Oreo The Hamster

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Let's Play - Oreo the Hamster

By: Dr. Dos
Published: Oct. 15, 2021

Little hamster. Big adventure. Surprising amounts of violence.

Single-segment playthrough of the ZZT world "Oreo the Hamster" by an unknown author (2003)

A few days of spotty internet that seemed to finally subside on the morning of a planned stream were quickly cast away as the modem randomly reset itself one last time. Not wanting to risk having to abruptly cut off a stream, I opted to instead play three short ZZT worlds without an audience.

The modem, has cooperated ever since and I could have streamed just fine. Whoops.

Game #3 follows in the tradition of ZZT games like Scooter and Shake in being a ZZT game with a small rodent protagonist. Oreo is a more traditional action/adventure in which you go on a short journey after escaping your cage. Expect lots of red fakes as everyone Oreo meets wants him dead.

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