[RUINS.zip] - Ruins of ZZT

Dr. Dos
Aug. 29, 2016
Adventure, Contest, Ludum Dare
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17 / 19
5.00 / 5.00

Written by samtam90
May 21, 2017

A loving tribute to ZZT, with some interestingly original gameplay sequences as well, and a must play for any ZZTer still out there. 5/5.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

One for the road

Written by Dark-Star
Jan. 16, 2017

The venerable ZZT genius that is Dr. Dos shines once again in this little gem, which can be described as a playable tribute to ZZT and the community it spawned, from the title to the plot (such as it is) to the nods to a few famous fangames.<br /> <br /> Playwise, "Ruins" could be described as something between the original TOUR and TOWN worlds. The puzzles aren't horribly difficult or repetitive - instead they come off like sampling different flavors of ice cream. You get just a little taste of the dark-room puzzles, the slider puzzles, the clearable-forest-with-monsters puzzle, etc. that we all know so well. This again adds to the 'tribute' attitude of the game quite nicely.<br /> <br /> Don't go in expecting an epic adventure or jawdropping scenery because you won't find them here. However, Dr.Dos did manage to sneak in a "sword engine" which is both clever in its own right and probably the last truly unique feature we're likely to see out of ZZT. Again, a worthy tribute.<br /> <br /> Playing Ruins, one can't help but smile at the feelings evoked if you've been a longtime ZZT fan from getting one last go-round of classic action combined with a few small but nifty twists. It's easily completed in 15 minutes at most and could be a spiffy introduction to ZZT for newbies. But its intention is for oldsters like me - to give us one very last small drink for the road: undoubtedly sad at finally leaving behind something irreplaceable, but grateful beyond words for the good times that were had.<br /> <br /> Play Ruins - and raise a final toast to 20 years of humorous oddity, programming ingenuity, and imaginative variety. There was nothing quite like it in all the world.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

so long and thanks for all the gems

Written by l0nesomer0ad
May 27, 2017

I'm not too great at writing feelings which sucks because this little game stirs up a lot of them. I was ZZT'ing back when I was a pimple faced kid in high school who was Charlie Brown and couldn't do anything right.<br /> <br /> Then I found ZZT. Oh my gosh I could actually PROGRAM!!! Then I found a BBS - remember those? Oh my gosh there were OTHER PEOPLE who liked ZZT!!! <br /> <br /> I spend way the hell too many hours I should have been sleeping playing every random ZZT world I could grab and chatting when our crappy dial up service wasn't barfing all over our 14.4 modem. <br /> <br /> Then we got a new 56k modem (GEE WHIZ) and I could browse ZZT FORUMS!!! And I could laugh at all the RANDOM CRAP we talked about.<br /> <br /> And now after all these years its finally really slowing to a stop. Doctor Dos gives it a really nice little sendoff in this game/tribute/whatthehelldoIcallit that isn't too short or too long and isn't full of stupid memes or super complicated fight sequences.<br /> <br /> I think that's just about what the doctor ordered. Thanks Doc for putting this up as a last hoorah and all your closer looks at ZZT games on your blog. You have no idea how much we thank you.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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