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DL Title Author Company Genre Date Rating
DL Better Off Alone wug Trippy March 9, 2016
DL Ecco the Dolphin Oof Platformer Oct. 27, 2016
DL Necrosis Hayabusa Font, Horror Oct. 16, 2016
DL Red Dwarf Unknown Action March 3, 2016
DL Ruins of ZZT Dr. Dos Adventure, Contest, Ludum Dare Aug. 29, 2016 5.00
DL Tyrobain 8x14 Adventure, Cinema, Dungeon, Fantasy, Font, Maze, Platformer, RPG June 4, 2016
DL ZMAN Lynx Demo, Engine, Font, Incomplete, Platformer July 14, 2016
DL ZZTV 11 Bitbot, Superfriends Magazine Aug. 24, 2016
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