Chrono Wars 10

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Livestream - Chrono Wars 10 (Part 2) and 11 (Part 1)

Meet the new universe. Same as the old universe.

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Jul 19, 2021
Part of Series: Chrono Wars Chronology

Livestream of the ZZT worlds "Chrono Wars 10" and "Chrono Wars 11" by Chronos (1997/1999)

The thrilling conclusion and the bizarre return to Chrono Wars! The 2nd file of part 10 has some less than exciting space battles though the results of the destruction of Chris's ship and starbase lead to the annihilation of the universe with a very hasty and convenient escape to another universe for the team as well as a few hundred million humans who can be convinced.

Despite original plans to end where the game ends, Chronos returned to the series more than a year later which begins setting up some themes with whether or not Chris is actually dead or if the last remnants of humanity are in danger.

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