dos March 31, 2020 Closer Look CIA Agent BILL vs. Dr. D in this unintentionally hilarious spy "thriller"
Closer Look: Sewers of ZZT Dr. Dos Nov. 30, 2017 Closer Look Town of ZZT but reimagined to be about the author's friend circle.
Closer Look: Shades Of Gray Dr. Dos Aug. 28, 2018 Closer Look The Town of ZZT has lost is colors. Who took them and why?
Closer Look: Sid's Disaster Dr. Dos Dec. 31, 2020 Closer Look Stalagtite platforming in a ZZT game? An engine that's rock solid copes with design that puts a few cracks in this spelunking adventure
Closer Look: Sivion Dr. Dos Nov. 20, 2017 Closer Look One of ZZT's finest - A detailed fantasy adventure through the kingdom of Bespin. (Oh, and the password is BARNEY)
Closer Look: Smiley Guy Dr. Dos Nov. 20, 2016 Closer Look Part human, part machine, all weird.
Closer Look: Speed Racer X Dr. Dos March 31, 2021 Closer Look Race the clock across 20 courses in this ZZT game that defies expectations... until it starts to crash and burn at least.
Closer Look: Star Wench Dr. Dos May 15, 2021 Closer Look Star Wench vs the Queen of Space! A colorful, detailed, and brief adventure created as a Kickstarter stretch goal!
Closer Look: Stupid RPG Dr. Dos Feb. 28, 2019 Closer Look The first of far too many in a long running series by a notable and divisive ZZTer
Closer Look: Teen Priest Dr. Dos Oct. 20, 2017 Closer Look All Teen Cops Are Bastards. A lot of content warnings in this overshadowed and oh-so-edgy adventure
Closer Look: The Cliff Dr. Dos May 15, 2019 Closer Look The cliff has killed another! Find the saboteur before they strike again
Closer Look: The Fool's Quest / The Three Trials Dr. Dos April 30, 2021 Closer Look The funniest prank of all: Falsified data! Still, only a fool would overlook this classically-styled adventure
Closer Look: The Forests Will Echo With Laughter Dr. Dos April 20, 2019 Closer Look And it's whispered that soon, If we all call the tune, then Da Warren will lead us to reason
Closer Look: The Lands of the World of ZZT Dr. Dos July 10, 2021 Closer Look After restoring a corrupt world to playability for the first time in decades we can now say this game ain't great.
Closer Look: The Lost Monkeys Dr. Dos Oct. 23, 2016 Closer Look Travel from island to island in search of Alex and Daisy in this charming and colorful adventure.
Closer Look: The Search For The Magic Flamingo Dr. Dos Aug. 19, 2019 Closer Look Search for a flamingo and find mediocrity and cameos instead
Closer Look: The Secret of Cannibal Island Dr. Dos June 16, 2019 Closer Look Better than the Best of ZZT, Janson shows a traditional key collecting game done almost right
Closer Look: The Underground Bugtown of ZZT Dr. Dos Nov. 13, 2016 Closer Look This game is slightly confusing!
Closer Look: Turmoil Dr. Dos Dec. 10, 2016 Closer Look "I've checked your bacground in the space marine database. you have an impressive record."
Closer Look: Village Dr. Dos Nov. 15, 2019 Closer Look Stop and admire the scenery on your quest for vigilante justice
Closer Look: Virus 302: Special Edition Dr. Dos Dec. 19, 2016 Closer Look I [Dr. Dos] made a bad game when I was 10 and I made it worse when I was 13.
Closer Look: War of ZZT Dr. Dos April 23, 2018 Closer Look War!! W-War is breaking out fast!
Closer Look: Warlock Domain Dr. Dos Aug. 31, 2021 Closer Look ZZT fantasy adventures are a dime a dozen, but great writing, humor, and puzzles make Warlock Domain top dollar
Closer Look: Warlord's Temple Dr. Dos May 30, 2019 Closer Look Six arrows. More than enough to kill anything that moves.
Closer Look: Wasteland Dr. Dos April 29, 2018 Closer Look Commodore takes his first step on the journey of becoming one of ZZT's best in this 2003 post-apocalyptic adventure
Closer Look: Winter Dr. Dos Jan. 31, 2020 Closer Look Venture into the idle mind in this very much ahead of its time atmospheric puzzle world
Closer Look: Yapok-Sundria Dr. Dos Feb. 25, 2017 Closer Look Rancid meatloaf and cans of V8.
Closer Look: Yiepipipi Dr. Dos July 31, 2020 Closer Look Yiepipipi? Oeu. Oryan? Oeu. Esklello? Oeu!
Closer Look: Z-Files v2.5.1 Dr. Dos Oct. 31, 2020 Closer Look More than 100 boards long and you can't even play it! Nadir's collection of ZZT tool kits focuses on one of ZZT's most distinct features
Closer Look: Zem! and Zem! 2 Dr. Dos Aug. 24, 2016 Closer Look Newt's Lemmings inspired "ZZT games to pass time"
Closer Look: ZIG Dr. Dos April 10, 2017 Closer Look ZIG combines ZZT's simplicity, MegaZeux's power, and Super ZZT's lack of interest from the community. Exploring ZIG and all its releases!
Closer Look: ZZT Syndromes Dr. Dos Dec. 30, 2018 Closer Look I'm in this huge empty room with yellow walls... No matter where I go... those same horrible yellow walls...
Closer Look: ZZT's City + Interview With Stuart Hardwick Dr. Dos Oct. 15, 2019 Interview Contrasting the newly discovered Softdisk published version of ZZT with the Epic MegaGames version we all know
Closer Look: ZZTer Comics Dr. Dos Jan. 31, 2017 Misc Over 1000 ZZTer produced comic strips now available on the Museum of ZZT!
Closer Look: ZZTV 3 Dr. Dos Aug. 31, 2019 Closer Look An experimental "magazine" for ZZTers to make anything they want
Closer Looks: Six Games With Six Boards Dr. Dos Feb. 15, 2020 Closer Look All cop-outs are bastards as we explore Police Quest plus five other extremely short worlds of dubious quality
Custom Fonts and Blinkx Dr. Dos Sept. 10, 2011 Help
Ecch! Bugs! Look Out! - Player Clones Dr. Dos March 5, 2018 Bugs And Glitches One of ZZT's most versatile elements isn't supposed to exist
Featured World: Ana Dr. Dos Aug. 24, 2017 Featured Game
Featured World: CAT, CAT, THAT DAMN CAT Dr. Dos Aug. 31, 2020 Featured Game A creative engine makes for a fun adventure perfect for new and experienced ZZTers alike!
Featured World: Chowder Dr. Dos Aug. 31, 2020 Featured Game ZZT and its ability to allow children to unleash their creativity
Featured World: Evilstania Dr. Dos March 31, 2019 Featured Game ZZT's Diablo, a dungeon crawler with diverse enemies, excellent bosses, and customizable characters
Featured World: Plankton: Undersea Adventure Dr. Dos Dec. 27, 2017 Featured Game Escape to the surface in this DosBox focused and mouse controlled adventure!
Featured World: Sixteen Easy Pieces Dr. Dos June 29, 2018 Featured Game Simple mechanics combine to form ZZT's most engrossing puzzle game by the late Flimsy Parkins
Featured World: Super Archaeologist Simulator Dr. Dos Nov. 10, 2021 Featured Game This is an artifact. It belongs in a museum.
Featured World: Yuki and the Space Show Dr. Dos Jan. 10, 2022 Featured Game A deadly intergalactic TV show with some impressive set design!
File Details Dr. Dos Feb. 19, 2017 Misc An overview of the kinds of files hosted on the Museum of ZZT
FrOST - Frost 1/2 Soundtrack Dr. Dos Jan. 27, 2019 Misc MadTom's complete soundtrack for Nadir's Frost series of ZZT games
Getting Started With ZZT Dr. Dos Jan. 30, 2016 Help
Glitch Investigation: The Lion, The Switch, And The Wardrobe Dr. Dos Jan. 31, 2022 Bugs and Glitches Studying a newly found ZZT glitch that allows anything to run code! (kind of)
Judging The Autumn 2003 24 Hours Of ZZT Dr. Dos May 31, 2018 Contest 15 years later, an unfinished contest gets some results!
Let's Play - Kobold Smoocher Dr. Dos Oct. 15, 2021 Livestream Yip! Yip! Fall In Love
Let's Play - Madam Grizelda Dr. Dos May 30, 2021 Let's Play A horror/comedy game about documenting the lifestyle of the mysterious Madam Grizelda
Let's Play - Metal Saviour Bia v1.2 Dr. Dos March 8, 2021 Let's Play Save humanity from annihilation in ths 1994 styled engine focused sci-fi adventure!
Let's Play - Oreo the Hamster Dr. Dos Oct. 15, 2021 Let's Play Little hamster. Big adventure. Surprising amounts of violence.
Livestream - A ZZT Christmas Concert Dr. Dos Dec. 25, 2017 Livestream A celebration of ZZT music, with a slight Christmasy slant
Livestream - Advent Calendar Worlds Dr. Dos Dec. 18, 2020 Livestream Fantasy is the theme of the day with a sampling of a few worlds uploaded for asie's advent calendar of ZZT
Livestream - Adversiturtle Dr. Dos Jan. 28, 2018 Livestream
Livestream - AKWare ZZT Halloween Special / Death Dr. Dos Oct. 30, 2019 Livestream Trick-or-treat and Kill-or-be-killed in this spooky double feature!
Livestream - Ana Dr. Dos May 30, 2019 Livestream Puzzles, story, and sound combine to form a compelling drama asking just what happened to a young woman named Ana?
Livestream - Artificer: Rise of the Techmagus Dr. Dos May 25, 2020 Livestream Show your ingenuity and give technology the respect it deserves in a magical world
Livestream - Asbestos Dr. Dos July 3, 2021 Livestream A rough ZZT RPG of the era that doesn't have offer a whole lot today
Livestream - Atop The Witch's Tower Dr. Dos June 22, 2017 Livestream
Livestream - Autumn 2003 24 Hours of ZZT Dr. Dos May 24, 2018 Livestream
Livestream - Baloo Episode 1, The Thunder Road Dr. Dos Sept. 10, 2021 Livestream Baloo robs a bank to pay his gambling debts and begins a life of crime in this TaleSpin game
Livestream - Barney Hunt Dr. Dos Aug. 26, 2018 Livestream
Livestream - Blind Remix Dr. Dos Oct. 6, 2018 Livestream Vampires and Vomit
Livestream - Blood Oath: Trials of the Wyrm Dr. Dos Nov. 23, 2021 Livestream =^.--.^= everybody cower before my big strong dragon boyfriend~
Livestream - Burger Joint Dr. Dos July 5, 2020 Livestream Get a taste of one of ZZT's most notable releases!
Livestream - Castle of ZZT Dr. Dos Feb. 24, 2017 Livestream
Livestream - CAT, CAT, THAT DAMN CAT Dr. Dos May 22, 2019 Livestream One cat's journey to find food... or their owner.
Livestream - Caves of Fury Dr. Dos May 11, 2019 Livestream A mostly solid early adventure with just enough flaws to keep it from being an instant classic
Livestream - Caves of ZZT Dr. Dos Jan. 10, 2021 Livestream The second ZZT world offers classic ZZT at its best and worst, but still entertains
Livestream - Chowder Dr. Dos June 22, 2017 Livestream
Livestream - Chrono Wars 1 through 4 Dr. Dos May 10, 2021 Livestream Gender, Algebra, Time Travel, and a really bad swamp maze
Livestream - Chrono Wars 10 (Part 1) Dr. Dos July 12, 2021 Livestream All the lore you could ever want, and finally acknowledging that kid that got ran over in part 8
Livestream - Chrono Wars 10 (Part 2) and 11 (Part 1) Dr. Dos July 19, 2021 Livestream Meet the new universe. Same as the old universe.
Livestream - Chrono Wars 11 (Part 2) and 12 Dr. Dos July 25, 2021 Livestream More characters! Who promptly die.
Livestream - Chrono Wars 13 Dr. Dos Aug. 1, 2021 Livestream It could only end this way. A celebration (at the local Chuck E. Cheese) of all the inanity this series in one tidy package.
Livestream - Chrono Wars 4 through 6 Dr. Dos May 17, 2021 Livestream Less blinking, more glitching and cheating. What may be the actual plot begins forming??
Livestream - Chrono Wars 6 and 7 Dr. Dos May 24, 2021 Livestream Fight bears in VR, stop a virus by cutting an electrical cable, and then hop into another reality...
Livestream - Chrono Wars 8 Dr. Dos June 7, 2021 Livestream Visit Joe and Asher's childhood homes! Babysit young Joe and Chris! Discover Chris maybe has psychic powers!
Livestream - Chrono Wars 9 Dr. Dos June 14, 2021 Livestream I'm sorry. A _what_ kind of hole?
Livestream - Color Revival Dr. Dos July 28, 2018 Livestream
Livestream - Computer Dungeon Slash: ZZT 2.0 Dr. Dos June 8, 2020 Livestream Rescue the colorful populace from the town of Habeus Corpus in this brilliantly coded random dungeon crawl
Livestream - Coolzap 1 and 2 Dr. Dos May 7, 2021 Livestream Some very early childhood ZZT worlds recovered from a floppy disk
Livestream - Crime Ring Dr. Dos March 13, 2017 Livestream
Livestream - Curse Of The Vampire’s Curse Dr. Dos Aug. 1, 2018 Livestream
Livestream - Cyber Purge Dr. Dos March 15, 2021 Livestream Liberate cyberspace from a lethal threat in this expertly crafted action game (mind the CWs)
Livestream - Cyberworld Dr. Dos Feb. 24, 2017 Livestream A 90s adventure game where the player must uncover a conspiracy to have his father framed for a money embezzlement scheme in a corrupt company
Livestream - Daedelus' Obelisk Dr. Dos March 29, 2019 Livestream A unique side-scroller!
Livestream - Darby's Crazy Town Dr. Dos March 15, 2019 Livestream
Livestream - Dark Citadel (Part 1) Dr. Dos Sept. 23, 2020 Livestream Master your type chart and storm the citadel in this expertly-crafted dungeon crawler
Livestream - Dark Citadel (Part 2) Dr. Dos Sept. 29, 2020 Livestream Bravely running away to victory
Livestream - Deceiving Guidance Dr. Dos Oct. 17, 2021 Livestream Delve deep into the Underdark and learn the truth of your village and its fate
Livestream - Doom Dr. Dos March 19, 2017 Livestream RIP AND TEAR
Livestream - Duke Nukem II Dr. Dos Aug. 28, 2021 Livestream A fan sequel to a fan game with a bit of humor and a lot of frustrating stealth sequences?
Livestream - Dungeons of ZZT Dr. Dos Jan. 18, 2021 Livestream The abstract dungeon of ZZT offers a weird environment to shoot your way through for some purple keys
Livestream - End Of The World Dr. Dos Feb. 27, 2017 Livestream
Livestream - Escape From Castle ZaZoomDa Dr. Dos April 13, 2019 Livestream A poorly aged classic where everything's out to get you
Livestream - Escape From Westmanson Dr. Dos Sept. 26, 2021 Livestream Search for clues and find the murder while trapped in a resort/mansion but be sure to knock before entering the bathroom!
Livestream - Evil Sorcerer’s Party Dr. Dos July 17, 2017 Livestream ZZT's greatest epic. A well written, comedic, good looking, and good sounding adventure to save democracy!
Livestream - Fantasy Dr. Dos Jan. 28, 2018 Livestream
Livestream - Fantasy World Dizzy ZZT Dr. Dos May 29, 2021 Livestream A puzzle platformer without its platforming turns into a relaxing exploration of a colorful world yolks'll love
Livestream - Faux Amis Dr. Dos July 20, 2018 Livestream
Livestream - Final Quest of Fury Dr. Dos May 18, 2019 Livestream An open world sequel to Caves of Fury with some unintentionally funny writing
Livestream - Firmweave Demo Dr. Dos Dec. 20, 2021 Livestream Showcasing a brand new ZZT fork with a goal of accessibility
Livestream - For Elise (Part 1) Dr. Dos Aug. 30, 2019 Livestream Part 1 of what's looking to be the smash hit of 2019
Livestream - For Elise (Part 2) Dr. Dos Sept. 14, 2019 Livestream Traverse beyond the maelstrom, and prepare for Yomi
Livestream - For Elise (Part 3) Dr. Dos Sept. 18, 2019 Livestream Delving beneath Yomi in the last chapter of this brilliantly well-made dungeon crawl
Livestream - Forrester (MZX) Dr. Dos April 19, 2021 Livestream A MZX game meant to look like a Super ZZT world about what we remember and what we forget
Livestream - Freedom Dr. Dos Feb. 12, 2018 Livestream
Livestream - Frost 1; Power Dr. Dos May 21, 2019 Livestream Foxes, Magic, Murder, and Zombies
Livestream - Fury Spell Dr. Dos Aug. 16, 2020 Livestream Avenge the death of your wizard mentor by collecting spells and fighting foes
Livestream - George Badluck Dr. Dos Feb. 7, 2019 Livestream
Livestream - Guinea Pig Dr. Dos Aug. 10, 2019 Livestream An uplifting adventure with some health issues
Livestream - House of Horrors Dr. Dos May 15, 2021 Livestream A Super ZZT classic betrays how little it takes to be considered a Super ZZT classic.
Livestream - Infestation 1 Dr. Dos June 22, 2017 Livestream
Livestream - Invasion ZZT Revision Dr. Dos Nov. 22, 2020 Livestream Part one of an incredibly charming and upbeat adventure with a bit of inspiration from Earthbound and other console RPGs
Livestream - Invasion ZZT Revision (Part 2) Dr. Dos Dec. 11, 2020 Livestream Grow as a person. Make new friends. Save humanity. Just don't drive drunk.
Livestream - Jack O’ Lantern Dr. Dos Dec. 9, 2017 Livestream
Livestream - July 2020 BKZZT Games Dr. Dos Aug. 4, 2020 Livestream 90 minutes. 11 games. 1 Discord.
Livestream - Keesh's Quest Dr. Dos July 4, 2019 Livestream Toilet humor, 7-11s, and hewwos
Livestream - Keesh's Quest 2 Dr. Dos July 13, 2019 Livestream pro wrestling, mazes, and lots of chocolate
Livestream - Kerfuffle! Dr. Dos March 15, 2019 Livestream
Livestream - Kitten Hallway 2, Shumumu ZZT, and Bear With Me Dr. Dos Nov. 8, 2021 Livestream Cats, Stars, and Bears. Oh my!
Livestream - Kudzu (feat. Anna Anthropy) Dr. Dos June 22, 2021 Livestream A surreal journey through an immensely influential ZZT world
Livestream - La View Moderne de SEQUEL Dr. Dos Nov. 7, 2021 Livestream An uncaring city full of new friends and old foes alike...
Livestream - Legend of Brandonia Dr. Dos Dec. 9, 2017 Livestream
Livestream - Link’s Adventure Dr. Dos Feb. 15, 2018 Livestream
Livestream - Llama Masters 1/2 Dr. Dos March 19, 2017 Livestream
Livestream - Lost Forest Dr. Dos April 18, 2019 Livestream Stones of Power and lots of talking trees
Livestream - Lost Games Dr. Dos Feb. 24, 2017 Livestream
Livestream - MADF Dr. Dos Aug. 26, 2018 Livestream
Livestream - Magicland Dizzy ZZT Dr. Dos Aug. 31, 2018 Livestream
Livestream - Make a Neat ZZT Board Contest Type Jam Thing Entries Dr. Dos Aug. 9, 2021 Livestream A dozen single board games ranging from cats and dogs to horrors to ore-ers!
Livestream - Meet The Tardigrades! Dr. Dos Nov. 15, 2021 Livestream Drumstick your way to the battle of the bands and beyond in this Beatles/Star Wars mash-up
Livestream - Merbotia Dr. Dos May 28, 2019 Livestream A classic ZZT World featuring some goofy and violent humor plus the world's catchiest opening
Livestream - Middle Earth Dr. Dos May 3, 2021 Livestream Frodo's quest to get some rings and kill Smaug with the help of a piece of string.
Livestream - Mission R Dr. Dos Sept. 13, 2021 Livestream Crush. Kill. Destroy. Makeover.
Livestream - Mission Renaissance Dr. Dos Dec. 3, 2017 Livestream
Livestream - Mission: Enigma Dr. Dos Oct. 23, 2021 Livestream One of the most iconic ZZT worlds. One thousand ways to die.
Livestream - Monster Zoo Dr. Dos April 3, 2017 Livestream
Livestream - Monster Zoo (2021) Dr. Dos Oct. 26, 2021 Livestream Celebrating Super ZZT's 30th birthday with a trip to the zoo!
Livestream - Moon Game / On a Distant Moon Dr. Dos Nov. 3, 2020 Livestream Challenging puzzles and jaw-dropping ZZT cinematics make this one for the record books
Livestream - Mutant Citadel Dr. Dos April 5, 2021 Livestream Some fresh content for Super ZZT in 2021
Livestream - Mystery Manor Dr. Dos June 21, 2020 Livestream The mystery of why this game gets little recognition within ZZT's Revenge has been solved: It's kind of bad.
Livestream - Ned The Knight Dr. Dos Dec. 3, 2017 Livestream
Livestream - Nibblin’ Dr. Dos Oct. 5, 2018 Livestream
Livestream - Nightplanet Dr. Dos Oct. 31, 2021 Livestream A friendly detour to a planet in perpetual night and a mining outpost devoid of life turns sour.
Livestream - November Eve (File A) Dr. Dos July 27, 2019 Livestream A successful, but slow conversion of the PS1 RPG "Parasite Eve" to ZZT
Livestream - Oktrollberfest Jam Entries (Part 1) Dr. Dos Nov. 8, 2020 Livestream Drink potions. Eat ramen. Collect bird. Ruin your vocal chords. Save the world. - A series of ZZT worlds created to mess with the player by all means
Livestream - Oktrollberfest Jam Entries (Part 2) Dr. Dos Nov. 15, 2020 Livestream The remaining Oktrollberfest entries do me in.
Livestream - Operation Gamma Velorum Part 1 Dr. Dos Nov. 21, 2018 Livestream
Livestream - Operation Gamma Velorum Part 2 Dr. Dos Dec. 16, 2018 Livestream
Livestream - Operation Gamma Velorum Part 3 Dr. Dos Jan. 3, 2019 Livestream
Livestream - Operation Gamma Velorum Part 4 Dr. Dos Jan. 30, 2019 Livestream
Livestream - Phoebus Project (Part 1) Dr. Dos Aug. 22, 2021 Livestream You appear to have had a significant work experience! Would you like to record your thoughts?
Livestream - Phoebus Project (Part 2) Dr. Dos Aug. 29, 2021 Livestream You ▒▒▒▒ ▒▒ get paid. You ▒▒▒▒ ▒▒ pay ▒▒▒ price.
Livestream - Pirate Perils Dr. Dos Sept. 18, 2021 Livestream A pirate adventure to find a new ship and maybe get some treasure along the way
Livestream - Pongo and Island Adventure Dr. Dos May 7, 2021 Livestream Incomplete playthroughs of some more recently recovered ZZT worlds
Livestream - Predator (Demo) Dr. Dos May 18, 2020 Livestream Zac Ganel punches and shoots his way through space to earn a few credits
Livestream - Quest for the Immortals Dr. Dos June 14, 2020 Livestream Protagonist Jackson Tough searches for the secret to immortality to save his country
Livestream - Ravenfall Dr. Dos Nov. 28, 2019 Livestream Delivering justice and ending corruption with a bastard sword
Livestream - Red Isle / Rapa Nui Dr. Dos Aug. 15, 2017 Livestream
Livestream - Resident Evil ZZT Dr. Dos Sept. 24, 2018 Livestream
Livestream - Rhygar 2 File 1 Dr. Dos Aug. 7, 2021 Livestream Cross the Arogan mountains, learn of true darkness, and hang out with Guybrush Threepwood in this iconic ZZT RPG Adventure