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Dragon Woods Walkthrough

By: NickBush24
Published: Jan. 1, 1970

FAQ/Walkthrough for Dragon Woods (ZZT)

Copyright 2008 Nicholas Andrew Bush (NickBush24)

E-mail: nickbush24@gmail.com


I. Introduction
II. Version History
III. Story
IV. How to Play
V. Tips/Hints
VI. Walkthrough
VII. Shoppes
VIII. Additional Help
IX. Acknowledgements
X. Special Thanks
XI. Disclaimer/Legal Information (PLEASE READ)
XII. Conclusion

I. Introduction

I first encountered this game back in the summer of 2003 when I first started
playing ZZT. Ever since then this game has always been my favorite ZZT game
ever. In 2008 I decided to download ZZT onto my laptop and start playing again.
Eventually, on June 29, 2008, I ended up starting a walkthrough for the game, as
there seem to be none online so far.

As always, if I have made any mistakes in this FAQ, see Section VIII -
Additional Help for more information.

II. Version History

Version 1.0 (7-5-2008) - FAQ/Walkthrough complete
Version 1.1 (7-8-2008) – Missed a part >.>

III. Story

The game takes place in a town called Coaster, located in the kingdom of
Coastilvania. The old king, King Safnax, was a fair ruler, but unfortunately he
ended up dying. His heir to the throne, King Asphalt, was completely different
in that he was, basically, a douche. During his reign Coastilvania ended up
falling into disrepair, and people started to become a lot less well off. Thus,
a movement was formed called Coastilvanians Against Tyrannical Saddos (CATS).

CATS was founded to try to get Asphalt off the throne, but since violent methods
wouldn’t work, they had to find a peaceful way of doing it. However, peaceful
methods didn’t work either, until one of the CATS members, Hasselhorf Dunchvitz,
found a mind-controlling gem called the Minfannon, located deep within the
Silurian Volcano. Nobody wanted to get it, though, until a wizard named Lindor
MacWellianson (PhD in magic) got really drunk and said he would go get it. Now,
Lindor (i.e. you) has to go get it.

IV. How to Play

This game is just like other ZZT games, in which you must investigate things,
shoot stuff, and basically try not to die.

Controls are just basic ZZT controls:

Arrow Keys: Move
Shift + Arrow Keys: Shoot
T Use torch
S Save
Q Exit game

Keys can be used to unlock doors. Keep in mind that you can only have a maximum
of one of a certain color key at any given time (i.e., you can't have two Yellow
Keys or Cyan Keys at once).

Gems give you one health point each and are used for currency.

For more information press the H button for help.

V. Tips/Hints

Save often. That is the number one rule for ZZT games, because you can literally
save at any time.

The number two rule is not to save at a point where you cannot finish, because

Don’t be afraid to touch things to see what they do. You might make progress on
your quest! The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll die, but if you
follow rule #1, that won’t be a problem.

VI. Walkthrough

Finally, the meat of the guide – the walkthrough!

Part 0. Before the Game

At the start of the game, you have four doors:

-Upper left (Intro): Tells you the backstory of the game. Note that you can only
enter this door once.
-Lower left (Plug me in): Shows a list of other games by Interactive Fantasies.
-Upper right (Game): Starts the game.
-Lower right (Characters): Shows biographies of each of the main characters.

Part 1. What Have You Gotten Yourself Into THIS Time?

You start the game in your house, having just woken up from a MASSIVE hangover
from getting so wasted the night before. The first thing you do (well, after
taking an Aleve for your killer headache, or whatever they had back in those
times) is to get dressed and get some gems and face the world. In the left
drawer of the dresser is some gems. Touch it twice to get all of the gems inside
(you’ll miss a few if you only touch it once), then touch the right side to get
dressed in a robe and pointy hat. Once you’ve done that, open the door and step
out into Coaster.

Talk to the teal man if you want, then go downstairs to the blacksmith’s (AKA
the CATS headquarters). Once in there, talk to Millard, who will tell you what
you did last night (i.e., threw up all over the place and claimed you would go
get the Minfannon). He’ll then instruct you to get a map from Hasselhorf (the
gray guy on the top right), so get that from him. Last, but not least, is
Princess Salmonella. Talk to her once for some small talk, talk to her again to
make her say "Yeah, whatever", and then talk to her a third time to get a Red
Key. You’ll need this to enter her tent later on. Keep talking to her if you
want, until she tells you to shaddup and go get the Minfannon already.

The next thing you want to do before leaving Coaster is to get supplies. Go to
the store (top right) and buy some shot (magic charges) and some torches (see
Section VII – Shoppes for prices). After you’re done there, you’ll see a dark
magenta guy. Talk to him and give him a gem. He’ll then laugh crazily, because
he’s a tricky bum who just tricked you. Unfortunately for him, you now have
ammo, so shoot him to make him cough up that gem plus two others. Serves him

With that, you are now ready to leave Coaster and begin your journey!

Go west one screen and open the gate, then head west to a screen with a dead
dragon and two burnt poachers (serves them right). You’ll see two eggs in a
nest, so go over and investigate them. Touch the right one and it’ll hatch into
a cute baby dragon. Once you’ve done this, go back to the previous screen (going
west will just take you to a dead-end; this will be remedied later though!) and
then head south to the next screen, which is Salmonella’s campsite.

At the campsite, go through the Red Door and enter the tent. At the southeast
corner is a dresser. In the left drawer is a bunch of leaves; take them, as
you’ll need them later (in true RPG fashion). There is nothing else you need
here, but you can look around and have some fun before leaving.

Go south from the campsite and cross the bridge, then go north back to the camp
area and touch the flashing square for a bonus of 30 ammo, 5 torches, 8 gems,
and 50 points, then head back to the bridge screen. To the east is a fisherman
who can sell you fish or give you information. Fish cost 2 gems and give you 10
health points; the information is about the cave to the west.

Go back to the bridge and go west to the next screen. You’ll see a cave; ignore
that for now, unless you wanna die! Head west and north to a screen with a
unicorn with a special necklace. Go up to it and it’ll run off. Touch it again
and then give it the leaves you took from Salmonella’s tent (trying to take the
necklace will get you nowhere, and shooting it will make it kill you). It’ll
munch on the leaf so you can take the necklace.

Now that you have the necklace, go back to the cave area and go inside. Head
north, north, north through the tunnel. You’ll end up being trapped in the
tunnel, but don’t worry about that; just keep going north! At the next screen,
there is a scene with five druids and a young girl strapped to a table. Go north
and the druids will then plunge a knife into the poor thing’s heart and kill
her. This is such a horrifying sight, so you try to keep from being seen, but
you end up sneezing and blowing your cover. The druids have spotted you, and
look to make you their next lunch. If you have the necklace, it’ll start glowing
and kill the druids; otherwise, game over for you (I told you not to enter
before I said it was safe >.>). After the druids are gone, go to the girl’s head
and search her. She’ll have a piece of coal in her pocket, so take it and head
back south. The blockage will be gone, so you can finally exit that creepy cave.

Head back north to the gate screen and go west to where the baby dragon is. Give
him the piece of coal. it’ll sneeze and set the forest on fire, removing that
annoying roadblock from the woods. Yay! You can finally enter Dragon Woods! Go
west and make your way through the trees, then head north to continue your

Part 2. In the Woods

Once you enter the woods, you start getting tired, so you decide to lie down for
a rest. Unfortunately for you, you get confronted by a trio of wildmen, who
knock you unconscious and drag you away. Go through the passage to the next
screen to see yourself tied to a stake. You’ve just become these wildmen’s
dinner! Fortunately, since you’re a wizard, you have a handy-dandy transport
spell that’ll get you out of this. If you have less than 25 ammo (and you
shouldn’t, unless you really took your anger out on that bum), your game will
end; otherwise, the transport spell will work (costing you – you guessed it – 25
ammo). Once you’re free, the wildmen get angry at you and confront you. Go
through the door to start your first boss battle!

BOSS BATTLE 1: The Wildmen

You'll start this battle with an extra 200 health points and an extra 100 ammo.
There are three wildmen here, and each one has a different weakness. They are:

Blue Wildman: Pushing
Maroon Wildman: Shooting
Cyan Wildman: Bombs

Your first target should be the blue one, as he is the fastest to take out. Once
you finish him off, target the maroon wildman, making sure not to use up all
your ammo. Wait until he stays in a column or row for a bit, then start spraying
him with bullets (about 3 or 4 in a row each time; he'll die off pretty quickly
if you're accurate enough).

The cyan one should be your last target, and this one takes a bit of thinking.
To kill this one you have to shoot bombs off of him, then set them off. One or
two shots are usually enough to knock a bomb loose from him. The best way to go
about this is to stay on one side of the stake, go to the other side and try to
shoot him quickly, activate the bomb, then go quickly back to the other side and
hope it hits him.


Once that little ordeal is over with, exit the cave. Or, at least, that part of
the cave. Sorry for getting your hopes up. Light a torch and find your way out
of here. The good news here is, there are no enemies in this cave. The bad news
is, there IS a maze. To escape it, go to the first portal and go Right, Left,
Down, Right, Up, Right, Up, Right, Down. Head east from here to exit the cave.
Once outside, follow the pathway to the next screen. In this screen, pick up all
the ammo magazines by the corpses, then continue right into the deepest, darkest
part of the woods.

In this part, you’ll need plenty of torches. Fortunately this screen has plenty
of torches. Anyway, follow the path eastward and take the second path north.
First, though, go straight north from here to enter a secret room with plenty of
goodies. When you get close to the open area you’ll be accosted by lions and
tigers that follow you. Go to the southwest corner of this area and shoot at the
enemies until they all die, then proceed into the room. Go north, so that about
three monsters start chasing you. Kill the rest of them off then collect the
goodies, including a White Key, then head back out of the room to the main

Open the White Door and shoot at the centipede until all its components are
dead. Run QUICKLY to the right to avoid the bears hiding in the walls, then
shoot the ones you see. Collect the three torches and continue QUICKLY going
right (again, more bears in the walls – sneaky bastards) until you reach an
intersection. Take the north path and shoot the gem and the bear behind the gem
(or get the gem AND shoot the bear, but I only recommend this if you have very
fast reflexes), then follow the pathway to another room with several ruffians
and a tiger. Get the first ammo magazine and quickly move back left when the
first ruffian chases you, then take him out. Carefully go into the room and coax
the rest of the enemies to come out so you can kill them, then get the stuff in
here (including a Red Key) and head back to the intersection.

Go through the Red Door (the one to the right) and start shooting at the barrage
of enemies coming towards you. Kill them off and continue right (there may be a
tiger left; kill it of course) and get the stuff in there, including a Purple
Key. Go back to the intersection and go through the Purple Door to meet a red
kid, who will ask you a series of questions. The answers, in order, are:

1. Cantera999
2. Casey McCann
3. What’s stopping it?
4. They’re ALL annoying (Translation: Freebie question for you!)
5. Dobermans

After you pass the boy’s quiz, go down into the room and get the gems, the Blue
Key, and the Golden Exclamation Mark Bonus (100 health, 40 ammo, 10 torches, 8
gems) and head back out to the beginning of the forest. Go all the way west to
the last north fork (the first north fork you saw coming in), get rid of the
gem/bear combo, and go through the Blue Door to exit the darkest part of the

In the next screen you have a bunch of lions. Kill them, because if you don’t,
they’ll hurt you. Take that, PETA! Justifiable... leocide? Is that it? Should
be. Anyway, go east out of the woods, then east another screen to a screen with
the ZZT Bar.

Part 3. Of Towers and Castles

The first thing you can do here is to go into the inn and chat it up with
everyone. One of them, Zenith (the transparent green guy in the upper right)
will give you a hint (GRYBWCP). Remember this for later. In the inn you can talk
to the barmaid and ask her for directions and buy stuff (ammo, torches, or a
drink to give you health). You can only buy one drink though, since she seems to
care about your health (and the welfare of the other patrons). You should stock
up on ammo if you’re low (or really, stock up on ammo anyway; you’ll need it).
See Section VII – Shoppes for prices.

The barmaid will tell you that the Silurian Volcano is just south of here, so
once you’re done in the bar go south to the next screen. Unfortunately, a troll
blocks the way. Talk to him and he’ll ask you for a million gems (would be
interesting to see if you could hack a million gems in – but that’s another
story!), which of course you don’t have. You'll ask the troll what else could
make him let you pass, and he tells you that there’s an evil king named Lord
Cracula who kills trolls and lives in the castle to the west. Your job is,
naturally, to go kill the evil king.

Head north and go all the way west to the castle. Head inside and proceed until
you reach an invisible talking wall. The wall will ask you for a password, which
you don’t know yet, so don’t worry about picking the right one for right now. Go
back to the bar and ask the barmaid if she knows it. Unfortunately, she doesn’t,
but she says that you can go to the castle in Grapemarket to see if you can find
something there.

Go east and up the hill to reach Grapemarket. You’ll see a traveller walking
toward you and bleeding. Talk to him and he’ll say something about the tower.
Unfortunately, that’s where you have to go next, so go east to the next screen
and enter the tower and help some grey people or whatever the traveller was

Once inside, you’ll see a bunch of people in cages. They explain that they have
been caught by a tribe of bogeymen and are about to become the bogeymen’s next
dinner. So, you have yet another job – save the people from the bogeymen. Go
north to the next room and you’ll see a bunch of bogeymen. This first room is
tough, but there is a fairly easy way to kill them, if you know a trick. The key
is to get rid of one of the doors and shoot at them until they die. To do this,
start from the first room and go through the rightmost door. Once you get into
the next room, go left to go through the door by it. Go back up through the
rightmost door to get rid of the rightmost door in the north room. Voila. The
bogeymen (at least the southernmost ones) are easy pickings now. The only way
they can hurt you is by touching you, and once you shoot them they stop moving
(they must be into S&M or something), so once one comes into your column, shoot
until they die. It takes something like 10 shots to kill each of them, so be
sure you have plenty of ammo.

Once you take care of a few bogeymen, go north and start shooting the remaining
ones south of the oval. Go north of the oval and kill the rest. Once you finish
off the last bogeyman, the east door will open, so go through it. In this room
there is a button that will open another door, so your task is to find it. Each
room has a differently colored bed, so I will tell you which is in each dresser
in each room. (*) indicates things you can get.

Color Left Right

Purple Nothing Gem (*)
Cyan Nothing Bogey photo album
Green Nothing Bogey clothes
Blue 50 ammo (*) Bogey... stuff...
Red Nothing Nothing
Yellow A hedgehog THE BUTTON (*)

Get all the good stuff from each dresser without waking the bogeymen (you can
only wake them up by touching them or shooting them), then once you’re finished
push the button. This will wake all the bogeymen, so just run as fast as you can
out of here. I really mean that. RUN. FAST. Alternatively, you can take out each
bogeyman individually so they can’t kill you, although this will end up wasting
your ammo, so you should just get out of there while you can. However, you can
kill the two bogeys in the bottom two rooms (the purple and blue rooms) if you
really wanna kill bogeys, because those two pose the biggest threat to your

Once you escape the east room, the west door will open, so go in there. There is
a hidden lever in here, and since there are no prizes or hidden items in here,
you can just hit the microwave, since that’s where the lever is. Once you touch
the microwave, make your way quickly towards the door, so that when the bogeymen
come, you can easily escape. This will open the north door and give you a health
and ammo bonus, so go through it.

In the north room (whereupon entering, you will get a hefty health bonus of
100), there is a podium with a button on it. Press it (no bogeymen will appear,
thankfully) and it will give you the password for the castle ("Where have the
Teletubbies gone?"). Go back to the entrance hall of the tower and you’ll see
all the people in the cages go free. Exit the tower, and it will blow up, making
it impossible to go back inside. Not like you need to be in that awful place
anymore anyway. Also, if you want to go back to Coaster, just head south and

Head back to the castle and talk to the talking wall again and tell it the
password ("Where have the Teletubbies gone?"). It will let you through to the
next area, a maze of invisible walls. From just outside the maze, go right 3
times, up 2 times, right 4 times, down, right 2 times, up, right 2 times, down,
and right. Here you should be just to the left of the blue guy. Touch him to
make the invisible walls at the end of the maze disappear, then go left, up,
left 2 times, down, left, down 3 times, left 2 times, then go down to the next

In this maze, starting from just north of the teleporters, go down, right 2
times, up, left 4 times, down, left 7 times, up, down, right 3 times, up, left,
and down to get to the other side. Head south to the next room.

In here, you’ll finally find a use for that "GRYBWCP" hint. Stand on each square
in the correct order (Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Cyan, Purple) to open the
door to the east. In the next room, you’ll meet the evil Lord Cracula, who
stands in the way of completing your quest.

BOSS BATTLE 2: Lord Cracula

You start this battle with 100 extra health points (which, if you’ve been
playing well enough – meaning, you’ve saved before losing a bunch of health –
should give you a ton now). This is a typical shoot-em-up battle, where you just
try to shoot the evil Lord Cracula. Occasionally Cracula will put out a slime,
but you can just ignore those. The easiest way to kill him is to trap him along
the southernmost wall and just shoot at him until he croaks and spits out blue
blood. This battle is quite a bit easier than the one with the wildmen. Note
that whenever you hit Lord Cracula he’ll say "Where's the mustard?"

Note: Be ABSOLUTELY SURE that when you kill Lord Cracula he doesn't block your
way out. I’ve killed him right in front of the exit before. Trust me, it can


Head back out to the main room of the castle. Yes, you do have to go through the
mazes again, but it should be a lot easier now. Starting from just below the
second maze, go up, right, down, right 4 times, up, right 4 times, down, left 2
times, and up to get to the invisible wall maze. From the rightmost opening go
up 2 times, right 2 times, up 3 times, left, up, left 4 times, down 2 times, and
then just head right and out of the castle.

Go back to the troll at the bridge and let him know the good news. He'll let you
pass, so go south to the next screen. Head all the way south and then go west
through the door to continue your journey.

Part 4. Hot Hot Hot!

After several hours you finally reach your destination: the Silurian Volcano.
You look around for a secondary canal (since you're not climbing that thing in a
million years), and you find it. Once you get inside, head north to a screen
with a sign. It starts to get very hot in here now, so you should probably get
some clothing to protect you from the heat. However, you’re not quite deep
enough to be bothered by the heat yet, so ignore the northern path for now and
go west into the volcano.

The first room has many enemies and several twists and turns. To get through
this you can either just barge through (you can do this if you have enough
health – remember, try not to use up too much ammo!), or you can do it the hard
way: through shooting all the enemies to hell. To keep safe, you can stay on one
side of the corner and shoot at everything that comes to you before continuing
onward. In the middle of the board there are two yellow squares. The right one
contains a Yellow Key, and the left one contains a Yellow Door. Get the key and
open the door, then touch the wall to the left to get a bonus of 60 health, 40
ammo, and 100 points. Note that towards the westernmost part of the volcano,
there are sharks in the water – you CANNOT kill these, unfortunately, but if you
have enough health you should be able to get by without coming too close to

Once you’ve killed all of the enemies in this area, go back to the previous
screen and north to the Temple of Obsideon and enter one of the three doors. A
dwarf approaches you and asks you to go on another quest (gahhhh). He asks you
to get rid of a pesky dragon that’s been killing dwarves for months, and to kill
it you need to go through the volcano. Of course, since the Minfannon is in that
way as well, and since you need protective armor to get through there, you have
no choice but to help the poor dwarves.

So, your next task is to get some supplies. In the northeast part of the board
is a vendor with pretty high prices. Fortunately though, you can give him 20
points for a gem. Since you don't need points anymore you can spend all of your
points on gems, then spend your gems on ammo and health if you need it (you
shouldn’t need health, hopefully). See Section VII – Shoppes for prices. In the
southwest quadrant is a spell scroll where you can learn spells. Stock up on
ammo and learn all of the spells you can.

Protection spell (40 MP)
Short-Range Transport Spell (25 MP)
Fire & Ice (60 MP)
Aura Disruptor (80 MP)
Barney Attack (100 MP)

Your main priority here is to get the protection spell, since without it you
can’t progress any further into the volcano than you already have. Get that and
any other spell you can/want, then head back into the volcano. In the furthest
room in the volcano you should see a bunch of arrows and blocks. Move the two
horizontal arrows in the second row two spaces to the left and let the arrows do
their thing to free up the Red Key. Go west and north and open the red door,
then head north to the next room. In here you’ll meet a dragon. Of course, you
have to fight it.


Here it is, the last boss of the game! Unlike the others, this is a turn-based
RPG battle, so unfortunately this is completely luck-based. However, you can
still save between turns, so if you’re ahead, go ahead and save and if you get
behind, don’t be afraid to go back to that point. We won’t tell! >.>

Both you and the dragon have 19 HP to start the battle.

The dragon has three attacks:

Breathe Fire (2 HP) – Basic dragon attack
Earthquake (3 HP) – A rock comes down and tries to spear you
Iron Lion (4 HP) – A lion comes and tries to attack you

You have several attack options yourself:

Attack (0 ammo, 1 HP) – Basic attack
Throw rock (0 ammo, 2 HP) – Throws a rock at the dragon; note that you can only
do this if you’ve caught a rock after the dragon casts Earthquake
Short-range transport spell (20 ammo, 3 HP) - Transports you to the other side
of the dragon so you can shoot it
*Fire & Ice (30 ammo, 3 HP) – Casts an ice spell on the dragon
*Aura Disruptor (40 ammo, 4 HP) – Casts an aura spell on the dragon
*Barney Attack (70 ammo, 5 HP) – Summons Barney to terrorize the dragon (isn’t
this technically a violation of the Geneva Convention?)

(Note: Spells marked with an asterisk (*) denote spells that you have to learn
back at the Temple of Obsideon.)

This battle is a typical turn-based RPG, in which you and the dragon alternate
turns. It should go without saying that to beat this boss you have to take off
all of its HP before it does the same to you.


Having defeated the dragon, you reach the LightningDwarf village. There you
finally find the Minfannon! Pick it up to complete your quest. As you head out,
though, a guy appears at the north part of the room. It turns out to be the
author of the game, Zenith. He transports you back to Coaster, where you watch
the ending scenes to the game.

Congratulations! You have beaten Dragon Woods! Go through the final passage to
see the credits.

VII. Shoppes

This is a list of stuff you can get at each of the shoppes in the game.


3 torches – 2 gems
5 ammo – 2 gems
A first aid kit (20 HP) – 3 gems
1 gem – 10 score


A drink (20 HP) – 1 gem
5 ammo – 2 gems
3 torches – 3 gems


5 ammo – 4 gems
1 torch – 2 gems
20 health – 7 gems
1 gem – 20 points

VIII. Additional Help

If you need help with any of the following, please e-mail me at

-Clarification of something

-Possible mistakes in the guide

-Suggestions on how to improve this guide (adding something, removing
something, etc.)

-Any information you feel that I should include in this guide

-Any other questions, comments, or suggestions pertaining to this guide

In your e-mail, include your name (or alias, but I would prefer it if you
included your real name) so I can recognize you in this guide if you send me
information. Also, be sure to include "Dragon Woods Walkthrough" in the subject

If you wish to send any of the following, please e-mail it to

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Doing any of the above will guarantee that your e-mail will not be read, and
depending on the circumstances, your e-mail address will be blocked from
sending me e-mail.

IX. Acknowledgements

-The game itself, for the story

X. Special Thanks

-Zenith Nadir, for creating the game and granting me permission to write a
walkthrough for it
-Z2 (http://zzt.belsambar.net) for hosting numerous fun ZZT games and for
hosting this walkthrough
-Tim Sweeney, for creating ZZT
-Meowthnum1 (from GameFAQs.com), for inspiring me to spice up my headers

XI. Disclaimer/Legal Information

This guide is intended for use solely on Z2 (zzt.belsambar.net) and may
not be hosted on any other site or otherwise publicly displayed without advance
written permission. This guide may not be reproduced, in part or in whole,
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