King's Quest ZZT

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King's Quest ZZT Walkthrough

By: Foxman
Published: Jan. 1, 1970

King's Quest ZZT

Check out all the passages, but when you're done enter the one on the far left.
Talk to Rosella to get Graham's hat. Look into the mirror. Go east then south.
Talk to the guards and go south. Eat all the apples. Go east twice, then north
three times. Get the sword. Go south three times then west three times. Walk up
the big tree to learn how to climb. Move the bush at the top of the screen and
enter Ansil's hideout. Get the coins and open the chest. Ansil will come in.
Just get the candlestick and leave. Go west. Talk to the gnome and say you are
Graham's son. Go east twice and enter the castle. Go north then west. Give
Graham the potion. Go east then south twice. Go east and give the candlestick to
the elf. Go west three times then north. Check the sawdust for 50 gold pieces.
Go north, east then north, killing the forest lions on the way. Unlock the door
and enter the passage. Watch the cinema. Get the coins and go west. Get the
icarus wings. Go west twice then south. Enjoy the cinema. Give your wings to the
man for a Potion of Poison. Enter the store and buy a battle-axe. Get ten
torches, too. Go west. Fight the cleric (hit him with fireball and then use your
Battle-axe). Go north. Save. Go north, without touching the edges of the path.
Enter the castle. Look at both the dead chickens to get a key. Go south twice.
Enter the passage. Go north three times, killing the creatures you meet. Open
the door and talk to Manannan. Save and fight him. Use the fireball and your
Battle-axe. Go south three times then east. Go south twice. Fight the warlock
with the usual tactics. Go north twice and buy a mace from the shop. Go east and
search the barrel twice. Fish from the end of the pier twice. Go west then
south. Touch the cat for a medallion. Go north. Touch the statue's head twice
and enter the secret passage. Go west four times. Enter the village and enter
the shop. Sell the medallion. Buy some supplies. Exit the shop. Talk to the
centaur and go north then west. Enter the inn, talk to the centaur, sleep and
enter the passage. Watch the cinema. Enter the leftmost passage. Batter the gate
down and fight the ogre. Defeat him the usual way. Enter the green passage then
the yellow passage. Open the chest for two spells and enter the passage. Pour
the Potion of Poison into the pump and enter the house. Watch the cinema. Go
south. Save and fight Ravenlos. Just use fireball and Cone of Cold and then the
Battle-axe. Go north then west three times. Enter the castle. Talk to the fairy
and pick the first option, then enter the passage. Enjoy the ending!

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